The Original Sin: Despair
21 Chapter 21
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The Original Sin: Despair
Author :Ikkarus
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21 Chapter 21

Sin stared at Hendrickson with his signature smile, he was an inch away from Hendrickson's face when a powerful force erupted.

The powerful force was in front of Sin, he was staring interestingly at the thing in front of him.

"That's more like it! I wonder how much power I'll gain after eating you" Said Sin casually like he didn't even notice that Hendrick transformed into a demon.

Hendrick kicks his foot and did some backward shit to get away from Sin, he knows better not to underestimate him even if he transformed. Sin knew his plan all along and didn't even flinch at the terrifying aura he's releasing so he'll be dumb as fish if he underestimated him now.

"Tell me who you really are before we fight, so I can at least visit your family later after killing you," Said Hendrickson and tried to threaten(provoke) Sin. Hearing what he just said Sin started laughing when he stopped he smile and look at Hendrick.

"You really want to know my true identity?" Said Sin as his smile turn into a huge grin that will creep even Hisoka and Illuka

"Some lowly humans like you aren't worthy to be known by me, but seeing your courage to fight an elite demon like me make me at least want to honour your death for your bravery"

"I see, I'll show you who I really am then"

Suddenly a dark red substance crawl all over Sin's body, his small mouth turn terrifyingly big, his 7.5-foot body turns into 4meters big.

Hendrick was looking up just to see his face, he was sweating bucket when Sin completes his transformation.

"Y-you demon..."

With Escanor fighting with seven sins, they wipe out the Holy Knights almost in an instant. All of the holy knights were knocked out, some died but it could be counted with one hand.

When they gathered around to leave the Capital, they suddenly felt a powerful demon aura but vanish seconds. It's powerful but probably a bit weaker than meliodas, thought Merlin. Escanor was just looking at the forest with interest while King was sweating buckets, Ban and Gowther were just staring as well.

"So Diane, is that your boyfriend's aura?" Ask Merlin making Diane blush and King shock.

"Boyfriend!? Diane is this true!? Tell me!" King interrupted and yell as he floats.

Diane just look at him with a smirk

"What are you gonna do about it? Not like you can beat him when your captain almost died fighting him"

When she said those words almost all of the seven sins were shocked, apart from Merlin And Gowther, they all have a dumbfounded look.

After living with Sin for months Diane got some of his bad habits, that is making people angry. She doesn't know when but she started liking their expressions every time they got mad at Sin, it makes her feel like a douche, but she likes it.

Ban kick his legs to the ground and leap to punch Diane, but he ends up flying back as Diane physical power is way more powerful than Ban.

As ban was standing up, he stared at Diane

"Don't disrespect my captain, he fights for his friends and won't turn his back even if the consequence is death, not like you. You see a stranger you like then abandoned your friends who were with you for years just for a guy who you don't even know for a year, don't you feel ashamed?"

Although Diane got some of Sin's habits, her personality didn't change much. She stops smiling and realised she's really being shameless. After abandoning them now she came back just so she could insult them? She really did felt ashamed of what she just said, she was about to apologise and cry when they heard footsteps behind them

They turn around and saw Sin smiling..not the usual provoking smile, but a terrifying smile, even Merlin sweat a bit.

"I've been gone for just minutes and you all already made her cry, my my it looks like the seven deadly sins need memory to remember not to touch any important person in my life"

As he said those words, a terrifying aura burst out of him. They could feel it, the death, Ban and King could feel the death is coming for them.

At this time Diane quickly stood up and ran towards Sin to tackle him into a hug

"It was not them Sin, it's my fault. I shouldn't say those words, pls don't hurt them" Diane ask Sin as she bears hug him.

Sin stared at her for a second then stop moving then ask

"So why are you even crying?"

Diane explains the whole situation to calm Sin, she thought he's not gonna do something to seven sins since he's calm now. However, after explaining the whole thing Since started walking towards a member of Seven deadly sins.

"So in short, this little fairy started the whole thing, asking aggressively if I was your boyfriend like he has the rights to, is that right?"

Diane hesitantly nodded as her clothes were drenched in sweat, she knows what's about to happen.

As if Sin teleported, he arrives in front of king staring at his eyes with his creepy smile. King was about to prepare to fight but couldn't move, he looks at his neck and saw an arm holding it. He called out to his spear to help him but was useless as Sin just made him a meat shield. He stops moving and just stared at Sin with deep hatred in his eyes.

First, he took Diane away from them, second, he nearly killed his captain, and now he was about to die in his hand as well. Sin smile seeing the hatred in his eyes, he tightened his hand to make it more painful.

He's not gonna kill him, but he won't let him go without punishment. Diane was the first and most important person in his life and in this world, so seeing her cry makes him a bit upset, for the first time.

Sin watch the other members of the seven deadly sins, Merlin was just looking at him with excitement and interest, Ban gritting his teeth since he can't do shit, Gowther was looking at him without any emotion and Escanor just standing there since Merlin told him not to bother them. She told that she's gonna look at his power since she has never seen or heard anything like this. It feels demonic but not at the same time.

Seeing them just staring, Sin grin and lift King even higher with his rough big hand. When everyone thought he's gonna let him go, Sin smash kings head into the ground. A wide crater was made, even though the crater isn't that deep, it's enough to bury King head to toes.

Seeing this, Ban loses control and attack Sin without thinking. He was sent flying back again like volleyball, Gowther, Merlin and Escanor didn't attack, but just stood there watching the event happen.

Merlin could feel King's life force so she was sure Sin didn't plan to kill any of them. When Ban had enough and just lay down panting, Sin and Diane started leaving...with Chastiefol in his hand

When they're out of sight, Escanor ask merlin

"Why didn't we stop him? I could have killed him lady Merlin"

"And why would I want that? He's gonna be one of my projects soon, I don't want any of my project damaged"

"If you say so"


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