The Original Sin: Despair
15 Chapter 15
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The Original Sin: Despair
Author :Ikkarus
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15 Chapter 15

*In a cabin in the middle of the forest*

Sin built a small house for him to sleep, he's been practising venomous Krav maga and the staff technique.

He wouldn't say he's the best in staff technique but compared to him last week then he's a professional staff user, he was agile for using the pole he created from pulled out trees.

He didn't practice the staff technique blindly, on the first day he finds a monster for him to kill only using the pole, the second day until the first week he familiar his whole body to the pole, that means he can literally use a pole like it's his third arm.

His progress in Venomous Krav Maga can be called monstrous, it's not his growth that is terrifying but the martial art itself. Even though he's only been practising VKM(Venomous krav maga) for 1 week, he's power rise up in a whole new level.

The martial arts didn't increase his physical or magic power whatsoever, the reason he becomes more powerful is the passive skill from VKM, that is everytime he hit his opponent they will get poison, not just a simple venom but a deadly one, it's probably enough for the poison to kill a normal person within seconds.

Venomous Krav maga is a mixed martial art's, so all of the fighting technique is part of it like boxing, taekwondo, jutsu, etc. So now that he practice VKM he's not a pure physical power with no skill anymore, he's a skilled fighter now

As for the Critical taekwondo, he doesn't have a time for it, he'll certainly practice it later but for now, he needs to focus on VKM and staff technique.

The moon appeared in the sky and the time for Sin to hunt some monsters and Holy Knights came. He's been hunting them for the whole week now, he'd eaten more monster than holy knights though as he is still human

*Boar hat*

In the middle of the night, a small person was standing in the edge of the mountain staring at the sky, Meliodas has been thinking about what Sin said if the Commandments really did come, then he needs to prepare

As for what's he's doing in the edge of the mountain, he's waiting for someone, and that someone didn't take ages before she appears behind him, Merlin gave Meliodas a magic paper, if he tore it apart she'll get teleported next to him. Just in case something bad happens and Meliodas can't take it on alone, she gave him this for emergency use

"Why did you call me here? It doesn't look like you're in danger or some kind of deep sh*t"

Berlin said as she looks around the mountain, she didn't see or sense anything dangerous

"You can't see them now since they're still sealed but they're coming soon, so I need you to stay with us, The commandments are taking their revenge on me, I need a smart companion and powerful one, we need to find Escanor before they appear" said meliodas in a serious tone and sharp eyes

Merlin isn't easy to shock, but this news made her eyes go big. She knows them, the 10 commandments, her captain is their former leader after all

"How did you know they're coming?"

"Let's just say some mysterious guy told me, and my instincts are kicking as well. You should fully know that my instinct has been always correct"

The two got quiet, Merlin was thinking who the mysterious person her captain's talking about, she's smart enough to know that her captain isn't easy to trick, even her would struggle against him in mind tricks, so it's unlikely he got tricked by that mysterious person

"This person...what does he look like, and where did he come from? "

"he looks like me, literally no difference apart from the height and his red hair, for where he comes from, I've no idea either, I just saw him falling from the sky and crashing near my tavern"

"Hmmm...he definitely knows your past if he knows the commandments if worse he knows everything...literally everything of what has been going on, we need him captain, where is he?"

"Well...let's just say he has a conflict with everyone so I kicked him out haha" said meliodas while grinning

Hearing this Merlin facepalm to her captain's stupidity

"No matter, I'll just find him with Morning Star"

*In the boar hat*

King has plates in his hands and is humming going to Diane's place, he wants to eat with Diane and enjoys the night, however, when he arrives at where Diane usually sleep she was not here, she's nowhere to be seen

King thought she just hunt a food for herself and waited, and waited, and waited...he waited for her until the sun was up and she's still nowhere to be seen, he flew around and try to find her but he failed

"Diane!!!! Where are you?!?!"


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