The Original Sin: Despair
24 Chapter 24
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The Original Sin: Despair
Author :Ikkarus
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24 Chapter 24

Four months passed and Meliodas recovered from his injury. They were happily walking in town with his squad, apart from Merlin and Diane everyone was with him, looking for something to buy.

King who was walking with Escanor look sad, it's been four months without Diane in their group. He felt angry but helpless, he wanted to take her back and be happy with the whole Seven Deadly Sins again but he couldn't, heck even his captain couldn't. Noticing King being a heartbroken boy again, Meliodas made a joke and cheer him up, follow up by Escanor's corny jokes in his small form.

Everyone was happy but only Meliodas was shaking inside, this four months he tried to find his broken sword but didn't succeed. He was scared that someone with bad intention might find it and release them. He was worried and feel unsettled this four whole months but could do nothing, he asks Merlin, the most mysterious person he knew, even he himself doesn't know a lot about her if she could locate the sword.

She tried to locate it with her magic but alas, didn't find any trace of it. She told him to just let it be since Hendrick is dead now, no one would know about it. He did calm down and forgot about the sword, but today he felt something bad is going to happen, and he's not wrong, his sense could hardly be wrong.

His subordinates were still laughing when the earth shook, they all lose their balance causing hawk to panicked. Everyone thought it was just a natural earthquake until they look at their captain, he was clenching his fist so hard that it started to bleed.

Gowther who's behind him asked him what's wrong

"Is there something wrong captain?"

Meliodas just stood there and stayed silent

'It's them, there's no doubt about it. But who remove the seal!? No one would do-' his thought was interrupted when the realisation hit him

'Sin...but he's not the type to do that unless he wants something from them, but what is it that he wants from them?'

His thought was ended when he notice Elizabeth asking him if he was okay with a worried expression, he smiled and told her he was okay making her sigh in relief.

*In the cave where The Commandments was release*

"Ahh three thousand years, we're finally out of that damn coffin," said Galan as he stretches

"Mmm, and it looks like that damn traitor is still alive wait...who release us?" Zeldris said as the whole group look around to find the one who releases them, but didn't see anyone. They tried to sense the whole place only to find nothing.

'Strange...what motive could they have' Zeldris was suspicious of the one who releases them, but let it go and focus on the aura he will never forget. He smirks and looks at a certain direction

"Meliodas...I'm back!"

While this was happening, the culprit was cuddling with a girl in his bed. They stopped cuddling when a black shadow appeared in front of them.

Naturally, this was Sin with Diane, and the shadow was Hendrickson

"Did you complete the task I gave you?"

The shadow nodded his head and talk in a deep demonic voice

"I have completed the task leader gave me"

Seeing this Sin smile, having these guys as a servant was really convenient.

As for the task, it was to release the other group of demons, as to why he did was because to eat them. He realises something in this four months, God definitely knew he's gonna grow this fast, he thought it'll be boring to watch him, and he's definitely gonna nerf or slow down his growth at this rate, but the god didn't. If God didn't slow his growth then...he's definitely planning to send him to another world or something like that.

Realising the possibility of this, Sin release the Commandments to eat them. If he got sent to Dragon ball super world then he's dead. With this mere power of his, he wouldn't even last a second against Frieza, heck he might even lose against Krillin.

'That god is definitely planning something like that, I need to get stronger fast in case I got sent to high-level world'

He just finishes practising all of his ability so he was cuddling with Diane as a prize. He mastered all of his new four abilities this four months and was smooth at using them, especially the Collector. He now at least had 1000+, although not as powerful as Hendrick, they still have the combat power of high Holy Knights, especially some of the beast he ate. He has four new powerful minions, it was a 3 meter Tiger that are black in colour with red like rune running through its body, four meter tall dark green spider with at least 25 inch thick each legs, a 7 meters white apes with thick arms and legs that could even rival Diane in her giant form, and finally 15 meters brown snake, it looks normal if you ignore the massive size, but its strength is terrifying. If he didn't evolve then he might have a hard time fighting this guy, its strength was equal to his first evolution


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