The Strongest Football Player
1 Chapter 1 - The Golden Finger
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The Strongest Football Player
Author :Evernightswill
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1 Chapter 1 - The Golden Finger

"Dad, I am going back to the room."

After that, Chu Ge returned to his room.

This is a very simple high school student room, a bed and a desk. The books on the desk are full of books and materials for the high school curriculum. They are clean, tidy, and placed in different categories. They are very refreshing, just like the character of the song.

There is a PC on the work area that his dad gave him.

There is also a football at the table, which is the favourite sport of Chu Ge.

He is a fan, just like his father.

In addition to these, the most in the room is a variety of star posters. In the early days, there were Ronaldo, Ibrahimovic, Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi the twin stars of modern football.

Chu Ge went to the computer in front of the desk, grabbed a USB flash drive and inserted it.

"Xiao Xiaowei said that before opening this U disk, remember the standard three rules, lock the door, pull the curtains, wear headphones, otherwise the consequences are at your own risk. What, need to be so troublesome?"

Chu Ge sighed a few words.

He thought about it and didn't plan to do it.The door is closed, but there is no anti-lock; the curtain was pulled up, it is to prevent the mosquitoes from seeing the light fly in; the earphones, not needed anyway, I am not listening to the song.

"Found new hardware."

The computer gave a prompt,

"No virus detected, open." Anti-virus software is also in the show.

"Of course, open."

Chu Ge did not hesitate, picked up the mouse and clicked.

Xiao Xiaowei is his buddy. He can't believe that Xiao Xiaowei will get a virus to harm him.

After the USB flash drive is opened, a file appears on the screen.

"Do you like to win the golden ball? What do you mean?" Looking at the file name, Chu Ge has some doubts.

Then he double clicked on the file.

A picture popped up on the computer screen, which is a gold ball-shaped trophy.

The Chu song carefully distinguishes it, and it is clearly the European Golden Globe Award.

The European Golden Globe Awards are the most prestigious and influential football awards in the world of football. The players who won this award are all football players.

As a fan of football, of course Chu song is no stranger to it.

However, there is a file in the 64G U disk, a golden ball award picture in the file, and what is the "standard three company" to open, which is too funny?

Xiaowei Wei, are you teasing me?

Ten thousand gods and beasts in the heart of Chu songs whizzed past.

Just when he was about to turn off the U disk file, the accident happened.

The golden ball suddenly flew out of the screen!

This scene, Chu Ge does not know how to describe it.

Anyway, from the computer screen, the trophy of the golden ball suddenly became bigger and bigger, suddenly got out of the screen and went straight to the song.

Watching the trophy rushed over, although the mood is very complicated, it is difficult to believe emotionally, but Chu Ge is still subconsciously avoiding it.

Then the golden ball passed into Chu song...

Chu Ge looked back and saw that the golden ball had disappeared.

At the same time, the U disk file on the computer screen disappeared.

"This is...what situation."

Chu Ge looked awkward.

"Wait... U disk!"

At this time, Chu Ge found that the U disk that was originally plugged into the USB port of the computer actually disappeared!

"That is Xiao Xiaowei's U disk! How come it is gone! This makes me explain to him!"

Thinking of a good friend's look after losing the U disk, the Chu song has a feeling of a big disaster.

Just as he was about to look around, a voice suddenly sounded in his brain.

"The binding is successful."


What is the binding success?

Chu Ge thinking can't catch up.

Before he could react, a light blue transparent light curtain suddenly began to expand in front of the Chu song.

Rows of text and data, in front of his eyes, poured out like a waterfall.

"Basic Information

Name: Chu Ge

Race: Human

Nationality: Chinese

Occupation: Student (soccer fans)

Height: 178cm

Weight: 59kg

Age: 16

Current appreciation points: 0

Current ability rating: C"

Is this an illusion?

When I first saw this light blue light curtain, the first reaction of Chu Ge was is it an illusion.

However, he blinked hard and found that the light curtain was still there and did not disappear.

Not an illusion, am I dreaming?

Then Chu song clearly remembers that he just returned to the room and opened the computer.

Then I fell asleep and still had a dream?

This is too fast!

In order to confirm whether he is dreaming, Chu Ge pinched his thigh.

"Ah, hurt!"

Not dreaming!

"Little bug, what's wrong?"

When I heard the son shouting, the voice of the parents' concern was immediately heard outside the room.The little bug is the nickname of Chu Ge, and family has always called him.

"No, I am fine." Chu Ge quickly replied.

He fixed his eyes on the light curtain in front of him.

Although some parts don't understand much, there is no doubt that all of them are his personal information.

