The Original Sin: Despair
32 Chapter 31
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The Original Sin: Despair
Author :Ikkarus
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32 Chapter 31

Sin, Diane and Merlin were standing in front of a huge gate, Merlin said this was the entrance of her old man's house. Diane was a bit nervous since this is the first time she's meeting a person that could rival the Demon King himself, yeh, this was unknown to other people but Merlin's pops is that powerful.

Sin was smiling ear to ear, this was because behind this door, he could feel a powerful being, stronger than him by a huge margin. He didn't know how powerful the Demon King was, but this presence is making him...excited.

He wants a battle where he will be knocking on the death's door, but it's so hard to find a person as powerful as him, maybe Escanor but he doubts even his The One could make him desperate.

While he was thinking about fighting the God of Magic in the future, the gate opens distracting him from his thought.

A huge hand came out of the gate, and the index finger was signing them to come in. Merlin was the first one to move and went inside, follow by Sin then finally Diane.

The two was expecting to see an old man with a white beard and holding a wood staff or something, but what they saw was way too different. They saw a fucking kid, same size as Meliodas, but look way too young.

The kid turns around and smiles when he saw Sin

"So you must be Sin, the one who wants my blessing?" His voice was like a kid, nothing sounds wisdom or some bullshit, he's literally a fucking kid.

"Yes, I will not take the last reward though"

The two continue talking, while the God who sent Sin in this world was smiling like a maniac

"Hehe that little kid will be my entertainment, I just need to make him powerful and I'll be able to send him into higher worlds without dying really fast" the god was thinking and was getting excited about his "brilliant plan"

He was laughing when a presence enters his domain. The god, who was laughing stop what he was doing and look at the new arrived guess.

The teenage girl, who was looking at the place like a lost puppy, panicked

"Hello, is anybody here!?" she shouted, the new arrived guess that looks like she's from Russia, has a blonde hair, sexy body, kissable lips and pretty face.

"Hello there, young soul, welcome to my domain"

"W-what's going on?"

"Oh, the cautious type I see. Well, you have died, you failed your last mission to assassinate the last president alive, president Duterte. You didn't expect him to gain a powerful ability just like yours, didn't you?"

The girl looks at middle age man in front of her, then sigh.

"Am I going to hell for what I did?" Seeing this, pappy God just smile

"No, rather I will make you an offer, you got one minute to decide. I will send you back on earth and give you one ability of your choosing, in one condition, that is to protect the human"

The girl didn't react at what he just said, she was still in daze

"Why didn't I go to hell after all I did? I killed thousands of innocents for my selfish agenda, killed children, fathers, mothers, simply because I was ordered to"

"You're just trying to survive, unluckily for you, you met a person who doesn't fear death. He was protecting his people from you, so don't blame him for your death if you accept my offer"

"Heh, I don't blame him, but I admire him. Fighting someone to death for his people, I hoped every president was like that. Unfortunately, the world has become so corrupted"

"And that is why I'm gonna send you back, to kill these kinds of people. But know this, I will send someone to earth soon, he's anything but like you humans. Your government, church or whatever, if you piss him off you all die. Doesn't matter if your good, bad, innocent, or guilty he will kill you all. And I need you to restrain him just from doing that, I don't want to see a balanced race to be exterminated by their own kind. End of that none sense, do you accept my offer?"

The girl thinks of the offer first before nodding

"Yes, I accept"


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