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The Original Sin: Despair
Author :Ikkarus
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8 Chapter 8

Everyone was tense, especially the holy knights. Meliodas and Ban was still grinning, while Sin was just patting his new weapon and Diane looking at him with pout. She was mad at him cause he didn't give her sacred treasure to back to her. Elizabeth...she's scared and sad, even though she knows that the holy knight is the bad one, they're still her people.

Seeing this, Meliodas got upset. He's a cheerful, light-hearted and childish guy, but what he hates the most is seeing his loved ones got sad.

"Hey King, don't hurt them too much. Just knock them out, that should be enough"

Meliodas is their captain, after all, so following his commands is just normal but...there's one guy who isn't in their group. Hearing Meliodas command Sin grinned(like Gin or Hisoka from bleach and hxh) and walk in front of the group, the Holy knights that join the fighting festival know him, so seeing him with these "criminals" make them sweat.

As if Meliodas already knows what Sin is up to, he sweat and ran full speed in front of the holy knights to protect them, but he was too late as Sin smash Jericho with Gideon. She died on the spot, she didn't even know what hit her all she knows is she's dead...permanently

The whole crowd got silence, Elizabeth breaks the tension after screaming and got into her knees. She's shaking from the bloody scene, if it was another holy knight she might only flinch, but this is Jericho, she's friend with her and Guila when she was still in the kingdom. They were nice to her, but they suddenly change and got less nice, regardless though, she's still friends with them in her heart. So seeing her died just like that made her like this

"Sin, Why did you kill her!?" Meliodas was mad, he didn't want to kill them so Elizabeth won't be sad, but as if Sin hates him, he did the opposite of his order.

Sin was still grinning, he looks at everyone. All of them, including his group is looking at him aggressively, seeing this his grin got even wider.

"Boss, it seems that you'd become naive, so naive that you let your enemies go by just knocking them out. Don't forget your sin boss, she died because you let go of so many enemies that came back for your head, she died because you're too naive to realise that every enemy you let go, the higher the chance your loved ones and you will get into a dangerous situation, and see what happened in the end, your loved one died and you got treated as criminal even though you tried to save everyone I must say, boss...the old you was a lot better person than you are now"

Sin knows that Jericho is not a bad person, she's just being controlled by Hendrickson, but that doesn't mean that she didn't help the person who causes a lot of innocent people to suffer and besides...she's his enemy

Hearing his speech, the incomplete 7sins got silence, Elizabeth stop crying and look at Meliodas, the holy knights were silent. They didn't know what Meliodas did to be treated as a criminal, all they know is what Hendrickson told them, then what if he was tricking them and is the bad guy, not the 7sins

They were silent, but Gila is not, she's enraged. Jericho is her best friend, and they've been through a lot of shit together, she started tearing up and screaming as Elizabeth did. She ran full speed and start attacking Sin, she used all of her techniques and all the things she learned to kill, but still failed to even land a hit to him.

She wants to kill him, she wants to rip him apart, she wants him to suffer, but she felt weak, too weak to do what she wants. She hasn't noticed it, but the whole crowd sees her body growing big and muscley.

She felt her body started to feel funny when she looks down to see what's going on, she sees her body started transforming into a red big muscley monster, she feels stronger and faster.

When she was done transforming, she looks at Sin. She started laughing as she held her sword in her new big arms

"This is it, I will avenge Jericho by killing you"

She swings her sword at Sin causing a big explosion and thought she got him, but after the smoke cleared she saw him unscathed. He started grinning and look at Diane

"Hey Diane, would you mind holding MY weapon for me?" he didn't even wait for her answer as he throws Gideon at her.

After that's done, he looks back at Gila. Seeing him throw his weapon to fight her bare-handed she felt underestimated.

"you're gonna regret this by underestimating me," she said and swung her sword at Sin again, this time though he dodges by jumping up

"I'm not underestimating you, I just don't wanna ruin my food," he said in a low voice that only he and she can hear

Sin land in front of her and grab her face with his small hand, but the grip was so tight, so tight that Gila felt like she's being held by an unbreakable force. He jumps up again while still holding her in his hand, but the two group didn't see him land in the place they can see, he just suddenly vanish. Only Meliodas saw him fly into the forest they barely see, but he didn't follow him as his speech struck him real hard.

'Maybe he's right, Liz died because I became so naive. Maybe it's time to go back to personality I used to have, maybe if I was like that she wouldn't die' he thought as tears started falling from his eyes


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