The Original Sin: Despair
10 Chapter 10
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The Original Sin: Despair
Author :Ikkarus
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10 Chapter 10

The trio was fighting Helbram and Griamor intensely, they were too focus on each other that they didn't even see a giant floating watchig them.

King were overpowering Helbram while Ban is fighting evenly with Griamo. In terms of physical strength, Griamor is equal to ban but in term of speed, Ban was a bit faster.

Griamor punch Ban in the chin, but he dodges and side steps to the right and throws a hook at Griamor's neck. If you're fighting someone into death, you don't punch someone in the face, if you see an opening you hit their critical spot to kill them fast.

Griamor got into his knees and started coughing, he spits out a mouthful of blood. Seeing this Veronica was a bit resentful to Ban, Griamor is her companion and if he dies she's gonna lose one of her best companions, add the fact that Dreyfus will be furious and probably blame her for his death.

She look at his sister with pleading eyes

"Elizabeth, please ask that immortal freak to spare Griamor. You know I will be in trouble if he dies while protecting me" she almost sounds like she's begging her

Elizabeth hesitated for a bit, if she ask Ban she'll get in their way and probably cause trouble for her group, but Veronica is her sister and it's not like she's their enemy.

"Sir ban, please don't kill him. He's my sister companion, he doesn't mean any ill intentions to us"

Ban look at Elizabeth who has teary eyes, he look at Griamor then walk towards meliodas and King to help them. Elizabeth thanked him and give him a warm smile before turning around

Griamo walk and kneel in front of Veronica

"Lady Veronica, I'm sorry for being a failure I couldn't beat him, every time I wound him it just heals in a second. Maybe if Gilthunder was in my position he'll be able to-" he got cut off as Veronica said something that warms his heart

"You did good Griamor, if Gil was fighting that immortal freak then he'd probably end up like you or maybe even worst. You didn't disappoint me Griamor, you stood your ground against one of the Seven Deadly sins and I'm thankful to you for serving under me for so long" she said with a smile like Elizabeth

While they were sweet-talking King was fighting Helbram alone, Meliodas and ban were in the side just watching the two fight with a smile. King has his 100 or so blades behind him while Helbram was in his fairy form, Meliodas was surprised first but he thought he had seen a lot of weird things so he didn't get into it for long.

King though, he was in dismay as he didn't think that one of his friends will fight for the kingdom, he was shock first but he calm down rather fast and continue battling without saying anything.

He sent his small spears to Helbram, but Helbram just keep dodging. He needs strategy to win this battle, or maybe just ask for his captain's help...yeh that's the simplest and most effective "strategy" he could thing at the moment

While this whole fight is happening, Diane and Sin was just watching in the sky.

"Hey Diane, why do you like boss?" ask Sin while watching the fight between King and Helbram

"Well, he was the only "human" who wasn't scared of me when he sees me for the first time and he was sweet as well, he saves me from the holy knights who was bullying me because I'm a giant"

"heh, so you were being bullied because you're a giant huh? You know, being giant is actually unique. You're way better than humans who only know how to being corrupt and selfish, at least you, you want someone to protect to get stronger. You have the best and perfect reason to want to get stronger...unlike us humans, we want to get stronger so we can abuse our power and treat others like a peasant, we want to get stronger so we can have the pleasure of being the strongest. See the difference, Diane? Humans only care about strength to abuse it while Giant like you care about strength so you can protect the one you love"

Diane was in a daze when she heard him say that, she didn't expect him to be like this. She thought of him like a guy who only cares about fights, but hearing him say something like this make her smile genuinely

"thank you Sin, but how did you know I want to find someone to protect? I didn't tell you that or did I?"

"You did, by the way, wanna come down now? I think they're done fighting"

Diane smile at him and said

"yeah let's go, Sin!"


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