The Original Sin: Despair
31 Chapter 30
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The Original Sin: Despair
Author :Ikkarus
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31 Chapter 30

The seven deadly sins were dumbstruck, they didn't expect that one person could kill all of the Commandments. Especially Meliodas, he knew just how strong his brother was and his former subordinate.

They were looking at Sin who was eating his last victim, Melascula. The strongest in their group has long been eaten, Estarossa and Zeldris didn't even last a minute before they were eaten.

Estarossa tried to resist but was stuck in the ground when Sin pressured him with his huge amount of magic. That causes him to be unable to use his Full Counter ability, he could only watch himself being eaten by a random Monster. It doesn't matter how many hearts they have, once they enter Sin's stomach their whole body was shredded, including their Commandment.

Meliodas knew The Ten Commandments were dead, permanently. They can't come back after that, they couldn't, Merlin who was getting down from the sky looks at Sin, with sharp eyes. She's interested in him, not in love, but as a knowledge that can be devoured. He was a mystery, one day he just appeared, no one knows where he came from, he then warns Meliodas that Ten Commandments were coming, even she knows nothing of that, then now he ate all of them, literally.

Her thirst of knowledge kick in and closely observed Sin, who was walking towards them now.

"Well, that was a good meal 'I need to evolve now, or I feel like I'll explode'" he turns to Diane and just hold her hand

"I'll come and collect my reward later at night, prepared it"

After saying those words, he jumps towards the forest where he threw Drole's body. Sin was out of their sight, but none talk. They're too unprepared for what just happened.

Meliodas was the one who breaks the silence

"So you came to him, after all I said, huh? What did you offer him?" He was calm outside but was enrage inside. He's not mad at Sin, in fact, he was thankful, he was just sad and mad that Merlin didn't trust him.

Sensing this, Merlin just smiled at him

"The reason I did that is not that I don't trust you, it's simply because I wanna see his power, and the result was not disappointing, it's been ages since I learned new things. As for the reward, I offered him the same reward I offered you a long time ago, wast it 1000 years ago?"

Understanding Merlin reason, Meliodas just smile and sigh

"I should've known, you're too pervert when it comes to knowledge. By the way, did he accept the last reward?"

Hearing this everyone felt her magic turning violent, she was staring at Meliodas like he was about to get killed

"H-ahaha, forget what I said, let's just go and relax, 'she was rejected again, I see'"

*back to Sin*

"Why did we left so fast? I could've bragged about you and make King jealous"

Diane pouted in Sin's back, Sin who was flying while holding a BIG body while looking like he was only caring a feather laugh

"I didn't want to leave as well, but we have to. I need to evolve, not once but twice...maybe more than that, but I'm not too sure" Diane just nodded her head and leaned it in Sin's shoulder, enjoying the cold wind and view.

Not long after, they landed in their spot. Sin threw Drole's body near their Hut and continued to travel for hundreds of kilometres before he stops.

"This area should be good enough. Now Diane, don't come near me when I'm evolving alright? Just watch my back from surprise attacks, just in case. And also, please turn into your Giant form, you might get crushed in that form"


Diane back off from Sin, she was 1 kilometre from him, while holding her Sacred treasure, so she won't get sent flying by the shock wave. Sin was just standing there, looking up as if he was just star gazing, not too long after that, his veins pop out and the area around them started to crack.

Last time he was tense and shrieking, but this time was different, he was smiling from the pleasure like he was getting a blow job, the surrounding was crack but was calm at the same time, that calm didn't last long though.

The trees, river, the ground was all destroyed. His body was nowhere to be seen, the crater he created was too huge and deep just like an abyss, you can't see the end of it.

(Imagine when Meliodas loses control when he was in his full power and made a huge DEEP crater, it was like that)

The Demon King who was relaxing in purgatory sense this so did the God of magic and goddesses. They were shock and curious about the owner of this powerful aura.

The aura vanish and the surrounding was calm again, and then the second evolution fucked it up. This time the pressure was stronger, way stronger. The whole forest was destroyed, you can't see shit apart from where Diane was standing, she could control the earth so she was able to create a space for her, but apart from that, the whole forest was a black hole.

If not for Sin controlling his power and protecting Diane in secret, she would've long been crush. The pressure was too high for her, he doubts even Meliodas would be able to survive this in his assault mode. The only person he thinks that would be able to survive in his pressure for sure was Escanor in his The One form, or Merlin. She was after all the daughter of God of Magic.

After hours of shrieking, smashing, and destroying the environment did he just stop, he flew out of the black hole he created and was laughing.

"Finally, a power that was unrivalled in this realm, I don't know what world that God will send me next, but they better be prepared"


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