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The Original Sin: Despair
Author :Ikkarus
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9 Chapter 9

Sin was flying with Gila in his hand when he thought that they're far enough for everyone not to see what he's about to do.

Gila could feel fear crawling in her heart, she was about to resist again and try to cut Sin with her sword but she felt him stop in the mid-air.

Sin throw Gila in the land she shot down like a wishing star and crash into land. The impact was so powerful that when she hit the land, it causes a big crater around her, she could feel her bone breaking and her whole body got disabled

The only part of her body she could move is her eyes, she saw Sin land in front of her. She was scared shitless when she saw him transforming like her, but his transformation is different because his form right now if you compare to her monster form she would seem like a naive little child.

When she saw his full form she was sweating so much, the childlike red hair Meliodas earlier was now a terrifying red monster with a big mouth and disturbing sharp teeth.

"W-what are you?" she asks stuttering her voice in the process

"Me? I.am.Sin." he said in a deep terrifying voice

She saw him walking towards her, she tried to back off by crawling but she couldn't even move, she tried until Sin was in front of her and is already holding her neck

"Gila you see, I don't really wanna eat you, but my instinct is saying you taste good so...bye bye," he said as he opens his big mouth and bit Gila's head off.

He felt his power rising, she is probably the strongest living he'd ever eaten because he could feel his physical and telekinesis growing even stronger.

When he was still feeling excited, white particles started covering his body, when the particle vanished he vanished as well.

Sin open his eyes just to see he's in God's domain

"Hey, papa middle age man, why'd you bring me here again?"

"Well, I made an error"

"huh? Error? You're supposed to be a God, an omnipotent being, how could someone like you made an error?"

"Ugh I know I know so stop saying it over and over again, maybe I've been watching too much anime and reading novels. But I'm still disappointed in myself for making such a small mistake"

"Well whatever, so what did you do?"

"Remember you wish to have Symbiote power? Well, their abilities are the only thing you wish, but I gave you their instinct and a bit of its personality as well, so I'm here to ask you if you want it to be removed or keep it"

Sin think of God's offer, if he removes his symbiote instinct and personality now he'd definitely sure he'll end up being a heroic person, and he doesn't like that.

"Mmm, nahh I'm good. I personally think this personality suits me better"

"Still, I made the error not you so I'd let you have one more wish, though I won't give you a power-up ability I'll just give you something that would make things convenient for you at most"

"Oh, that's what I'm talking about, can I get the ability to control my emotion then? I didn't want to eat Gila but I end up eating her cause I couldn't control my hunger "

"Mmm, that should be fine"

God pointed his index finger at sin and send him back to where he was, falling like a meteor...again. This time though he didn't crash like last time as he has a flying ability now, he went back to where his group was and re-group with them.

When he saw Diane he flew to her shoulder and sit there

"Hey, Diane where's boss?"

Diane was surprised when someone talks to her and notices Sin in her shoulder, she didn't even notice his presence, but it's a friend so it's fine...he's a friend right?

"If you're looking for captain then wait for a bit, he's fighting that Helbram guy with King and Ban"

"why aren't you fighting with them?"

"Well, the captain said I don't need to help them because they're enough for helbram to defeat him"

"Ohh? He's that confident? Ok then let's watch from mid-air" he said as both of them float, Diane was so surprised she was screaming like a little girl

"Jeez, quiet down will you? Your scream will destroy my eardrums"

"Whooaaaaa, I didn't know you could fly like King, and you can even lift someone. This is awesome Sin!!"

Sin was giggling, they both stop when they're high enough to see the group fighting Helbram and Griamor. Veronica was watching in the side with Elizabeth and the rest with a sour face.

She ordered Griamor to stop but Helbram told him that they must take the green sword from meliodas and if possible kill him.

Griamor refused first but Helbram told him that its order from his father and if he doesn't fight he'll get Gilthunder here and fight with him instead


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