The Original Sin: Despair
22 Chapter 22
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The Original Sin: Despair
Author :Ikkarus
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22 Chapter 22

The whole Kingdom of Liones was in turmoil, they learned that Dreyfus and Hendrick were working together and planning to rule the whole kingdom with their corrupted mind. They felt at ease when they learned Hendrick died and Dreyfus was captured, they heard it was The Seven Deadly Sins who captured them.

In one of the pubs in town, all of the customers were discussing what they heard and seen.

"Didn't you hear the rumour? A witness said Meliodas nearly got beaten to death by someone? And that someone was the one who killed Hendrickson?"

"Haaah? How is that even possible? Meliodas is the strongest in the Kingdom and no one could beat him even if they want to, it's probably made up rumour to slander the heroes again"

"That's true, those bastards Holy Knights really won't stop, will they? After framing The Seven Sins they're still not satisfied? If I were sir Meliodas, I'd kill every one of them to erase the corrupt people in this Kingdom"


Sin and Diane have been walking inside the forest to go to their old spot, they've been walking quietly as Diane was clinging to Sin's shoulder. With Sin's 8-foot height after eating Hendrick, Diane's could only reach his elbow, right now he looks more like a Giant than Diane.

'Hehe, Sin said I'm important in his life, which means he loves me, ahehehe'

Diane felt the joy course through her body as she remembers Sin saying she's important in her life. He also beat up King that he nearly died for her, which no one has done yet.

Seeing Diane's happy expression, he lifted her up surprising her but was even happier now. He put her in his shoulder and let her enjoy the ride back home.

After a day of walking and running, they arrive at their spot. If a normal human travel from Capital to here even with a carriage, it'll take weeks for them to get here. But with Sin speed, a day is enough.

Sin lay down to his bed made of soft and comfortable grass, Sin's face has a smile but complicated look in his eyes...he's having a doubt at something.

He was thinking if he should tell Diane his true power and form, he like making people angry and manipulate them, but he can't and don't want to lie in his future partner. That's one of his personality, Loyalty. He trusts Diane won't leave him because of this.

Sin took a deep breath and calm his self

"Diane, I have to tell you something"

Diane who was having a good time laying down in his chest look up

"What is it?"

" you wanna know who I really am?"

"What do you mean? Is it your race? Don't worry, I don't care what your race is, I'll still love you hehehe" Diane was happy and lost, she thought Sin was talking about his race, but he didn't care about hers so why would his race bother her?

Sin look at her eyes and stood up slowly making her stand up as well

"Are you sure? You have never seen my other form, although this is my true form, my other form is still a bit disturbing"

Diane was shocked, she didn't expect him to have another form, but it doesn't really matter. As long as he loves her and she loves him, that's what matters

"Even if you're a demon, immortal, human, whatever race it is it's fine, you're my Sin after all"

Hearing this Sin smiled, suddenly a red liquid swarm in his body, all of his features changes. The handsome looking man was now a red big monster that could even scare the demons. Diane was shocked, she didn't speak for a long time but soon regained her calmness, she smiled and hugged the big Sin with her small form.

"So this is your other form huh, it looks cool! It could probably scare even matrona haha"

Sin just laugh with her with his now deep voice, his big hands wrap around her chin gently, the big Sin turn back into his true form(human) while still holding Diane's chin

Sin look at her eyes and gently put his lips into hers, he didn't do anything excessive like a french kiss, he just put his lips into hers and hugged her afterwards.

Diane was dumbfounded at what he did, but close her eyes and accept his kiss. They cuddled and talked all night, but didn't do anything yet.

In the morning when they wake up, they ate breakfast and went somewhere deeper in the forest. Sin told her his other form will evolve and might cause a commotion if they don't go deeper.

Diane was more excited than him to see his new form, she really thinks his other form was cool. After running for 3hours straight they stopped.

Sin look at her eyes and smile

"Are you ready to see my new form?"

"Yeh yeh!! Hurry up, I wanna see it so bad!"

Sin smirk and the pressure around them got heavier, heavy enough to put down Diane in the ground in her human form


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