The Original Sin: Despair
12 Chapter 12
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The Original Sin: Despair
Author :Ikkarus
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12 Chapter 12

Everyone was quite shocked at what happened, They haven't seen Diane even once to snap like that. King was dumbfounded, Diane is his first love and his childhood friend, but he never saw her like this.

Meliodas lighten up the mood, he clapped his hand and said

"Chill out guy, we're all in this together so don't fight. Let's just continue eating. By the way Sin, I notice that you become taller"

Everyone continue eating and Sin walk towards meliodas. He face to face Meliodas and he's right, he did become so much. He used to be tall as meliodas but now Meliodas can only reach his shoulder.

'Must be from eating powerful people, although I wished to look like meliodas, we don't have the same genes. Well, this is actually not bad, taller version of meliodas' he thought

Everyone proceeds of what they're doing and only sleep when Meliodas called it a night. Sin went to Diane's shoulder again and talk to her the whole night until they fell asleep

2 weeks have passed since Diane snapped, Veronica has been living with them as she now knows how corrupt the kingdom is especially after she saw Gila transform just make her shiver. Sin continues to grow taller, he only stops growing when he reaches Ban's height. He continued training in the forest and sometimes hunt some Holy Knights, but today is different. Today will be the day that they will find Gowther. He knows not because of his memory in his past life, he actually almost forgot some minor things in Nanatsu no taizai, he knows that they'll found Gowther because he senses his aura

The trio also senses this and quickly ran towards the place where they sense him, Sin silently followed them. He didn't want to interfere this time as he just wants to eat that monster's body. It'll probably level him up a lot.

He remembers this scene in the anime, but he thought it'll be probably different in real life as the SDS is a bit stronger than the anime

Meliodas went up to talk to the group and ask them to just walk away, the group refused at first, but after getting beaten up by Meliodas alone, the group walk away...barely walking

Meliodas turn around and was about to talk to "Gowther, " but was surprised to find a pink-haired man holding Gowther's head.

"Who are you?" ask meliodas cautiously, he didn't think Gowther would die this way

"I am me, captain I was gonna give this to them but you chase them away anyway, what a waste"

The way the pink haired guy talk reminds them of something and did he just call Meliodas captain?

"No way, is that you Gowther?!"

"Why are you so surprised captain?"

The group went away by chatting and asking things from Gowther, they left the monster's body not knowing that it's still alive. Sin appeared in front of the monster and pick up its head from the ground. He transforms into Steel suit and eats the head first.

He felt the sudden change in his body, something is telling him that if he eats just a bit more something good will happen. He was about to eat the monster's body, but it moves and punches him in the chest. He could feel the impact and was surprised to find it very...weak

He didn't even step back or anything, he just stood there steadily. Sin didn't want to cause any loud sound or the boss might hear him, he quickly took out the monster by plucking the holy knights head in the monster chess.

Sin quickly start his feast and eat the monster head to toe, after taking the last bite he felt it. His body started to make a noise, he felt the symbiote moving inside his body.

The symbiote started to transform, Sin in his Steel suit(symbiote form) become taller, he was 3 meters but now he's 4.5m, his spike in his back become longer and sharper, his red body becomes dark red, his teeth become black and longer and his eyes become sharper.

If the former Sin in his Steel suit was scary, then the Sin right now would be terrifying to look at. Not only his looks change but his power as well, he felt his physical power increase by a large margin, it's at least twice his strength before.

On the other hand, his Psychokinesis becomes stronger but he didn't know how much, he wants to try it but not now, Boss might sense me.

Sin was about to return, but a sudden pain and information flooded his head, the information about his new ability, about how strong he is now and about how strong he will become when he eats more living being


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