The Original Sin: Despair
17 Chapter 17
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The Original Sin: Despair
Author :Ikkarus
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17 Chapter 17

A giant girl could be seen roasting two giant pig while a 7ft oversized human with a not too bulky body, but not too slim either(Imagine goku's body) holding a four meters long and ten inch thick wooden staff with pointy sharp edge in his shoulder.

Sin continue to grow every time he eat a powerful beast, even his body got buff a bit, his symbiote is even bigger now.

The two has been in the forest for a month, Sin trained his VKM and staff technique into another level.

"Diane, why won't you train with me?" sin has been asking Diane to train with him this whole month to improve his hand to hand combat, but she won't even budge and just continue eating while watching him.

'I don't plan to break my arm just to train with you' she thought still watching him perform his everyday routine. Although, Diane didn't train with him this whole month, his melee combat still increased by a large margin, as for his magic, it increased, but not by much.

He could fly faster and lift heavier things now, but everyone in Ten Commandments can chase him even in the air, so the only uses in his magic is Telekinesis. He's not really knowledgeable about magic so he can't use his magic in many different ways for now, maybe he'll ask merlin to train him when he meets her.

Sin continue training his staff while Diane lay down to take a nap, this whole month is the happiest month she's ever had, every night they'll cuddle while star gazing and talk about life after his training, she wish this could continue forever, but she also knew this kind of moments is only temporary. She knows the reason why he's been training so hard.

It's the commandments, Sin told her about them. He said that, every single one of them is as powerful as her former captain in his peak, and he also said that Meliodas power now isn't even close to his 30% full power.

Just imagining them give her the chills, but also determination. If they are really that powerful, then she needs to get stronger, but she don't know how! doing push ups and physical exercises won't help her since this is her peak physical power.

She's been thinking about this for a while now, Sin notice this but didn't ask, it's because he knows the reason why she's been like this. He's also been thinking for a solution for this. He got an idea, but can't do it for now as his symbiote is still weak, maybe in his next breakthrough he'll got the ability he wants.

Another month fast and Sin could feel his next breakthrough, he just need a good fight that will bring out his full power, or just a strong person to kill so he can eat the corpse. Either way, he need to get out of this forest and find someone to battle.

"Diane, we're leaving tomorrow morning to go to, the city, hunt a lot of food later to eat on the way there. Also, we might meet your former teammates so be prepared, I don't want you looking at them like you did something terrible" Diane could feel his care towards her, she smile and nod

"I know, I made a decision already, a decision that won't make me regret later on"

"That's good, I'll also find a certain mushroom so we could travel easily without trouble"

Diane nodded and go on her way to hunt food for tomorrow .

While this was happening, Meliodas and his team is trying to find Escanor, the strongest of them all. In the public eyes Meliodas was the strongest, but the group knew better, if not for his disability in night, then he might be able to dominate even the whole kingdom alone. But despite that disability, he is still the strongest in the group, even meliodas can't beat him in his peak power.

"Can you sense him Merlin?"

"I don't need to do that captain, Just release our presence and he'll come, especially if he sense mine. He is my servant after all"

In a secluded mountain cave, an old man with glasses was cleaning a bottle of wine with a soft towel, he suddenly look up and smile while sweating bucket

"Sigh, it looks like I need to bid farewell to my bar, mrs Merlin aura is still feel beautiful as ever" he said with a red tint in his face

He look to his side and look at the axe hanging in the wall as a display proudly

"Rita, it looks like I might be able to use you again...if there's a worthy opponent like captain" he smile looking like a proud lion. Even with his small body, if you're good at sensing then you might get terrified if you get near this human


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