The World of Adventurers
9 Arc 2- First Quest Chapter 9 - The Class Of 1-C
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The World of Adventurers
Author :Robdeprop
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9 Arc 2- First Quest Chapter 9 - The Class Of 1-C

Fumiko and Akira exited the neighborhood and headed further into the city, towards Boken Academy. As they walked down the streets of New Kyoto, Fumiko couldn't help but notice how busy the city was. On the city streets, instead of cars, were horses drawing carriages with families inside. If not a carriage, then they were drawing wagons full of goods and materials. Markets were bustling on both sides of the street selling things such as fruits and meat, to clothing and hats.

"Selling only the freshest apples and oranges! Come get em'!

"Shirts, pants, and shoes! All for sale!"

It was a lively scene. The voices of the townspeople filled the air.

Fumiko turned towards Akira. "Is it always this loud so early in the morning?"

"It's like this most of the time. The people of this city never sleep." She joked. "There's always something going on. That's one of the reasons I love this city so much." Akira said proudly.

They headed further into the city until they reached the first entry gate of the academy's campus where their fellow academy students were either waiting for their friends or hurrying to the second gate, which was further beyond the first.

"Nervous?" Akira asked Fumiko.

"Not in the slightest."

Akira laughed a little. "You don't have to lie, Rei. It's alright to be a little nervous. You were a week ago."

Fumiko didn't feel nervous however, she did feel a little uneasy about attending the academy. She wasn't entirely sure if a school for magic and other things related, were right for her.

Fumiko and Akira headed through the gate, where they were then greeted by a woman with short, brown curly hair, who was observing all of the students entering the main building.

"Good morning, Ms. Morika." Akira told the woman as she walked past her.

"And to you too Akira." She then turned her attention to Fumiko. "Good morning, Reina." She said in a stern tone.

Fumiko didn't really know how to respond so she just nodded her head and kept walking. Just as she was about to walk past her, Ms. Morika grabbed Fumiko by the shoulder.

"Reina, where's your badge?" She asked her.

Fumiko looked down at her blazer and realized that she forgot it back in her house. She thought back and remembered leaving it on the dresser.

Akira turned around and walked back towards Fumiko and Ms. Morika. "What's going on?"

"Your friend here forgot her badge."

Akira inspected her friend's burgundy blazer. "Oh, you did forget it."

"Is it that really much of a big deal?" Fumiko questioned. "It's just a badge."

"It's more than just a badge." Ms. Morika fired back. She leaned forward towards Fumiko. "It's your identification. That badge is proof that you are a student of this prestigious magic academy. It also allows you to enter most of the rooms on the campus." She leaned forward more. "So yes, it is a big deal." She reclined back and sighed. "Normally, I'm not supposed to let you onto the campus grounds without it. But, then again, it's only the second week of school. I'll let you off the hook this time. Be sure not to forget it again."

Fumiko didn't appreciate the tone of the teacher.

"It's just a stupid badg-" She started before Akira pushed her head down and lowered hers.

"Thank you, Ms. Morika. I'll be sure not to let her forget it next time."

"Good. And Reina, don't leave your shirt out. Tuck it into your skirt. You represent this school everywhere you go while wearing our uniform. Go along now, don't be late for first period." She told them before turning her attention back towards the students entering through the first gate.

"We won't." Akira answered as she pushed Fumiko forward from behind through the second gate. Once through, she stopped pushing her and walked by her side.

"Are all the teachers strict like her too?" Fumiko questioned her Akira.

Akira sighed. "Rei, I think it's just your attitude."

They walked through the doors of the main building, through the halls lit only by the sunlight shining through the large glass windows on the walls, and arrived at the first year's hallway. They walked up to the door labeled "1-C". From outside, Fumiko and Akira could hear loud chatter coming from inside the room.

"It seems like everyone is already in there." Akira said to herself. She then, turned towards Fumiko. "So Rei, ready to meet your classmates for the second time?"

Fumiko sighed. "Sure. I don't have a choice do I?"

"Nope." Akira replied while smiling. "I promise you, they're all friendly." She told her as she took off her badge and held it in front of small device that was attached to the wall.

There was a little clicking noise and the door adjusted itself a little. She fasten the badge back on her blazer.

"Here we go." She opened the door.


"And then I told her-"

As soon as Akira opened the door and the two entered the room, all chatter ceased. All fourteen pairs eyes turned towards them. It was so silent, that an eerie atmosphere started to form in the classroom.

"I guess they know." Akira whispered to Fumiko.

They walked towards the tables and headed up the small stairs that was attached to side of all 4 rows of tables. As Fumiko followed Akira into their row, she could hear the small murmurs of her "new" classmates.

"Do you think it's true?" One of them said to another.

"I don't know."

"Shhh. She'll hear you."

Fumiko tapped Akira on her shoulder. "So much for being friendly, right?

"Sorry. I guess they're just curious." She whispered in response.

They entered the third row and took their seats. The silence continued. It wasn't until two minutes later, that it was broken by a boy, who appeared no taller than Akira, with messy, short, tan hair walked up the stairs and into the row Fumiko and Akira were sitting in.

"So Reina, since everyone is scared to ask the famous question, I'll ask it for them. Is it true that you have amnesia?" He smirked. "If it's true that you do, let me introduce myself again." He put one foot on the table. "You see, I'm your boyfrien-" He started before the girl sitting in the row above Fumiko reached down and smacked him on the head with her notebook, causing him to lose his balance and fall on the floor.

"Knock it off Hibiki!" The girl told him.

"Oww, why do you always have to ruin the fun, Miyuki?" Hibiki said from the floor while rubbing head. "Let me shine."

"Your definition of fun is twisted." She then turned towards Fumiko. "Sorry Reina. You know how he is. Always playing around."

"Or does she?"

A voice came from the back of the room. Everyone looked in the direction where the voice came from. Not to Fumiko's or Akira's surprise, it was Shiina.

"I overheard your conversation last week with Ms. Iwasaki and Mr. Yano in the nurse's office." She stood up. "I did the favorable deed of letting our dear classmates know about what I heard."

"Ahh, here she goes again." A boy in the second row said while shaking his head.

"So tell us, Rei." She snickered. "Do you remember any of our precious classmates?"

Fumiko already decided back in the cafe that she didn't like Shiina. This only further proofed to her that her judgement was correct. She stood up.


Before she could finish what would have been a rude remark, the classroom opened. All eyes turned toward it. Mr. Yano walked in.

"Be quiet and take your seats." He told his students in a low, yet demanding tone. Immediately, everyone who was standing, sat down. All except for Fumiko.

"Sit down, Reina. I won't tell you again."

Akira gently pulled Fumiko down to her seat.

Mr. Yano walked up to the podium, flipped open the book that was laying on it. He murmured under his breath and opened his left hand, palm faced towards the ceiling. Immediately after he was done murmuring, a flame appeared in his hand and shot into the air. He pointed at the flame that was now hovering in the air above the students with his right hand and began moving it. The flame followed his hand motions and separated itself onto the candles that were on the chandeliers hanging from the ceiling. He closed his hand and the left over flame in the air vanished.

"Let's start class."


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