The Original Sin: Despair
14 Chapter 14
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The Original Sin: Despair
Author :Ikkarus
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14 Chapter 14

Sin was grinning while looking at unconscious King. Elizabeth and Veronica was sent flying by the impact, but luckily Diane caught them before they hurt themselves

The whole tavern was gone, the only left was the big green pig and a big crater created by the wind force. Luckily for King, he protected his body with magic before he got slammed down by Sin, if not one knows what would happen to his weak ass body

Meliodas, Ban and Gowther were ready to attack Sin when suddenly Elizabeth run in the middle of the fight. She was crying and look like a mess with her tears flowing down her eyes

"Please*sob* stop it already, we're a team *sob* we're not supposed to be fighting each other, remember we have a goal? Don't we need to stop the holy knights?"

Elizabeth said while sobbing endlessly, seeing this Meliodas quickly embrace Elizabeth. He looks at Sin with narrowed eyes and said

"Sin, just leave we don't want you here, you've done enough things for me to take action. I don't even know why I still keep you when you killed Jericho and Gila"

Hearing this Diane was worried, she develops feelings for him without knowing, now that he's gonna leave the team she felt sad. Although she's sad, her bonding with Sin is not enough for her to swap side, captains and the rest are her real team after all.

This time Sin wasn't grinning, he's not sad nor heartbroken, he just expects too much. He thought Diane would at least go to his side and maybe, just maybe go with him. I guess it's too early for her to develop that feel for me huh, he thought as he slowly lifts his head and stares at the sky with a smile, but at the same time not a smile

Seeing this, Diane's heartache, she always stare at the sky with him and talk about something that would keep them awake the whole night, they talk and laugh at each other joke, they talk sh*t about the holy knights until they fall asleep, so seeing him staring at the sky with that smile just make her felt complicated. She wants to protect him, but she can't since his enemy is her captain.

Sin stop star gazing and look at Meliodas, we'll see how you deal with the commandments without me, he thought as he jumps down from the Green Pig. He started to walk towards the forest, he turns around and smiles at Meliodas before saying

"They're coming Meliodas, sooner than you expected, once they get in this world, they'll wreak havoc and kill innocents, they will find you and take your emotion away from you, you will feel helpless as you don't have the power to protect Elizabeth. They will laugh at your helplessness, they will kill your friends in front of you, especially that Zeldris guy. When that time comes I hope you're prepared and don't lose your emotion successor of the Demon King, because you just shooed away your last hope of defeating them" 'not really since Escanor is still here'

He continued his way to the forest and it didn't take long for him to be out of sight. Diane was quiet the whole time, she didn't even talk as she just stared at the forest where Sin went to

While everyone was looking at the forest where Sin went into, Meliodas was in a daze

'He's definitely talking about The Ten Commandments, how did he know they're coming? No, how did he even know about them in the first place?! Merlin, I need Merlin right now. I'll find her and ask her what's going on' he thought as he stares at the sky

*1 week later at Boar Hat*

Diane was currently seating inside the forest roasting a pig, King was on her side watching her with a smile and sweat on his forehead

"So Diane, what are your plans later?"

"None of your business, can you just go away? I'm trying to eat"

Diane has been like this for the whole week, King was worried about her. He's been trying to know what's going on, but every time he got near her she just barks at him and look at him with disdain eyes

"Come on, is this about that murderer? Why are you even getting mad at me for that guy?"

King was about to throw an insult at Sina again but he felt a heavy pressure against his whole body

"What did you just say about Sin?"

King saw Diane's eye lit up with fury

"What? About him being a murderer?"

This time King didn't feel any pressure, instead, he felt a huge fist slamming down his body on the ground, King cough and blood was rushing out from his mouth. He always protected himself with magic since Sin slammed him down, but despite that, Diane's full power punch crack several of his ribs and bones.

Diane was surprised of what happened, not because she regretted doing it, but because the hardest of magic barrier covering King, she wonders if Sin uses his full power when he slammed down King...sigh she couldn't be more wrong


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