The World of Adventurers
2 Chapter 2 - The “New“ World
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The World of Adventurers
Author :Robdeprop
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2 Chapter 2 - The “New“ World

Fumiko stared at the wood-framed mirror in disbelief for some time until the little girl tapped her arm.

"Nee-Chan, what's wrong? You're acting weird." She said. Fumiko looked at her.

"What's wrong? What's wrong is that I don't even recognize myself. I don't know who I am, where I am, and who you are." Fumiko answered.

The little girl laughed.

"If you keep joking around, you're going to be late." She said while giggling uncontrollably. "We're in our room and I already told you Nee-Chan, that I'm your-"

"Stop calling me that!" Fumiko retaliated in an angry tone. "I'm not your sister. I don't even recognize you. Fumiko tried to think about what she was doing before she woke up in the bed. Nothing came to mind. Instead, she got a huge headache from just trying to remember.

The little girl was so surprised at Fumiko's sudden change of tone that she staggered backwards and fell on her bottom. Tears started to form in her eyes.

"Nee-Chan, this isn't funny anymore." She replied while tears started to roll down her cheek. "You're acting scary."

"Just shut up!" Fumiko yelled at her.

The little girl burst out crying and bolted out of the room, and ran down the stairs.

Fumiko tried to think even harder about the situation. "Who am I, where am I, where was I before waking up here?" Fumiko thought long and hard trying to answer these three questions but to no avail. Instead, she was greeted with even more headaches, this time, worst then before. She looked around the room. To her surprise everything thing was old-fashioned. From the floor, to how the desks, bed, and bookshelves appeared. Even the windows were old looking. Fumiko groaned and headed out the room, down the hall, down the stairs, and eventually, into what it seemed like the kitchen which appeared old-fashioned as well, where she was greeted by two more unfamiliar faces. This time, a woman and a man.

"Reina, why'd you make Yui cry?" Asked the man. "You should be nicer to your little sister."

"Reina?" Fumiko thought to herself.

"Your father is right Reina." The woman added. "You need to talk to your siblings kindly. It's not good to yell."

"Father?,Yui,?, Reina?, Who?" Replied Fumiko. "Who are you people?"

The little girl that Fumiko saw in the room that ran out not too long ago, came from hiding behind the man's leg.

"See!" She exclaimed while wiping away tears from her cheeks with her hands. "She's been acting strange ever since she woke up!

"Reina, what's gotten into to you?" The man questioned her. "Cut the act, you're scaring Yui, I won't ask you again."

"And you're not even dressed for school yet." Followed the woman. "You're still dressed in your pajamas. Honestly Reina you're-"

"Stop calling me Reina!" Fumiko shouted at the pair. "That's not my name. My name name is..." Fumiko couldn't remember her name. "It''s..." She started to get yet another headache. She began to moan and groan once more.

"Reina?" Now, the man seemed genuinely worried." Are you okay? Do you need to go to the doctor?

"Is Nee-Chan sick?" Yui asked the woman.

"I honestly don't know what's gotten into her this morning." The woman replied. "Reina, what's wrong? Why are you acting like this?"

At that point, Fumiko had enough. She couldn't stand hearing people she didn't know fire question after question at her anymore. She ran out the kitchen, bolted through the hallway, and out the front door. When she was outside, she looked around her. Everything looked old. All the houses around her were made of old materials and had no lights. The road, instead of being the usual asphalt and cement, were made of cobblestone and gravel. The neighborhood looked more like a village than a modern day neighborhood. Fumiko couldn't understand what was happening. Everything looked out of place.

"Rei-Chan! Rei-Chan!"

While Fumiko was taking in her surroundings, she ignored the voice that seemingly, was calling out to her.


Fumiko finally stopped looking around and instead, looked in front of her. A girl wearing burgundy blazer, a tucked in white shirt, and burgundy skirt was calling out to her.

"Rei-Chan, why aren't you dressed? You're going to be late and it's only the second week of school.

Fumiko was about to blow a fuse. She was tired of people she doesn't know acting like they know her. Tired of people asking her questions that she doesn't know the answer to. Tired of not knowing anything about her surroundings and most of all, tired of not knowing anything about herself. She gave it one more try. She closed her eyes and tried to think about where she was and who she was. She thought she was coming close to a realization until the girl who was calling out to her before, grabbed her by the shoulders.

"Rei-Chan, you're bleeding!"

"What?" Fumiko said as she put her hand to the top of her mouth and pulled it back. The girl was right. Fumiko was bleeding from her nose. "Why am I-" her vision started to blur. She felt all her strength vanish from her body as she fell to the ground and blacked out.

When Fumiko woke up, she found herself in another bed. This time, it wasn't the bed she woke up in before. She looked around and determined that she was in some sort of hospital room. The room had barely anything in it. It had just the bed she was laying in and a desk, along with cupboards that had what it appeared, medicine inside. The room was old-fashioned as well, just like the rooms in the house that she was previously in. She sat up in the bed and looked outside from the window that was right next to the bed she was laying in. It was afternoon. She checked her nose to see if she was still bleeding. She wasn't.

"I must have been out for the whole day." She thought to herself.

She was still staring out the window when the sliding door opened. A nurse walked in.

"Oh, you're finally awake." She said as she leisurely walked toward Fumiko. She had a clipboard in one hand and a pen in the other.

"How long was I..." Fumiko tried to get up but was too dizzy and fell back into the bed.

"You shouldn't move. Well at least not yet. You've lost some blood." The nurse said. "I asked your family about some of symptoms you showed them this morning. It seems like you have severe case of amnesia."

"Amnesia?" Fumiko was stunned. "No, that's impossible. I didn't recognize them at all."

"Well, that's what it does to you." Replied the nurse. "They'll come by soon to pick you up."

"Amnesia? I.." Fumiko couldn't put how she felt into words. She felt like there was a storm swelling up inside her and it could burst out into a rage of different emotions at any given moment.

"It might be a little hard to believe so I can understand your confusion." The nurse told Fumiko." In the meantime, you're probably wondering why this room and the outside world looks so old right? They should have taught everybody this in preliminary school but given your case, you probably don't remember why, do you?"

Fumiko shakes her head. "I don't. Why does everything look like this?"

The nurse smiles.

"Well, it all started 30 years ago, when what we call now, The Time Meteor flew past Earth for the first time.


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