The Original Sin: Despair
27 Chapter 27
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The Original Sin: Despair
Author :Ikkarus
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27 Chapter 27

Meliodas walk out of the portal to see his group fighting Fraudrin, he was surprised to find his emotion was still there, inside him.

He didn't turn emotionless demon, but when he see Fraudrin his power burst out. Doesn't matter if he's emotionless or not, he wants to kill him, he's the reason why Liz died. Everyone felt his power and was sweating until there was not a single drop of water from their body, his demonic power was so thick it made their heart tremble.

He started assaulting Fraudrin left and right, his body was full of cuts and holes. Seeing their captain's full power for the first time, they were astonished.

"Sir Meliodas is amazing, that bastard demon couldn't even put a fight," says Gilthunder as if looking at his idol

"You're right, I didn't know he was holding back so much power"

Meliodas emotion was stable, he wasn't the demon from anime. He didn't try to play with Fraudrin, he immediately kills him when he was down, everyone cheer and gathered around him laughing. It wasn't long before they stopped.

9 strong presence was standing behind them, 2 presence was as strong as Meliodas just now. They turn around to see 9 people, all of them has a mark like their captain in their faces.

While this was happening, Merlin who was usually calm and compose was trembling, she wasn't getting attack or something, but this unknown guy power was at the same level as her captain. Including his mysterious abilities, he might even be stronger than Meliodas himself.

He was licking her face with his long disgusting tongue, his form wasn't scary, it actually looks cool so she wasn't actually disgusted, his breath doesn't smell bad either. If she saw his former form, she might actually cry for the first time.

"H-help us kill the Commandments and I'll reward you plenty" she stuttered as she avoids his scary sharp eyes

"And what reward would that be?" Sin didn't immediately refuse, he was going to kill them anyway so why not get a reward by doing it?

"A sacred treasure, and the blessing of God of magic," she said feeling proud but still looks calm

"I know what the sacred treasure is, but can you explain to me how you're gonna get it? And what's magic whatever blessing?" If it comes to magic, Sin was clueless as hell. He doesn't even know how to use his own magic properly. He could have got another wish, but he doesn't watch anime that much, he only read books and manga, but all of the characters he knew was either a dumbass with shit ability or an OP motherfucker. He couldn't think of another power and this ability is the only thing he could think of.

(Info dump, sorry)

Merlin started to explain what the blessing does and how to get a sacred treasure

"For sacred treasure it's easy, just need to ask the king, or I could make it myself. As for the blessing of Magic God, he's my dad by the way, you'll be able to create a group like Captain. Give them their sins or position and make them even more powerful, the captain received the blessing, but but the dumbass refuses saying he'd be able to make his own group. In the end, my old man got offended and just gave him a quarter of its powers, after convincing him myself of course, he wouldn't even give a shit about captain if I wasn't so stubborn"

Sin got excited just by hearing the benefits of that blessing, but he still wasn't sure what ability he'll get so he asked again

"What powers will I get if I get the blessing? Be specific please"

"Didn't expect you to say please, but the powers you'll get is increased magic by a lot, stop the flow of time around you so you won't get old and that means you also get the infinite ability, create a groups of 15 and give them a certain ability, they'll have their mark just like our group, you can choose whatever mark they will have, and lastly, myself"

Sin was shocked, he didn't mind being friends with Merlin, but being her lover? No way, he has Diane already

"I'll take the powers and sacred treasure, I'll pass the last reward though"

Merlin narrow her eyes and her magic start increasing

"Are you saying I'm not attractive?"

"I'm not saying you're not attractive, but I already have Diane, and please don't pressure me with that little power of yours, or I might accidentally slip my claws to your neck, lady Merlin"

Suddenly, a hand grab Sin from behind

"That's what I thought, Sin already have me and he won't cheat on me so go away, shoo," Diane said as he climbs behind the monster's back(Sin)

"Oh, you're done hunting? That's good, I was about to find you and kill the bad demons, now that you're here shall we go?"


They started packing, ignoring Merlin in the process. Thick veins pop out of her head, turning around with a huff she called out to the two idiots

"No need to pack, I can just teleport us there. I sense captain and Escanor fighting them already so hurry up!!"


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