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The Original Sin: Despair
Author :Ikkarus
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5 Chapter 5

It's been a week since his first training, Sin has been doing the same routine this whole week.

Work for a bit in boar hat , train for whole the day, then go back to sleep, he notice that Diane was always staring at him and every time he caught her she'll avoid his eyes and started tk sweat.

Meliodas didn't question him even though he's been going to forest everyday after his work, but Ban and King has been suspicious of him but somehow didn't follow him.

This whole week he figures it out of how to increase his Psychokinesis, he can increase it by eating smart living being...yeah that's right, he ate 5 humans yesterday.

They've been watching Boar hat this whole week, meliodas probably notice them but doesn't do anything about it to keep his boar hat peaceful, but when Sin went out for his training they made a big mistake.

They tried to ambush him and bring him to the kingdom but in 10 seconds they all lose their heads, they didn't even know what hit them, Sin didn't feel anything when he killed the holy knights, it's one of his personality now, no mercy to enemies.

No matter what you do, as long as you make an enemy of Sin you're dead, even if you only insulted him you're in his enemy list and that means you're dead if you fought Sin.

Sin is cleaning the table when meliodas called him

"Hey Sin, tomorrow is the festival, I heard there's gonna be a fighting tournament. Me, ban and king are planning to join the fight, you in?"

"Mmm...I'm not a great fighter but sure, I'll join in"

When Diane hear this, she looks at him deadpanned and think

'This whole week you destroyed the whole forest just by practising, and you're saying you're not a good fighter? Then what am I, ban and king if you're not a good fighter?'

Meliodas just laugh and said

"Sin don't try to hide it, you think I didn't know about the devastated forest you destroyed? The land's literally shaking every day, even the normal people think there's a demon in that forest"

Sin just laugh and scratch back of his head

"Haha well, I'm good at destroying things but I'm actually beginner at hand to hand combat"

"Nah you'll be fine, you'll earn experience tomorrow"

Although Sin has been training his hand to hand combat this week as well, he doesn't have any experience fighting someone in close range apart from the holy knights yesterday, so he's pretty noob.

The night came fast, the boar hat close and everyone started to go to their own bed, Sin couldn't sleep that night. He's been thinking if he should fight the green hair old guy(Author: I forgot his name lol but I think he disguise as the anouncer)

"Mmm, he's pretty strong but not strong enough for me to go all out, sigh... I can't wait when meliodas get his 2/4 powers back, hehe he'll be my sparring partner"

Sin was thinking about stuff when he hears heavy footsteps, he looks at Diane with a smile on his face

"Yo Diane, why aren't you sleeping yet?"

"I can't sleep, what about you? Why aren't you sleeping yet?"

"nothing, just thinking about stuff"

The two talk about stuff in that night, Diane thought it'll be hard to talk to Sin but she found out tonight, that he's pretty easy going, guy. The two said good night to each other and went to sleep

The morning comes and Sin was still snoring until someone knock on his door

"Sin we're gonna leave in about 30mins, go take a shower now or you'll be left behind with Elizabeth and Diane" Meliodas said

Sin open his eyes and stand up to go take a shower

"Aight boss, I'm coming"

The three was walking in the town while Ban register their names for the fighting tournament, Sin was looking around and thought

'Being really here is way too different than watching it'(Author: I'm gonna skip the free for all fight and made howzer lose to Sin)

The group of four was standing inside the building where the announcer announce who's gonna fight who, it was the same but this time Sin is fighting not Howzer.

Diane beat the barrier guy by destroying his barrier and sent him flying out of the ring, Sin won by slamming the big guy head in the ground, which make the stage crack, king lose to the old man like an idiot, and meliodas won by transforming into a demon

Of course only him the member of the seven deadly sins saw this, Diane and king was sweating bucket while Elizabeth was worried. Same shit happened and this round its Sin and Diane's turn

Both of them went up to the stage and get ready for the fight, Diane was dead serious while Sin was grinning like a psycho, he wants to battle all of the members of seven deadly sins one by one, and he'll start with Diane

The crowd was getting excited, most of them are cheering for Diane, the announcer get in the stage and start the fight

"This time we got the mysterious gorgeous girl vs the unknown guy"

Sin was called unknown since literally anyone hasn't heard of his name, or have seen him before. He just comes out of nowhere.

The referee then announce "NOW LET THE MATCH BEGIN" and went down from the stage to watch the fight


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