The Winged Guardian
30 Who’s Unfortunate?
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The Winged Guardian
Author :PoeyWang_WangYun
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30 Who’s Unfortunate?

I had noidea where Dylan was now but I needed to find him. I wanted to end this stupid one-side love for Dale, and for myself. I thought with a heart throb.

My intuition took me to the forest close to the sea. And I found my demon talking with his cousin from the distance. I quickly ran and caught up with them, did not really care what issues they were on.

"…wind." Dylan was saying.

"I did it for you bro!" Nate was saying. "I didn't actually try to kill he--" Nate trailed off when he saw me.

"Dylan!" My heart sank hearing his name coming out of my own mouth. This was going to be the last time I called him like this. I told myself to get over with it, for the best, and took the bull by the horns.

"Leigh!" said Dylan with his velvety voice. "What are you doing here? You're supposed to rest."Coming to a stop in front of the demon, I panted and exhaled. "I know. I have something--" I swallowed one more time to make sure I was ready. "important to tell you."

Dylan stood quietly waiting for me to say. I looked at him and glanced at Nate deciding to ignore the yellow-eyed demon who had a disturbing grin on his face. I wouldn't have anything to do with Dylan from now on, so there's no need to be involved with another demon. I did not really have to be friendly with him.

"I-I know we have that contract." I began and jumped straight to the point. "But I don't need you to protect me anymore."

Dylan was paralyzed at my words. I tried to look away from that bewildering face of his.

"Let us just." I gulped again before the ending. "Leave it here. And-and-move on, on our own."I turned to walk away. I didn't want to be here any longer.

"Wait." cried out Dylan and seized my hand. "What's this all about Leigh? I thought we're good."

I didn't have an explanation that was good enough, so I was just going to say anything that came across my mind at the moment. "E-ev-ever since I signed the contract with you, many bad things happened. You take away my luck!" I found a big lump of concrete in my throat. "I'll find a way to cancel the contract."

My voice was shaky. Those cruel words, piercing at me brutally, made me cry. I shook his hand off and walked as fast as my legs allowed, trying to get away from this place as soon as possible.

But Dylan would not give up, and my super speed could not match his crawl. He instantly appeared in front of me clutching my shoulders. "I don't believe it. Then why are you crying?"This stimulated my tears. It poured out even more. My word sounds pathetic through the sob. "Le-lea-leave me alone."

Dylan put his arms fast over my shoulder. Suddenly I was in his embrace. "No." he said firmly. "Not with you crying like this."

All I had to do was stop crying. It was a wonder how hard it was when Dylan was still so kind in spite of what I said to him. He hugged me even tighter when the tears were unstoppable. And I cried even harder.

He stroked my back gently. I actually calmed down by those, his soothing tone and his refreshing smell. I pushed him away with my hands and said. "Ple-please I want to stay alone for a while."

Dylan didn't agree. But I said 'please' again and he nodded with one condition. "Call me as soon as you feel better, okay?" I nodded and then walked aimlessly away.

The sun was camouflaged by mass of clouds by the time I arrived at the forest. The grey sky supported my gloomy mood. I was full of confusion. I did not know what to do next. I had decided to end it with Dylan for Dale and for myself. But his kindness befuddled my decision.

Unknowingly, I wandered into the dense of the tree. I trudged forward pressing through tiny gaps between trunks and bushes. I knew I was lost, but I did not mind. I wanted to get lost like this forever, so that I would not have to deal with all the troubles awaited for me out there.

A wolf appeared in front of me. I was taken aback and about to run when it changed into someone I knew. "Cody!" I said with relieve. Wait, should I felt relieve? Dylan's not here with me!

"You're near our territory." Cody said. "Where's Dylan?"

"Sorry, I didn't know." I said. "I'm not with Dylan."

Cody looked at me quietly as I wondered whether I should run, he said. "Come."

I followed him deeper inside the woods and, like last time, soon I came out into a clearing where all the forest demons live their lives in peace. Chane came running to me and jumped into my embrace. Other demons welcomed me very kindly.

"You came!" Chane grinned with delight. "I'm so glad!"

I laughed with the elf as he took me to meet other forest demons' kids. "Where's Dylan?" Chane asked after he finished introducing everyone of his friends.

"Umm… I didn't come with him." I tried not to reply him straight.

Chane shrugged and sat me down with his friends. Some of them were tree demons like him, some of them were tiny fauns, some of them were cute wolf demons with those ears, oh, and some of them were, I guessed, rabbit demons, because they had rabbit ears sticking out of their head. Oh, I'm going to die with all of these cuteness!

The adult forest demons offered me various foods and drinks. They said it's organic. They even knew the word 'organic!' I giggled and thanked them. Cody joined us too.

"How do you remember the way to here?" Cody asked me.

"I don't!" I replied him truthfully. "I was lost actually."

"I thought so." Cody said. "You seemed like one. I was surprise too when you show up. You know, we move our place around so it's impossible for human to come here."

"Really?" I said and looked at the trees and shrubs that grew so closely that they looked just like a wall.

A wolf demon kid threw himself at me and tried to lick my face. I pat his head and laughed. "It's tickling."

"Luca!" Chane hugged me. "Leigh's mine!" They glared at each other.

"It' alright." I said and smiled at them. "I can hold you both!"

A rabbit demon girl approached me. "Can you hold me too?" She asked shyly.

"Of course!"

Within no time, my arms were full with demon's kids.

"When we heard that Dylan got a contractor," Cody began. "we were very worried."

"Huh?" I looked at him puzzling. "Why?"

"It's considered a bad luck." Cody explained. "We were terrified of how the human slaved us. So we think it is very unfortunate for a demon to get into a contract."

And I thought I was the one unfortunate!

"But he's lucky to have you." Cody finalized it with a fanged smile.

A message came in with a ding-dong. I freed my right arm and fetch it out of the pocket. 'Unknown' were shown at the number. I clicked in and read the message.

We got Dale Cartner, come if you want him alive.

Then, another message arrived with shared location.

"I know that place." Cody said. "I can take you there."


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