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The Original Sin: Despair
Author :Ikkarus
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6 Chapter 6

Diane launches herself to Sin, he prepared for the coming fist and punch forward as well. The two fists met, which caused the wind around them to shot forward and nearly blew all the audience away, and the stage crack like a spider web.

Sin didn't budge when the fists met, but Diane was in the ground with blood in her mouth. Sin's physical is his strongest attribute at the moment, even if Diane is in her giant form she mostly would still lose to Sin. Though if she has her sacred treasure she might have a chance against him

This whole week Sin practice, he ate a lot of creatures as well, making him even stronger, he doesn't know how strong he is right now, but he's pretty confident at beating Diane in physical combat.

Diane looks at him in the eye with a burning spirit and launches herself to him again, she duck and avoids sin's punch this time, and instead, she kicks him in the stomach making him step back, Diane didn't give Sin the time to recover and punch him in the face.

Sin was pretty calm despite being kick and punch by Diane, instead of being angry and frustrated, he uses this time to learn. He's a beginner to hand to hand combat so it's normal for him to get punched a few times in the face.

Sin stood back up and look at his body, his clothes are gone but he didn't get injured or anything, he smiled and look at Diane, he kicks the stage and runs towards her, he jumps up and punches her in the face.

Diane tried to block the incoming hit and cover her face with her hands like a boxer would do, she was shocked when the incoming fist hit her, her defence got penetrated so easily and was sent flying, it didn't end there. Sin jumps up again and holds his hands together, he smash her in the stomach and was sent flying down, when she hit the stage it didn't make her stop, instead the whole mountain was destroyed, including the arena, the mountain got split apart and some of the audience ran back to avoid falling to the abyss.

the seven deadly sins members was sweating except for meliodas,

"Hey hey captain, don't you think he's going overboard?" said ban with a serious expression

"Overboard? Since when did you know the word overboard? You literally tried to kill me earlier, but don't worry Diane will be alright, she's not a giant race for nothing"

The whole arena was silent, even the disguise announcer was sweating inside his helmet and thought

'good thing he's not member of these criminals, maybe I'll try to recruit him later when I get that weird sword from the criminals'

He sighs in relief knowing that he won't get to fight Sin, but he couldn't be more wrong. The moment he said to himself that seven deadly sins are criminal, he's long dead in Sin's eyes

When one person from the seats yelled "awesome" all the audience started to cheer.

"This is the best fight I've seen Jn my life"

"In your life? Are you dumb? It's probably the best fight you'll ever see in this life and your next life"

The audience got frantic and started cheering for Sin, but he ignores them and jumps down to the abyss, when he jumps back to the stage he was carrying an unconscious Diane to his shoulder, the 7sins was shocked, because she didn't have any injuries or even a cut in her body.

Sin walk towards the 7sins group and smiled at them

"Yo, that was the best fight i've ever had in my life. Say meliodas, we're gonna fight next round I hope you don't hold back hehe, cause if you do...you might lose your emotion" said Sin with fox smile

Ban, Meliodas and Elizabeth was clueless but Meliodas was dead serious, he's looking at Sin with visible anger in his eyes

'How did he know my curse? Is he from the demon clan after all? Just who are you...Sin?' Meliodas was gritting his teeth and the pressure around him seems to have become heavy

Noticing this Sin smile again

"I was just kidding boss, you're so emotional, I guess a meliodas without emotion would be interesting, don't you guys think?"

The three notice meliodas seriousness, they don't know what the reason is, but seeing their captain like this makes them serious as well.

Ban was the first one to talk

"What the hell are you talking about bastard? You better zip that mouth of yours before I do it myself"

Despite the aggressive air around Ban, Sin was still smiling, like he didn't even notice seriousness

"Oh come on ban, you're so aggressive, be gentle to your friends okay?"

The incomplete group was triggered, be gentle to your friends? You literally just smash Diane's like she ain't even your friend and you talking about being gentle?

They stop looking at Sin when Diane woke up. They started to ask her question like, are you okay, were you hurt etc, especially Elizabeth.

"Oh come on guys, I wouldn't hurt Diane, she's my friend after all"

This time it isn't meliodas or ban that got angry, but King. He charges towards Sin and punched him in the face.


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