The Original Sin: Despair
11 Chapter 11
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The Original Sin: Despair
Author :Ikkarus
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11 Chapter 11

Meliodas and Ban were still watching in the side when Sind and Diane arrive, they saw King crying near the body of his dead friend. He was holding Helbram's helmet and remembered his good time with him which made him cry even harder

Diane walk towards King and pat him in the back

"Good job king, you did well"

Meliodas and Ban walk towards them as well. Meliodas pat king's back and looks at Helbram's corpse, Ban look at King and felt his pain. He was like him as well, losing a dear friend, it's really painful.

While everyone is mourning with King, Sin was still standing in the side and just watching them, he felt left out. Everyone's feeling sad for King but he couldn't even feel bad, maybe he's being a dickhead right now, but he really couldn't feel sad for King.

He walks towards the group and looks at Helbram's body, it looks...delicious, he wants to eat Helbram's corpse, but King...meh why is he worrying about King when he can get stronger just by eating Helbram.

"Hey King, can we bury your friend in a far away mountain? I think he deserves a good place to rest"

King nod and stand up, he at least wants to give his dear friend a proper burial.

"Let's go and bury him"

While everyone was mourning with King, in the kingdom Hendrickson was furious. He thought that the three of them would be enough to deal with SDS but he was wrong. They couldn't even make it back alive

Drayfus enter the room with his usual red armour and sword

"what happened?"

"It looks like we underestimated them, I thought they would be weakened as they get old, but seems like they're the same powerful people"

Drayfus sweat just thinking of how powerful the SDS is, when Meliodas was still hanging out in the Kingdom no one can beat him.

"it looks like we need to delay our plans huh"

"obviously, and Helbram died as well. He's a huge loss to us"

"What about my son?"

"Don't worry, he's alive with Veronica, contact him and tell him to watch the SDS"

*Boar hat*

Everyone's having a dinner, but Sin isn't present in the table. He's currently eating his "dinner" somewhere else, Diane notices this and wonder where he was.

Ban suddenly ask a question that made them quiet

"Captain, do you know something about Sin? I mean, we never think where he came from or why he looks exactly like you, do you think he has bad motives?"

Hearing this Veronica was quite surprise, she thought Sin was Meliodas twin or something but looks like she's wrong

"No, I've never seen him in my entire life he just suddenly appear out of nowhere, but I could tell he's strong and that's why I didn't want to fight him, not that I'm scared I just want to keep this tavern safe from destruction"

Veronica with Griamor sitting beside her join the talk as well

"Maybe he's here to kill you all and just waiting for a chance to do that"

Everyone tense at what she said, after all, they don't know anything about Sin so she may be right

Everyone was talking ill about him when Diane interrupt them

"I don't think you need to worry about him, we had a conversation before and I could tell he's a good guy, I trust him," she said with a smile

"Diane you can't know someone's motive by just having a conversation with them," said king with his swollen eyes because of his emotional breakdown

"But captain could, he won't let him join us anyway if he knows that Sin is a bad person"

"Or maybe captain let him join because if he didn't, he'll try to kill us or something, didn't you hear captain said he didn't want to fight so we could avoid destruction?"

Everyone was arguing, Diane was the only one defending Sin while all of them thinks that he's a bad guy, well except meliodas, he's neutral. He's just there listening to them argue and didn't insult Sin or defend him

While they're arguing, the door open and Sin enter with his usual foxy smile

"I didn't think everyone would think of me as a bad guy, I thought we were friend boss I even helped you with these holy knights by killing Jericho and Gila"

Veronica got enraged hearing him talk about her people like they're toys, Elizabeth was a bit sad too but didn't say anything

"Stop talking like you did something good, you murderer, you killed Jericho and Gila because you just want to flaunt your power!!"

Everyone stop what they were doing, they didn't think she'd snapped like this, and what's worst is she might pissed Sin too

Diane got angry by this and snapped which surprised the group

"You hypocrite princess, you were gonna kill us and you want us to not defend ourselves? Are you that dumb? Be thankful I didn't kill you in the early days because you and your people think of us giants like we're just tools for wars, I even bare with your holy knights throwing insults at me just because I'm giant and you're seriously gonna talk about murder when you fucking kill people just because they don't follow your rules, I've seen village running out of water and die because you, fucking holy knights, sealed their water well. The reason? They didn't please your fuckig people. Holy Knights? What so holy about them? They should be called hypocrite dumb selfish murderer fucking shit looking knights and you should change your name into fucking dumb princess, bitcthy personality who only knows other mistakes and not hers!!"



Sin" *grinned*"


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