The World of Adventurers
1 Chapter 1 - Beginnings and New Beginnings
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The World of Adventurers
Author :Robdeprop
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1 Chapter 1 - Beginnings and New Beginnings

The door swings open. Walks in, a man wearing a suit and dark sunglasses.

"Boss." The office chair whirls around and sitting in it, a sixteen year girl with long orange hair looking at a photo in her right hand.

"Everything is set, we're ready when you are."

"Good" she replies. "We'll leave in ten minutes. Tell everyone to stand by outside." "Right." The man responds. He turns around and starts to exit. As he is halfway through the door, he stops and turns around.

"Fumiko, are you sure about this?" Fumiko looks up from the photo.

"Sure about what?" She replies with an angry tone.

"I just thought that we should go over the plan. It's dangerous." He says.

Fumiko puts the photo down on the desk and walks up to him.

"Hiro, you've known me since I was a little girl. You were the first one to comfort me after my father's death. You've practically been my father since then."

Fumiko gets closer until she is face to face with Hirokazu.

"You also know how long I've been waiting for this day. I need to do this. This is the only way I can avenge him."

"I understand that." Hirokazu responds. "I miss Dairoku too." he says as he looks down. "But even still, it's for that very reason that I dont want you to do this. Please, reconsider. This old man doesn't want to lose anyone anymore."

Fumiko walks back to her desk and picks up the photo of her and her father. "Tell everyone to go outside. I won't say it again." She says as her back is still turned to him.

"Right." he replies as he leaves, he closes the door.

"Just wait, father." Fumiko says to herself. "I kill that bastard for you."

She puts away the photo away in her pocket and walks out of her office. As she heads down the stairs, she sees Masou, a 21 year old who is a new member of the Akazawa group, fumbling around and eventually, dropping all the bullets he was trying to load into a gun he was holding.

"Masou." Fumiko says as she sighs. "What are you still doing here? I thought I told Hiro to tell everyone to wait outside."

Masou looks up as he picks up the bullets he just spilled and realizes that he just messed up in front of the boss. "Boss!" he says as he gets up frantically. "Hirokazu-san did tell everyone to wait outside but he gave me his gun and told me to load it for him."

"Well finish up and get your ass outside. Don't ruin this day for me." Fumiko responds. "Oh, that's right." Masou replies. "Today's the day you guys have been preparing for right? For four years you guys have been preparing weapons and cars just for today."

Fumiko walks up to him and punches him in the stomach. "If you understand that then hurry up." She tells him in an angry tone.

"Right." He responds with tears in his eyes.

Fumiko heads outside and waiting for her is the entire Akazawa group which consist of 29 members and multiple black cars.

"Boss." Fumiko looks to her right and standing there is Kenji, who's been a member of the group since her father was in charge. He holds out a gun.

"Your gun, boss. Todays the day huh." Kenji says as he hands the gun to her. "I've waited for this day."

Fumiko smiles as she puts the gun into her back pocket. "Me too." She replies.

"Also." Kenji says as he reaches for a brief case on the wall behind him. "This is for you."

Fumiko takes the case, puts it on the ground and opens it. Inside, a sheathed sword. Fumiko picks up the sword, unsheathes it and holds up to the night sky. The moonlight shines on the sword so brightly that she can see her reflection.

"It's your fathers own." Hirokazu says as he approaches Fumiko and Kenji. "It fits you."

"I'm going to stab the bastard with this." Fumiko says as she sheaths the sword and straps it to her back.

"Where's my gun?" Hirokazu asks Kenji.

"Masou had it when I was coming out." he replies.

The automatic doors of the Akazawa group's building opens and rushes out of it, Masou holding Hirokazu's gun.

"Hirokazu-san." He says as he bends over to catch his breath. "Your gun."

Hirokazu takes it. "Took you long enough boy." Hirokazu checks the gun, then nods at Fumiko. Fumiko nods back at him then addresses the members of her group who have been standing in front of the cars.

"Todays the day. The day most of us dreamed of. I know I certainly have, ever since I was twelve. The day we get our revenge against the Kabane group for killing my father." Fumiko raises her gun in the air. The other members do the same. "Let's go!" She screams at the group. They reply with roaring approval.

20 minutes after the Akazawa group got into the cars, they arrived at the front of the Kabane group's building.

"It took 4 years the find them." Kenji says.

"4 years too long." Fumiko replies.

"Stick to the plan." Hirokazu reminds Fumiko.

"I know Hiro. You don't have to tell me. One of the black cars that we brought has explosives attached in it and it's driven by a computer system. Once it rams into the front of the building, we blow it up and go in when I give the signal."

"Good." Hirokazu replies. "Now we wait."

2 minutes later, a black car drives into the building and blows up. Fumiko gets out the car and fires her gun twice into the air.

"GO!" She yells and everyone gets out of the cars and rushed inside gunning down everyone who survived the blast.

"Head up the stairs! That's where the bastard is hiding." Fumiko yells at the members of her group.

As they head up the many flights of the stairs, the Akazawa group shot a killed everyone who got in their way. When they got to the room where Kabane was hiding they blasted it open with a grenade. Masou charges in lost in all the confusion.

"Boy! What are you doing!? Stick to the plan!" Hirokazu yelled at him.

"There's nobody here." Masou says as turns around back towards Hirokazu.

The second he turn his back, Kabane pops up behind a desk pointing a pistol at the back of Masou.

"BOY, LOOK OUT!" Hirokazu yells.

Masou turns around and sees the gun fixed on him. He closes his eyes when he hears the gunshot and waits for the pain of being shot. 1 Second went by. Then 2. He didn't feel anything. He opens his eyes to see Fumiko In front of him.

"Boss!" He cries out as she crumples to the ground. Kenji fires a bullet at into Kabane's head and he falls down behind the desk.

"Why boss?! Why?" Masou sobs with tears in his eyes."

"Why….I wonder." Fumiko says painfully.

"Fumiko!" Hirokazu cries out. "Hiro..I-" She starts to cough up blood.

Kenji crouches down and sees the bullet hole in her chest.

"It's bad,Hirokazu." He says with grief.

"Fumiko!" "Boss!" Hirokazu and Masou wail. Fuimiko could only hear the voices of the Akazawa group as she slowly faded out of consciousness.




When she opened her eyes she found herself laying in a bed. She stared at the wooden celling above her.

"Where am I?" Fumiko closed her eyes and thought herself.

"Nee-Chan…Nee-Chan" The voice wouldn't stop. Fumiko thought the voice was in her head. After a couple of more times she couldn't take it anymore. She opened her eyes and look to her left. Standing there was a girl who looked no more the age of 7 with red hair and red eyes.

"Who is this kid?" Fumiko said to herself.

"Who?" The little girl was surprised. "I'm your little sister." She answered.

"Sister?" Fumiko scoffed. "We look nothing alike."

"But we do." The little girl said.

She took my hand and dragged me out of the bed I was sitting on to a nearby mirror.

"See." The girl said. When Fumiko looked her the mirror, she couldn't believe her eyes. She saw an older version of the little girl in the room. What stared back at her in the mirror was a girl who had long, wild red hair, and deep red eyes.


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