The Original Sin: Despair
16 Chapter 16
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The Original Sin: Despair
Author :Ikkarus
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16 Chapter 16

*Boar hat*

Meliodas just came back from the mountain with Merlin, when he enters his bar he sees King and Ban with a worried expression while Gowther was just standing in the side with his usual expressionless face

The trio look at the duo who enters the bar, seeing Merlin with Meliodas delighted them, but they don't have time for celebration, King hurriedly went up to Meliodas

"Captain, Diane is missing!!"

Meliodas was lost, he didn't get what's going on

"what do you mean she's missing? Maybe she just hunts something to eat"

"No, I waited in her area so we could eat together but she wasn't there and I waited but she hasn't come back yet until last night!!"

*In the middle of the forest*

A giant woman was running in the middle of the forest, Diane was following Sin's footsteps. Sin didn't remove his footsteps since he didn't really mind being followed so Diane found it easily.

Choosing a guy who she met not too long ago over her comrades who she was with for years really hurt her, but she has to do it. She had to, if she hadn't she won't find her true happiness, although she's happy with the 7sins, Sin gives her the feeling that she would be more happy with him and maybe, just maybe be her partner.

Diane just wants to find that feeling and someone to protect, and she found it. She will protect him no matter what, even if his enemy is her captain.

Diane continues looking until she arrives at a small hut, it's really small probably only one person can sleep in it. She's been running for ages, the moment she left the Boar Hat she's been running since then, seeing this small cabin gave her hope that he would be here inside the cabin


Sin was dead tired, he practised VKM and his Staff Technique until the sun rises, he was about to sleep when the ground starts shaking, it felt like a giant was running around and wreaking havoc, probably a giant beast fighting each other, he thought as he closes his eyes to sleep

He was about to go to dreamland when his house started shaking no, not the land, only his house. It didn't take long when the house got pulled out by a giant hand, Sin rarely gets pissed off of something or someone since he got his new personality, and this is the rare moment where he wants to kill the beast that bothering his rest.

He opens his eyes ready to see an ugly beast, but he was surprised to see big two eyes staring down at him with a relief expression, He found Diane staring at him with teared up eyes, seeing this he calmly get up from his wooden bed and ask Diane

"What's wrong, and what are you doing here? Aren't you supposed to be with Boss and the rest?"

"I-I left them to find you, the whole week you were gone was the worst day of my life since my whole clan vanished, I just want to-"

She got cut off by Sin as he hug her, well at least tried to hug her since she was too big for him to hug, after that he jumps up to her shoulder and pats her face

"Don't worry, I'll always be with you if you need me, and unlike your captain, I can fall in love with you, so no need to cry. I know you're sad that you left them for me, but sometimes you just have to choose a choice where you will be happy even if it makes you sad at first" Sin was actually sincere when he said those words, he didn't know what the reason is, but being with Diane made him happy.

She made him feels like he was not alone in this life and he doesn't felt left out when he's with Diane. Hearing what Sin said, she cried even harder, but this time not because she was sad, but because she's happy since I already made this choice then I just have to be happy with it, she thought as she snuggles Sin to her smiling beautiful face

Sin was happy inside out, this is actually the happiest moments since his past and current life, maybe entertaining God ain't that bad, he thought as he closes his eyes and just let Diane snuggle him in her face

*The kingdom of Liones*

In the underground basement Hendrickson and Dreyfus was looking at a big red demon

"How long will it take to carry out our plan Hendrick?"

"Don't worry, it won't take that long, probably around 4-5 months and we'll be ready, we'll be able to kill the Seven Deadly Sins and rule the kingdom, only the two of us"


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