The Original Sin: Despair
25 Chapter 25
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The Original Sin: Despair
Author :Ikkarus
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25 Chapter 25

All of The Seven Sins gathered in the kingdom, with the king of Lioness in his throne. The atmosphere seems to be serious as all of them was sweating and has a serious look on their face.

"Is this true? Those demons will come here and try to destroy my kingdom, again?" The king said as he held his hand together

"No, they're not coming for you but they will still destroy your kingdom because that's how they work," said Meliodas clenching his fist

"Then, who are they coming for?"

Meliodas didn't speak immediately, instead, he looks at the window. He could feel them coming, they will be here in 2 days if not sooner

"They're coming for me"

All the people that heard him was shocked, even his whole team apart from Merlin was shaking to the bone, Ban who was being quiet suddenly panicked

"Why are they coming for you cap?"

"Because of...revenge!"

While the Kingdom of Lioness was in turmoil, the Ten Commandments was flying at a fast pace. Everyone of them is here for only one person, Meliodas.

"We should destroy the kingdom as well, it's been ages since I've tasted a soul. I'm craving for them" Said Galan to his teammates

"Yeah, I wanna have fun as well"

"That's not our priority, our aim is to kill Meliodas, and destroying a kingdom isn't fun" this time Zeldris spoke in a serious manner, well he's always serious anyway.

*Back to Meliodas*

Meliodas was standing in the balcony of his tavern when Merlin walk behind him

"We should ask that Sin guy for help, Escanor and you alone wouldn't be enough to deal with those guys"

"I know, but he's definitely not gonna help us"

"I'll ask him, I may be able to convince him with a good prize"

"I'm gonna tell you this now Merlin, I and he doesn't talk much, but he used to live in my boar hat to know his character. He won't agree even if you give him millions, treasure or whatever...maybe if you're close to him he might, but as of now there's no way in hell he'll agree"

"What if...I set myself as a prize"

Merlin smirk as Meliodas was shook for a second, he didn't expect her to say something like this

"We're not that desperate Merlin, once I regain my power then me and Escanor alone would be enough"

"But when will you gain your power? Next week? Next month? When everyone is dead?"

Meliodas got silent, yes indeed if he really doesn't ask for that guy's help, everyone might die, even with Escanor on their side.

Meliodas suddenly hand over his sword to Merlin

"Kill me"

Merlin look at Meliodas, she smiled and gave the sword back to Meliodas

"I don't need a sword to kill you"

Suddenly, magic so intense burst out of Merlin. Meliodas started to feel the magic, his body started to bulge, seconds later his body explodes with no blood coming from it.

"Sigh, I hope he doesn't come back and start massacring the people on this kingdom, or else even me wouldn't be enough to stop him. Oh well, time to see my project"


Sin was currently practising his VKM, from the day he got this ability, he's been practising it like crazy. This skill is the most skill he's familiar with. When he evolved, this skill got even more powerful, apart from the poison he now has the ability to make everyone he hits bleed. No matter how tough your body is, if he succeeds landing a hit on you even just once, you'll start to bleed.

When he was nearly the end of his routine, he felt a presence appearing inside his small hut. Diane was hunting so it couldn't be her, it might be a lost person he thought.

However, when he entered his hut he was shocked to see Merlin, sitting on his bed. Now, he might not be scared of anyone in this world, but this girl made him cautious. He already forgot some of the important events in anime, but even if he didn't this girl is still unknown.

The author never revealed this girl's identity, apart from being the daughter of someone important. He doesn't know who her father is but could feel he's someone powerful.

"Well, what can I do for lady Merlin?"

"I came here to ask you something, are you...not from this world?"


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