The Original Sin: Despair
33 Chapter 32
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The Original Sin: Despair
Author :Ikkarus
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33 Chapter 32

"You're a god, right?" Ask Mikaela while she was thinking about what wish she should get

(Mee-Kah-ela that's how you pronounce it)

"Well, I'm not a god but I'm beyond that. Even I don't know how strong I am right now since there's no one to challenge me in the whole universe and others"

Mika was shocked when she heard that, the strongest man alive in the whole universe was standing in front of her, how can she not be shocked?

"S-so, why did you picked me and why would you send someone that dangerous if you don't want to risk the human race?"

"Hmmm, I didn't pick you since it doesn't matter who I picked, he/she will get stronger no matter what, You just died first when I was picking a soul and for the second question...because I want to be entertained!"




"Sigh, I can't believe my race is in danger just because someone thought it's entertaining. Anyway, before I pick my new power, can I please ask you a favour?"

"You ask too much shit, but go ahead just don't request something inconvenient"

"Can you find my brother for me? He went missing for a while now and we can't find him no matter what my parents do"

"That shouldn't be too hard, what's his name and last name?"

"His name is..."

After Sin received the blessing, his magic grow into another level. It's even more powerful than his physical attack now, it was stupidly strong.

He was about to recruit one person before he resumes his training in case he gets sent to another world again but was stopped by a voice in his mind

"Hey brat, your power is growing too fast, it's boring watching you just training, I'll send you to another world where you'll meet a lot of stronger people, packed up now"

As I expected, Sin was in dismay, he can't leave this world, at least not without Diane

"Can I bring one person with me? She's my wife and I won't leave without her"

The god didn't reply immediately, it seems like he's hesitating, but after some time he smiled and agreed

"Just don't blame me if she dies, she's too weak after all"

"I'll worry about that myself, picked me up tonight, I'll pack my things now"


After Sin took all the blood from Drole's corps, he made Diane drink it. When Diane heard he wants her to drink that, she Immediately ran away from him as fast as she could, but he was too fast for her and catch her in a second. He uses his magic to restrain her and pour down the blood to her mouth like he's breastfeeding a baby, if things went wrong he could just heal her.

When she drank the blood, her body started growing. Her already giant form was even getting bigger, it didn't stop until she reaches 12 meters tall, Sin could only see her face if he looks up, she was too tall for him to even reach her arm!!

She felt her power grow a lot stronger, and her hair that used to be dark brown was now jet black. When she stood up, she looks at Sin and pouted

"You could've just ask nicely!"

"Well, you didn't agree so I had to, I won't do it again so don't worry hehe"

"Humph!" Diane continues pouting and turn around, her body started to grow small until it reaches Sin's shoulder. She was throwing a tantrum when she felt his hand going into his waist and hug her from the back

"I'm sorry, I won't do it again ok?"

"Kiss me then I'll forgive you" she didn't even need to ask when his lips touch hers, she didn't resist and instead, she holds Sin's neck and bite his lips. they were getting into the good parts when Sin stood up

"Come on, we're leaving tonight we need to pack our things up"

"Y-You!!! We were getting in the good part why did you stop?! Now I want to do it so badly, you jerk!!

Sin just laugh and started to gather their clothes

*back with pappy god*

"W-what did you say his name again?" God was shocked for the first time, this can't be a coincidence, right?

"What? His name is Sin and our surname is Velasco, why is something wrong?"

"H-hahaha, this is unexpected. You don't need to find him, you'll meet him soon enough, maybe in weeks? I don't know but you'll meet him for sure"

"Are you sure? You can just tell me his location and I can pick him up"

"No, don't worry about it and just say what ability you want"



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