The Original Sin: Despair
30 Chapter 29
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The Original Sin: Despair
Author :Ikkarus
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30 Chapter 29

Everyone was looking at the new guy, he was a white tall monster. He was giving the aura of a predator like he's ready to devour anyone he sees.

They were flinching to the bones when they saw his body turn liquid, it was trying to devour Zeldris like a spider would, Zeldris's body was now covered with his Symbiote. The Ten Commandments didn't just sit idly, they launch their attack.

Magic, physical, black magic, all of the dangerous attack that could turn The lioness Kingdom into a paste was coming to Sin. However, he didn't need to worry about this little attack, heck he could probably block one of Escanor's attack when he's in The One mode.

The attack hits Sin, which created a lot of smoke, everyone was looking at him, hoping that attack killed him, the Seven Sins was not an exception. All of them wish to kill this monster, if The Ten Commandments can't even put up a fight with this monster, then who could?

When the smoke cleared, Sin was alone floating in the air, Zeldriz body was nowhere to be seen. Sin already devoured him, he got a convenient ability, which could eat the body directly with his Symbiote

(Imagine when venom got consume by another symbiote, i forgot his name lol)

He could feel his powers rising, especially his senses and speed. Zeldris was a speed type so it's normal for him to get more speed and not only that, he now has a powerful minion that could match Estarossa in 1v1.

"You bastard! You will pay for that you fucking monster!" Estarossa was the first one to react, he jumps directly to Sin and prepared a heavy blow. Escanor didn't stop him, instead, he too prepared to attack the new enemy.

With Gowther altering Mael's memory, he saw Zeldris as his only brother since Meliodas betrayed them. Seeing his brother got eaten by a random monster destroyed his Compose face, all he wants to do now is kill the monster that ate his brother.

"Are-are, a demon calling me a monster? How ironic" a deep voice could be heard coming from the monster's mouth, It sounds deeper than the voice of demon king

(Basically voice of venom)

Sin didn't just stand there as well, he charges forward and confronted Estarossa's attack with his fist. The fist collided and created a shockwave that destroyed mountains, With Sin's physical attack, even Assault Meliodas wouldn't dare to take it and not dodge.

Estarossa was sent flying to the ground, which created approximately 10 meters wide and 5-foot deep crater. Estarossa didn't have the time to use full counter, he loses control for a second and didn't think of using it, all he wants to do is rip Sin's body apart.

"This is getting boring, aren't you bored as well? Watching me fight these weaklings" said the monster as he looks up like he was talking to someone. Sin wasn't talking to Merlin or Diane, he was talking to someone who was much more important than them.

While Sin continues his massacre, Meliodas look up and saw Merlin with Diane in human form floating in the sky, watching the monster fight The Commandments.

'If Diane is here, that means Sin is here as well, but where is-don't tell me...'

Meliodas stops Escanor who was ready to charge against the two, he watched the monster closely and felt a similar aura. The demonic but not demonic at the same time, a mysterious monster that suddenly appeared here to eat the Commandments without any known reason, this is definitely him...Sin!

"I believe he's not an enemy, let's just watch him," Meliodas told his group

"You know him, captain?" Escanor asked while flexing his moustache

"Not only I know him, we know him!"

The group was loss for a second but quickly picked up what was going on. King was the first one to speak

"N-no way, t-that's Sin?!!" King's face was pales when he thought of that monster, the one who took Diane, nearly killed his captain and him and the one who make him useless by taking his Sacred Treasure.

"Yes indeed, look up so you know I'm not lying"

They look up only to see two girls floating, watching the whole event occurred. Ban and King were shocked to see Merlin with Diane, and so was Escanor.

'Don't tell me that beast seduce lady Merlin?!' The group felt the temperature was rising at alarming rate, they tried to find the caused, but when they realised what the cause of this they didn't talk. They just went back watching Sin ate all the Commandments.


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