The Original Sin: Despair
28 Chapter 28
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The Original Sin: Despair
Author :Ikkarus
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28 Chapter 28

It was still dark when The Commandments arrived, so Escanor was still useless. Although it won't take long for the sun to rise, once that happens they'll have another manpower.

Meliodas created this group especially for The Commandments if ever they revive. Although they did revive earlier than he expected, he could still counter them, if they survive until the sun rises that is.

Meliodas could at least hold them off for an hour or so, but once Estarossa joins, then that one hour might change to one minute. He could take Zeldris alone, or even with his few members, but if the watching Estarossa joins in, he'll definitely suffer.

"You have a powerful group, I didn't expect you to gathered strong forces. Unfortunately for them, you're their captain, you'll betray them as you did to us, isn't that right, Meliodas!" Said Zeldris as he clashes with Meliodas. In terms of speed and swordsmanship, Zeldriz is a bit better than Meliodas, but the instinct and experience of fighting the more powerful foe, the former captain was way too ahead.

Right now they're about equal, on one on one they'll probably battle for days, if not for Zeldris team, which was a pain in the ass helping him, then Meliodas has a 60% chance of winning, but right now he's not too sure. Although he'll survive and kill them all as if killing ants if he uses his assault mode, he doesn't want to use it.

He might keep his emotion, but once he uses that power he'll definitely become a savage. He might even end up killing everyone here if he uses that form and loses control.

They continue battling until the sun rises, Meliodas has no clue why the dumbass Estarossa didn't help the Commandments. It might be because he wants to battle meliodas alone, or he's just confident in his leader.

Estarossa seems to have a normally relaxed demeanour, Beneath this aloof exterior, however, he has a very sadistic and cold side. That's one of the reasons he idolised Meliodas back in the days, now seeing him fighting for his friends...disappointed him.

Suddenly he stood up, he wasn't helping Zeldriz earlier because he wants to fight Meliodas alone nor he was confident in his leader. He simply just want to see how low Meliodas has gone down.

He was confident in dealing with Meliodas's group by himself, he wanted to kill them first to make Meliodas feel despair, he likes torturing people, especially when he has a grudge against that someone. He wanted to see Meliodas despair and sadness.

However, he didn't even touch anyone from Meliodas group yet when a TALL man with moustache block his way.

"Mmm, it looks like you're the strongest in this group of lowly demons"

Estarossa didn't see nor felt this man's presence before, and he just suddenly appeared in front of him, it looks like he'll have a good fight today

If he knows that, this man was the smallest man he saw with the group then he might go back to the coffin and sealed himself forever. There's just now way a bony tiny man like that could turn into this powerful warrior.

While the two groups were fighting for their lives, two women and one man could be seen floating in the sky watching the battle continue. Sin, Diane and Merlin arrived here a long time ago, but Sin told them to just wait until they're exhausted.

He sat there, in the sky watching these people fight. He wanted to appear when everyone was exhausted and just bring them to the forest to eat them.

With Sin power, his human form was enough to handle Zeldris's whole group with a bit of an effort, but this is serious for him. He didn't want anyone escaping as anyone in this group could boost his power tremendously, and might even evolve 2 times if he ate them all.

When Sin evolves for the third time, he felt his "experience bar" increases at least 20x, he didn't know how he knows this, he could just feel it in his mind. He didn't want a power boost escape in his hands today, so he made sure everyone was tired and he'll kill all the Commandments.

Half an hour passed when Escanor used his Cruel Sun against Estarossa and Zeldris who was bleeding here and there.

"I guess it's time for me to have my lunch"

He transforms into his symbiote form and looks to where Merlin was

"Prepare your rewards for me, because I'm gonna finish this fast"

As he said those words he vanished and appeared behind Drole in an instant

"Maybe your blood will give Diane benefits" was the last word he heard when his head got crushed by something heavy.

Everyone stop fighting and look at the one who did it when they saw the culprit they were shocked as his aura was so heavy. They are indeed right, if Sin release his full power everyone in this place apart from Meliodas, Ban and Escanor might die from the pressure, his magic was just that wild and uncontrollable.

Everyone sweat when they saw him throw Drole's body in the faraway forest. He looks at the demons and his long terrifying mouth salivate "Itadakimasu" was the last word everyone heard when he vanish and appear in front of Zeldriz


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