The Original Sin: Despair
23 Chapter 23
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The Original Sin: Despair
Author :Ikkarus
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23 Chapter 23

Diane was in the ground panting, the only parts of her body that she could move is her head. She was looking at Sin as he holds his head with his two big hands like he's going crazy, his eyes were going black and white like a broken bulb, his veins were popping up you could see it from miles away.

Diane was getting worried, she work hard just to get up from the pressure he's releasing and was about to help him to get up, but Sin hold his hand up and sign Diane to not get closer, this time he makes a sound that human shouldn't be able to make.

Sin continues shrieking for three hours before he could lay down and pant heavily, he was tired but was also happy. The pain he felt was worth it, he got four new abilities and all of them is powerful.

Sin lay down for a minute and stood up when he looked around he smiled, it's because the whole forest was crush by his pressure alone. Of course, his pressure was from his pure magic, his magic abilities all improved by huge margins. He could probably leave Meliodas in the dust if they race in the air now even in his full power.

He was checking his body when suddenly, a girl tackled him to the ground. Diane was hunting beast for Sin in case he's hungry after this bizarre event. Even she, a former Seven Deadly Sins was scared when she felt his power. His raw strength is way too powerful for her to measure.

Seeing Diane's worried face make him smile(a good smile) he patted her head and hug her back. They stayed like that for a couple of minutes before they stood up, Sin was especially hungry so he was glad she hunted food for him. He wanted to eat it in the spot raw, but Diane was with him so they roast it.

As they were eating, Diane asks Sin how strong he became.

"Well, I could probably match Meliodas in his peak strength and not lose, especially with these new abilities of mine. If I use these new abilities then I could probably match 2 members of Ten Commandments at the same time"

Diane was shocked to the core, how did he get so strong in short this amount of time? It's just impossible. Even if she practices for ten-twenty years she probably won't catch up to Sin even if he lazes around.

"How come you become so powerful this fast!? What ability did you even get?"

"Well, I got four new babies. But before that, I have to tell you another thing about me so you could understand my first ability"

"What is it?"

"I eat people to get stronger, I ate Hendrick when you were distracted fighting the Holy Knights, I didn't want to tell you since it sounds so disgusting but...I figure you would figure it out sooner or later anyway so I'll just tell you now"

Diane was Disgusted after hearing his way of getting stronger. She was disgusted not to him, but to his ability. It's way too brutal even for her, she couldn't imagine this young and handsome man eating people's flesh...but she could definitely imagine his other dorm eating whatever he wants.

Diane was Silent for a long time, but smile in the end. What's wrong with her, what's wrong with eating people to get stronger anyway? (Author: It's so wrong in many ways Diane)

This world has always been like this, the strong eat the weak. It's just, Sin's way is quite literal, but nonetheless the same. So why is she disgusted? She'd probably do the same if she's in his shoes too.

Seeing her smile, Sin sigh in relief. He was really worried there for a second, thankfully Diane is an understanding person.

"Now that you know I'll explain to you my first ability, It's called Collector. It allows me to summon hundreds of people, animal, or beast that I ate with their own intelligence 'with symbiote hosting them', they're strong as when they're still alive, so eating them doesn't make them any weaker"

Sin flick his hand, then suddenly hundreds of body came out of his shadow like a fish got release on the ocean. Their body was pure black with black sticky liquid in them, but she could feel their power, one of them(Hendrickson) was powerful as her if not stronger, in magic power of course. She was dumbfounded, there's probably around 500 creature standing in front of them enough to conquer a medium Kingdom if they want to.

Then she heard Sin flick his finger again and the creatures just vanish out of thin air

"That's amazing! You're probably stronger than the whole Seven Sins now Sin!" Diane shouted as she was happy for him.

"Now now, don't get too excited. I still have three ability to show you. This second ability of mine is called Body Manipulation, it allows me to do anything with my body. For example, create a hole in my stomach to dodge an undodgeball attack, regrow broken limbs, I won't die even if my head got cut up as it will just come back and reattached itself to my body"

(Imagine when Galan got slice by Escanor, that ability just more powerful)

"Third is a passive ability, it's called dark barrier. It makes me immune to sounds attack, heat, cold and bleeding, which is impossible since I could just heal in seconds. Also, every time someone tries to assassinate me a black barrier will protect me three times a day. So it's pretty useful ability"

"The last one is pretty basic, it's called spike. It literally allows me to summon a black sharp spike around me for 3 meters radius. It's so sharp it will probably be able to cut your body easily even if you're a giant"

At this time he can't see Diane in front of him when he turns around to find her, he saw her banging her head at the ground saying "My training is for nothing, my training is for nothing" over and over again


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