The Original Sin: Despair
20 Chapter 20
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The Original Sin: Despair
Author :Ikkarus
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20 Chapter 20

Hendrickson and Dreyfus were standing behind the Holy Knight, they were seizing up Escanor and Sin. They've seen Escanor before and "know" he's the second strongest in the group, while the other guy with red hair is unknown.

Not entirely unknown since they've seen the fight on the festival, but apart from that he's an unknown entity. His origin, powers, ability, and how strong he is, they're all unknown.

Hendrickson was unsure but at least was confident on defeating him in the last two months if he uses his trump card, but now seeing him knock out Meliodas this easy, he's a bit hesitant.

"Oh look who it is, how have you been Hendrickson-sama and Dreyfus-san, I heard what happened to the king, is he ok?"

This time Merlin ask calmly and pretending to be clueless about the situation, but she was looking at them with disgust eyes. While she knows what they're planning, The Holy Knights were clueless about them knowing their plans, that includes Hendrickson.

Dreyfus walk forward and look at them fiercely

"Don't you have shame for you all to show up here in our kingdom!!?"

"Why would we be ashamed though?" despite the aggressiveness of Dreyfus, Merlin brush it off with a smirk

"Why would we be ashamed though?"

"Why you ask? After betraying the kingdom you wanna ask why!? Aren't you a bit bold Merlin!?"

Dreyfus wanted to continue Yelling at her when a punch landed in his face that sent him flying back to Hendrickson

"Talking to lady Merlin like that and you'll die"

Escanor said standing in front of Merlin while looking down at them

Dreyfus nose, ear and eyes were bleeding, he's lucky enough to not die with escanor half-hearted punch, although he's luck is good but it can run out since now he's probably gonna be in a comma

Hendrickson was dumbfounded, it seems like he underestimated them...too much. He knows his power and his limit when he saw Escanor punch he was sure he can't punch like that even if he turns into a demon, and he doubted he can beat him in fighting experience since all of them is way older than he is and has more fighting experience.

A thousand thought across his mind and only some of them are good enough to survive today if they plan to attack, using authority is a dumb idea, fighting them is a dumber idea then...sacrifice the Holy Knights and fled, he thought of so many solutions and this has the highest chance that he'll survive and come back later for revenge.

"Holy Knights attack the traitors! Let them know that we are not cowards like them, we'll sacrifice our life for our kingdom!!"

Hendrickson yelled calmly, he can't show any weakness now.

"OHHHHH!!!" Holy knights roared as adrenaline kicks in, thousand of Holy Knights started transforming and attacking.

Seeing this Escanor just smile while Merlin looks at them with disgust. Gowther, King, Ban started kicking some ass, they're knocking them out but not killing them, Merlin and Meliodas told them not to earlier.

Seeing this, Sin just facepalm while Diane smash her fist together

"Hey Sin, can we attack now?"

"Mmm, just knock them out as well, don't kill any of them" Diane was a bit surprised since Sin is not the type to spare someone, she specially prepared herself for killing everyone today, but seeing him now she thought he might be changing for the good.

"Ok, whatever you say"

While they were all fighting, Meliodas was still knock out in the side with Elizabeth crying over his semi-dead body, Sin was just standing in the side as well thinking that all his food shouldn't be damaged too much so he asks Diane to just knock them out.

He didn't fight with them and was just looking at Hendrickson in the distance, now that he has seen escanor power, he's probably thinking of running, and boy he was right.

Once the Holy knights started fighting, he's slowly retreating. When he thought he was safe enough to run without the Seven sins noticing him he started running at full speed.

"Damn criminals, didn't think they're that strong. No matter, I will come back after learning more about the blood of that demon, then I'll crush all of them"

"Now that I heard your plan, I now feel smarter compare to you"

Suddenly he heard a voice behind him

He quickly turns around and saw the mysterious man, he was cautious and ready to transform.

"So are you not gonna transform? I mean that's your plan right?"

"You! How did you know!? Who are you?! Why are you here!?" Knowing that his plan was exposed Hendrickson lost his cool for a second

"You ask a lot of question for a calm guy, for your first question, all of us know your plan and your "trump card", second I'm sin, third I'm only have my lunch" sin started grinning and walk slowly towards him


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