The Original Sin: Despair
18 Chapter 18
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The Original Sin: Despair
Author :Ikkarus
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18 Chapter 18

Sin and Diane have been walking in the forest for a day now, they're holding hands and leaning at each other like a real lover would do. They got used to each other's presence and won't get embarrassed with these simple things, heck they even cuddled every night!

While they're talking and flirting in their own world, they saw the capital full of houses and people

"We're finally here, it's been ages since I've seen other humans," Said Diane with her sacred gear on her back despite being in her small form

"Mmm, been ages since I've seen these disgusting creatures," said Sin with his usual foxy grin

Of course, he's not talking about the humans, he's talking about the holy knights that got injected with demon blood in their veins. He could feel them, a lot of them, at least a thousand or so.

'I definitely change the canon and fucked up the anime plot, I didn't think Hendrickson would create this many, but no matter, they all look delicious' Diane suddenly notice Sin's grin getting wider and wider. To be honest, she didn't like this side of him. She likes the talkative and laid back Sin, but this side of him...isn't close to any of that, this side of him scared her more than when she saw Meliodas loses control sigh...

Diane sigh and suddenly punch the ground, she made a hole to hide her Sacred Treasure. Sin gave it back to her and said that the weapon isn't just for him.

While the two was walking, Meliodas group was also walking inside the capital. Despite their familiar faces, no one recognises them, well apart from a certain sadistic guy of course. Merlin was using her magic to conceal their auras, not that they can't, but just in case. She also cast illusion magic to get to their destination without any trouble

"Merlin are you sure about this? If there really are demons in here then we need to evacuate everyone when we start battling" Escanor ask ed merlin on the side

"If Hendrickson got inform of us being here, then there's no doubt he'll attack us and cause huge innocent casualties"

Meliodas nod and agreed with her, suddenly he felt a similar aura, It's not the same but he could tell it's him

'It looks like he's been getting stronger lately'

Merlin also could feel an unusual aura, it feels demonic, but not the same as the demon clan. She looks around until she saw where Meliodas was looking at, there she saw the exact image of her captain, just a lot taller and different hair colour

"So this is Sin captain?"

"Yeah it's him, Diane is also with him?"

Meliodas was surprised for a bit but then sigh, King and Ban also was startled, they didn't expect her to be with this guy. King hurriedly fly between Diane and Sin

"What did you do to Diane, you damn murderer?!" King said while also guarding Diane like he's protecting her

"Ah look who it is, calling me a murderer when you killed your own friend, aren't you a bit bold, useless fairy?" Sin said with his signature grin


"King, come back here!" suddenly Meliodas yelled sounding like an angry kid...just a bit scarier

"But captain, he has Diane with him!"

"I said come back! Don't associate yourself with a murderer like him" Meliodas didn't really mean what he just said, he just wanted to provoke Sin to enrage him, so he would release his full power. He wanted to know just how strong he has become.

Merlin also knew what Meliodas was thinking, but Sin didn't. He's smarter than before, but not smart to know what a super elite demon was thinking.

He started laughing, smirk to a loud laugh. If not for Merlin magic, everyone would be looking at him.

"That's the funniest joke I've ever heard boss. You? You, Judging me like I'm some kind of fucking murderer!?" He said loudly but was still grinning ear to ear. He's not angry, he just wanted to fight meliodas for a while now and this is his chance, he releases 50 percent of his power due to the excitement

"How many innocent lives have you cut, killed, murdered? fucking butchered! And you're telling me I'm a murderer? Just think about the innocent lives you have taken in that realm just for one girl, a girl that died in the end even when you killed a lot of people for her. See? There's not much of a difference between us boss, I would do the same, but I won't judge you, because I know my sins and I live with them. But you're still useless though, If I were in that situation I would be able to save her, but you? You failed her boss, you let her down...Meliodas"

An uncontrollable rage went out of meliodas, his demonic power started showing. You could prove that by just looking at the sign in his face

"You're dead" he jumps and glides to Sin

Sin also get into his stance and started grinning crazily


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