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The Original Sin: Despair
Author :Ikkarus
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7 Chapter 7

The incomplete 7sins was currently walking back to boar hat. Sin was in the side with an angry face and a BIG hammer in his shoulder, you ask why he's mad?


"Let's go meliodas, it's our turn to fight"

But before he could even finish, the small referee walk towards them

"Sorry to disappoint you but we decided that, Sin is the winner. We couldn't let you fight anymore, not that I don't want to see you two fight, but Sin did destroy the whole arena so..."

Suddenly the air got tense, it feels like the gravity got heavier, they look at Sin who's releasing bloodthirsty aura that made everyone flinch, apart from meliodas and ban. They've been through enough shit to make themselves not scared of death itself

"Did...did you just say we can't fight because of a destroyed arena?"

Asked Sin, but they heard a different voice, it just happened in seconds but everyone definitely heard a deep demonic voice

"Y-yes, I'm sorry but it's not like it's our fault, you're the one who destroyed the arena after all"

Sin just sigh, he's been waiting for this moment where he could fight toe to toe with the legendary demon, but oh well

'Guess I'll just ask him to spar with me someday'

Sin just flew away and came back carrying...Diane's sacred treasure, Gideon, in his shoulder. When everyone saw this, they were amaze of how strong He truly is. He looks like a battle maniac with that hammer, that is big as Diane herself in his shoulder.

King, who was standing on the side, with broken arm and a black eye, was smiling

"You didn't disappoint me Sin, at least you got Diane's sacred treasure back for her"

Everyone was nodding and smiling but the next sentence of Sin made their jaw drop

"Huh? What do you mean? This is my weapon now, I mean, I won the fight right? And this is one of the prizes, so I'll keep it"

*flashback ends*

While the group was walking, Sin and meliodas notices that they were being followed, as if Meliodas already know this was coming he stops and said

"So the holy knights found us huh, looks like Ban's naming sense got us exposed" said meliodas in a cheerful tone

"Oh come on captain, you know I'm not too good at naming sense" replied Ban as if he didn't hear meliodas saying holy knights have found them

Sin just keep walking like he has his own world, he just keeps looking at "his" weapon and compliments it by saying it's beautiful

Seeing this scene, Veronica with Griamore in her side, walk in front of them.

"You guys are the seven deadly sins? I must say, I'm pretty disappointed, " she was just about to throw insult in them again, but she saw something, no someone that made her stop. She saw another meliodas but with different hair carrying an oversized hammer in his shoulder

"I didn't know the captain of seven deadly sins has a twin, but you all look so weak, are you sure you guys are the seven deadly sins?" she said despite seeing Sin carrying a fucking hammer as big as a mountain

The group just laugh and Ban take a step forward grinning

"We don't know what you're talking about missy, we ain't the seven deadly sins, as you just said we all look so weak. So please don't block our way, we still got errands to do"

They started to walk again but got block by the same knights, this time two girls and Howzer appeared behind Veronica

Meliodas recognized the two holy knight girls and said hi to them

"Yo, how are you doing Jericho and Guila?"

"Eh, boss is hitting on some loosey girls? Won't you get mad Elizabeth?"

"Sir meliodas can do what he wants and I'll still be by his side, and I don't think he's hitting on them, sir Sin"

When everyone heard what they're talking about, especially when they heard the word "loosey girls", Jericho got mad while Guila just twitch her eyes.

When everyone is still talking, Veronica had enough of it and got bored

"Griamor and Howzer capture them and bring them to kingdom, Jericho and Guila bring Elizabeth to me"

Veronica wasn't watching when Diane beat Griamor's ass and when Howzer got trash by the same girl in free for all fight. Griamor didn't tell her about this as he is scared to disappoint her, he didn't want to be compared to Gilthunder again.

When Meliodas hear what she said, he burst out laughing, he didn't expect to be underestimated this much by some princesses.

"Hey King, teach them a lesson but don't kill them, just hurt them. Veronica is still Elizabeth sister after all"

King listen to his captain and move forward with his floating spear on his back

Howzer and Griamor have seen this kid before, they saw him losing to an old guy without even a fight, Howzer laugh and pointed his finger to King and was about to throw an insult, However, his laugh turn into terror when he notice that, his index finger was gone

"Only few people can disrespect me, and some lowly holy Knights like you is not one of them" said king with an emotionless face...and black eyes


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