The Original Sin: Despair
19 Chapter 19
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The Original Sin: Despair
Author :Ikkarus
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19 Chapter 19

Meliodas punch to Sin's face, but like an agile snake Sin receive his punch in his palm and wrap around his own arm to Meliodas's shoulder. Seeing this chance, Sin quickly deliver a knee attack in his lungs and sent him flying to the houses and continue hitting the brick walls until he hit the castle wall

Meliodas created a huge crater to the Castle wall when his body crash in it, when he came out of the crater, his right shoulder was bend in the other way around due to impact while his lungs was crush, but it healed in seconds.

Meliodas's arm suddenly turns indigo liquid and form a sharp blade, he roared and leap to slash towards Sin. Seeing this, Sin just stood there and waited for meliodas blade arm to hit him, when the blade was an inch away from him he block the blade arm with his bare hand, but Like a butter, Meliodas cut down Sin's arm easily.

Seeing this, Ban and King sigh in relief while Diane covered her mouth, but as if the heavens were against Meliodas's group, Sin catch his falling arm and reattached it like it's a normal routine for him, suddenly a reddish liquid appear out of nowhere and covered his whole arm, when it disappeared as fast as it appeared Sin's hand was whole again.

Like a reloaded canon, Sin fist shot Down Meliodas's guts. His fist got buried deep in Melioda's guts, he started coughing blood when he saw a kick landing on his neck. And like earlier, he was sent flying again, but this time through the grounds.

Ban was about to charge and help his captain when Merlin told him to stop, he'll probably get turn into mist if he goes in she thought. Escanor went from small to a giant human more than ten feet tall, he was ready to attack anytime but was too proud so he waited for Meliodas to lose and it looks like it won't be that long until he collapsed.

Meliodas could feel his body getting weaker and weaker every time they exchange blow, he was startled at first since physical attacks alone can't corner him like this, but soon he realises that he was poison. He didn't notice Sin taking out any kind of poison so he was a bit confused, but his confusion come to an end when his body collapsed.

He is still conscious, but his body isn't. He can't even lift a finger by now, Sin slowly walks towards Meliodas with his tattered clothes, revealing his muscly body, he bends down and lifts Meliodas's head like a rag doll.

"Weak, too weak. If you're only this strong then forget about protecting everyone, you won't even be able to protect yourself"

Meliodas just lay down there quietly, he just stared at Sin's eyes with calm but extreme rage in his heart.

Sin was about to smash his head to the ground when a kick sent him flying straight to the castle. When he got up, he heard someone talking, and he knew who it was

"Humiliating your opponent after defeating him is a petty and cowardly move, don't you think?" Escanor just stood there and look at sin like looking at a peasant...not just Sin, he's looking at everyone like they're not worthy to get even near him.

While Escanor may be polite, humble and coward when he is in his other form, once he turns giant to fight he becomes arrogant and proud, just like this.

"Oh dear, that kick just broke my spinal cord. You really are powerful Escanor, the sin of pride"

"Hoo, so a filthy demon like you know my name?"

"Well, being Merlin's dog servant make you rather famous around my area, how does it feel? I mean, being a dog and-"

He didn't even finish his sentence when a hole was made in his chest.

Sin leap backward while his chest healed in an instant

"That's not nice, interrupting someone when they're talking is quite rude, don't you think?"

"Hoho, someone like you shouldn't talk about rudeness, you are the definition of rude after all"

They were talking rubbish when they felt demons surround them, they look around and saw the Holy Knights surrounding them with their own weapons on their hand.

"Well, it looks like some dog want to intervene into our fight huh"

"Indeed, a dog should not intervene a fight between a majestic Lion and a dangerous snake"


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