The Original Sin: Despair
25 Change of plans
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The Original Sin: Despair
Author :Ikkarus
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25 Change of plans


I previously said that Sin was going to join The seven sins, but i change my mind. What i'm gonna do now is create my own group with different people from various anime. although, I'll add other characters from another anime but it will still mainly be Seven Sins ffc, he'll be able to comeback to nanatsu no taizai worl, since obviously Diane was there, his wife.

Lastly, I'm hesitating if i should turn this to harem so i need your vote, While I love harem, I also love a realistic romance which was the opposite of harem. And it'll be hard to write a harem novel when I'm a newb so, I personally won't write a harem novel, but if there'a more people voting for harem then it'll be a harem(small harem4-5)

Last lastly, fck i said that twice, i lose interest on merlin so suggest another waifu. Merlin is too mysterious for me to write, i don't know a lot about her, all i know is she's a magician, a girl, and has a booger thingy in her left or right eyes? Yeh, so it'll be hard for me to make her a waifu, although if you like her i would still continue to make her Sin's waifu

Thas al readers-sama @@


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