The Original Sin: Despair
27 Chapter 26
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The Original Sin: Despair
Author :Ikkarus
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27 Chapter 26

Sin was surprised for a bit then smile.

"What makes you say that, lady Merlin?"

"Nothing, I've been living in this world for thousands of years, yet I couldn't figure out your magic, or your abilities. I've seen all the race and creatures, yet I couldn't even peek of what you are, but I'm sure you're not human"

This lady right here was the one who stopped the time to stop her aging, so he's not that surprise she suspects him not from this world. Hearing her reason Sin nodded, it's believable since Merlin said it. Her thirst for knowledge is like a man living in the desert for years and hasn't drink water since then. It was understandable her knowledge is so vast, she even figures it out he's not from this world! But of course, only dumbasses would tell her the truth

"You're over thinking this lady Merlin, your making it too complicated for yourself. My home may be far away, or even unheard of but it is not out of this world. I think stopping the time to stop your ageing, made you paranoid"

"Mmm, I don't over think things, I calculate them. Don't try to hide it, you're not from this world. Your knowledge about the demons and even The Ten Commandments, about Meliodas curse and about me stopping the time which I haven't told to anyone yet apart from trustworthy people...this is making me excited!"

Merlin started making a face like she's having an orgasm, which is creeping him out. This may be the first time Sin got creep out by another person. As if he made up his mind, Sin suddenly let loose his aura, which was scary. He releases his full power and slowly walks towards Merlin, his body started transforming.

A white and black sticky liquid crawl in his body, he started to grow until he was four meters tall. His body was pure white while his face was cover in black, his chest and biceps were covers in black stripes. His eyes and mouth were glowing red, making him look terrifying.

(Author: Search Anti-venom and he looks exactly like that, just make it 4 meters tall and buff)

His looks were not the only terrifying thing when he saw his battle prowess she was gobsmacked.

'O-one hundred and forty one thousand, ah haha hahaha I-I disturbed a monster haven't I?' She thought as she started sweating bucket.

*With Meliodas in purgatory*

Meliodas woke up only to see the place he hated the most.

"Sate sate sate, tousan's place never change"

"How dare you call me your father? You betrayed our clan and let me down Meliodas, therefore, I don't see you as my son"

Said a deep voice calmly as if there's no emotion in his voice since he was born.

"Heeeh, you never see us as your son from the start, what are you on about?"

The demon king, known as the strongest demon, father of the strongest elite demon(Meliodas), and ruler of the demon clan. Meliodas was talking to his father, the demon king as if he doesn't give a flying fuck about his status.

If the demon king was being honest, seeing his son made him feel joy, even though he seems emotionless outside, inside he was hurting. He loves his sons just like a normal father would, and seeing him here desperate for power to defend his loved ones make him proud of Meliodas. He was his favourite, Meliodas was the only one who isn't afraid of him, heck he would even fight him to death if the Demon King showed his true body.

But as a Demon King, he needs to put the face of being ruthless and emotionless

"So you died again, and you even killed yourself. Tell me, why protect them to this degree?"

"Simply because they're my family, unlike you I would die for them. Well, enough chit chat go and eat my emotions and feelings already. I only have one day before your lovely sons come and kill my family"

The Demon King was silent, suddenly as if remembering something the demon looks at Meliodas

"Before that, I want you to tell me something about that guy name Sin? He's an interesting lad"

"And why would I do that? To make him your successor or something?"

"Not a bad idea, he's at least more ruthless than you, and he's more powerful as well"

Meliodas look at his father, shock at what he said

"More powerful than me? Like stronger than me at my peak?"

"Well, physically and magically no, but with his mysterious abilities then he could probably wipe out your whole so-called family if he wants to, and even me don't know his origin, so be careful around him"

Meliodas who was shocked smiled Mischievously

"Are-are? When did the Demon King start to care about someone? Especially about me? Am I hearing things?"

Seeing his son's face like that, veins pop out of his nonexistent head, he wants to smack this son of his if he could, well he could but not worth the effort.

"I just don't want to see your face again, it's annoying. Now go and protect your family, I'll give you your full power"

A blue portal appeared beside Meliodas, he started to walk towards it and was about to go inside but stopped.

"Thanks...tousan" Meliodas jump in the portal and disappeared leaving the sad Demon King alone

"You're welcome brat, sigh being alone here in this damn place is annoying"


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