The Original Sin: Despair
13 Chapter 13
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The Original Sin: Despair
Author :Ikkarus
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13 Chapter 13

Sin was excited as hell, it's because not only his physical increases but his symbiote power as well. For example, last time he didn't have the ability to stretch his symbiote, but now he could do webbing like spiderman, but it's probably gonna be useless since he has the ability to fly and there's really not many buildings in this world

Regardless, he could still use it to bind someone or make his speed faster by webbing to trees or bolder when he's running, so it's not completely useless.

He didn't know how much power he had right now, there's information in his head that he became at least twice as powerful before he transformed, but he didn't know if he's powerful enough to beat one of the commandments

'Nah, I don't think I'm that powerful. They're the demon elites for reason'

*With Meliodas and team*

"Wow, I actually didn't expect you to look like that Gowther," said ban while walking with his hands in his pocket

"Merlin made the armour for me, speaking of Merlin, is she with you?"

"No, We didn't found her yet, at the moment only me, Ban, King and Diane is travelling together," said Meliodas

They were talking about their reunion and the other two members when suddenly Meliodas felt something. He stops walking and looks back

'I swear I felt a demonic energy, did the demon clan start moving?' he thought as the trio bought him back to real work by calling his name

"Captain is something wrong?"

"No...i just remember something, let's go back Elizabeth and Diane is probably worried about us now"

*Back to Sin*

Sin was walking leisurely, he's thinking when and where to start training. He's got the strength but he doesn't have the skill, he needs to train to weapons, martial arts and magic. The information that flooded his head earlier contain the knowledge of how to do martial arts and Staff combat technique which is perfect. Although Staff isn't popular, it is quite powerful. Sin read The G*d of H**h sch**l before to know the fact that, if your good with staff, then it's not inferior to any weapon known to the world

"Tomorrow I'll ask the boss for a day off and practice these techniques in my head. Let's see, there's a staff technique, a martial Arts called Venomous Krav Maga and Critical Taekwondo. Damn, these sh*ts sound so deadly"

Sin was humming when he thought, why not practice the Staff technique now since I got nothing to do at Boar hat. He pulls out a random tree and made it a pole like what Sun Wukong use as a weapon by transforming his hand into axe and sculpture it, he practised his Staff technique and started to walk back to Boar hat, he was sweaty and the sun was already setting when he was done training the staff.

He jogged to get back to Boar Hat as he was excited to talk to Diane later at midnight, they've been talking to each when everyone was sleeping, while the two was looking at the stars and talk about their past, what they want to be in the future etc

When Sin arrives at the tavern he expect them to be sleeping already, but everyone was talking happily, Elizabeth was listening to everyone while smiling, she felt happy that they found another member of the 7sins, Veronica was getting along with everyone as she apologises to Diane by what happened, but didn't apologise to Sin, even Diane was smiling when she talks to her teammates, suddenly Sin felt it. A strange feeling, now he's not dumb enough to not know what's happening to him right now. He's lonely, he really is. although when he watches animes he felt enjoyment and even wish he could travel to their world, but...being really here, in one of his favourite anime is a different, way too different of what you would expect if you get transported in animes you watch, he doesn't feel like they're his real friend...he felt left out

Everyone turns their head when the bell in the door ring, they see Sin looking at them with the usual smile on his face.

"Hi everyone, oh we got a new member?"

"We? What do you mean we? You ain't part of the 7sins as far as I know, you're a waiter and cleaner, not a member" said King with disdain eye, he doesn't like sin.

There are two reasons why first he killed without regret or even emotion in his face and the other is he gets along with Diane, they've been talking all night when they're sleeping, he felt threatened when Sin gets close to Diane

Diane flick King's head when she heard him say that

"What are you saying? he's a friend, not enemy, why are you so mean to him?" said Diane as she pouts at King

"It's true though, he's weak but pretends to be strong, I don't even know why captain accepted him, I mean it's fine to have cleaner, but this guy attitude isn't my liking"

Everyone was silent, Veronica was smiling looking at Sin, while Elizabeth was frowning. She didn't like how king talk, neither does Meliodas. He was about to stop King from talking and calm the atmosphere, but Sin said something he shouldn't have

"No wonder your sister died not thinking about you, I mean if you have that personality even your own family will feel ashamed, she probably loves Ban more than you, sigh, I feel bad for you King. Your sis died while being ashamed by you, You friend Helbram was killed by you, damn what a heartless boy, what are you gonna do next? Kill boss? Ban? Or the pink hair guy?"

Sin was heartless to King, he didn't even care if Ban got offended to his words, his reckless personality kick in and made him said those words, though he like it.

The atmosphere got heavy, King and Ban got mad at sin by reminding them of Elaine's death. King was even madder at Sin by saying those words which penetrated his heart.

"Take back what you just said," said king with a heavy voice

Sin was still smiling and point his finger at King

"Or what? You gonna call your sis and tell her what I said? You're funny"

King has enough of his words and attacks Sin for real this time, he sent his spear to Sin aiming for his heart, he got one intent, that is to kill Sin

Seeing this Sin smile grew even wider, He ran towards King while taking the spear in the process. He hold Chastiefol in his hand, when he was close enough he stabbed the spear in King's leg

Meliodas, Gowther and Ban didn't sit idly, they went straight to the two. Meliodas stop Sin by tackling him, Ban grab his neck to stop his movement and Gowther made a binding magic and tried to hold Sin down.

They were, however, shock to find that Sin wasn't in their grasped anymore, he was in front of king holding him up in the mid-air

He look at King's eye and grinned when he notice the hatred in his eyes, he slammed down King in the floor which destroys the whole tavern.

"Provoking a big mistake, fairy" Sin said in a deep demonic voice, they thought they saw a demon for a moment when they saw Sin grinning when he said that

Gowther was shocked by what happened

'This scary'


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