Is it... the legendary golden finger?

Chu Ge was shocked by his own thoughts.

When Chu Ge is free, I especially like to watch some online novels online. If this is happening in front of the scene, if it is not a dream or an illusion, it is clearly the scene where the protagonist gets the golden finger in the novel.


Parents are not unemployed, no car accidents, no serious illnesses, no evil relatives, rushing to sell houses and paying debts. I have not been remarried, I have not been looked down on, and there is no need for the world to save. This obviously does not meet the protagonist's setting.

Just open an ordinary U disk, how do you get a golden finger?

Chu Ge did not understand.

He can't be completely sure, this one in front of him is really the legendary golden finger.

Then looking down.

The first thing that comes out of the blue light curtain is the basic information of Chu Ge. Then, on the right side of the basic information, the new text is refreshed.


General comments: C

Comment: This level of players can also mix the amateur league. However, considering the age of the host, the level is not bad. However, the distance from the real professional level is huge! There is only one way to get a golden ball: dreaming!

Single ability

Passive: C+

Comment: It's not bad in amateur players, it can be a fancy over the stake, get the title of the wild ball king... But that's it.

Human ball combination: C+

Comment: ....

Speed: C+

Comment: If running fast is an advantage, well, you are indeed faster than your peers.

Explosive power: C

Comment: Compared to your speed, you still don't understand how to use explosive power. However, this is more important than pure speed.

Shot: C

Comment: Your shooting level is really average.

Strong: C-

Comment: The small arm and the calf are estimated to be scrapped after being shovelled a few times.

Header: D

Comment: Hello, disabled. What is the header? nonexistent.

Positioning ball

Free kick (direct), penalty: C+

Comment: The level of general amateur goalkeeper can't help, however, does it make sense?

Free kick (indirect), corner kick: C-

Comment: Maybe someone is better than you.


Chu Ge touched his head.

Although I don't know if this golden finger is true, the content in the light curtain seems to be in his reality.

Except for a bit of poisonous tongue...

Chu Ge is a quasi-high school student. He has just completed his first year of high school and is a member of the class football team.

The ability to play forwards in the team is generally the best football talent. Among his peers, Chu Ge has not encountered playing football better than himself.

Probably because of this, in this blue light curtain, he got a rating from a football enthusiast and a rating for the C-level ability.

Moreover, he is a forward who is characterised by his personal skills and speed. These two abilities make him unfavourable among his peers. However, physical fitness is not his strength, the header is his weakness, just like the blue light curtain shows.

Then, the new content was refreshed in the light curtain.

"The appreciation system has not been activated yet. Please host a football match as soon as possible and win the appreciation of others before you can open it."

"The first time you activate the Appreciation Point system, you can get a lucky roulette lottery once for free."

"Important: Appreciate the point system to the strengthening of the host's capabilities, and reflect it in reality, please pay attention!"

"Warning: Failure to activate within 24 hours, the system will be permanently disabled!"

There is a game to be held in twenty-four hours, and it will be appreciated by others, otherwise it will be invalid.

Chu Ge was shocked.

Right now is the summer vacation. Where can I go to find a match?

Until now, Chu Ge still does not have 100% confirmation, whether he really got the golden finger.

If there is a game, he should be able to verify it?

Chu Ge fell into thoughts.

"With the enthusiasm of this World Cup, Wang Xiaozhang, who is about to set up Panda Entertainment Company, announced that they will soon hold a football reality show, called the Green Training Class. The green training course will be selected. Expanded nationwide. Wang Xiaozhang said that the sea election will be in the form of a football match..."

At this time, the sound of the TV program came from the living room.

Green training class?

The eyes of Chu song suddenly became bright.

He immediately rushed out of the room at a fast speed and went straight to the living room.

In the living room, Chu Jianan was laying on the sofa with TV remote control in his hand, and was preparing to change the station.

"Wait, Dad don't change the channel."


Chu Jianan stunned. "You didn't go back to sleep, how come you ran out?"

Immediately afterwards, he realised that he was sitting in a wrong position, did not meet the usual teachings of his son, and immediately stood up.

"I will talk about it later."

Chu Ge did not realize his father's sitting posture. After stopping his father's changing of the channel, he immediately stared at the TV without blinking.

On the TV is the local sports station in Jiangcheng. It is reported that the green training class will come to Jiangcheng 10 days later to conduct the selection.

"The registration work has been carried out all the time, under the age of 18, and those who are interested in participating in the selection, you have to seize this opportunity and take the time to register at the activity center of the city hall!" In the enthusiasm of the introduction.

Ten days later...

Time is wrong...

Chu Ge is somewhat disappointed.


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