The World of Adventurers
10 Arc 2- First Quest Chapter 10 - Identitys
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The World of Adventurers
Author :Robdeprop
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10 Arc 2- First Quest Chapter 10 - Identitys

"But, before we do, I have an announcement to make." Yano told his class. "Though, it seems like you guys already know based on what I heard before I walked in." He then, focused his gaze on Fumiko. "Reina, come down here."

Fumiko looked at Akira who nudged her head as if to say "Go on." and got up out of her seat, made her way down the steps and stood beside her teacher.

"There's no easy way to put this so I'm just going to tell you all bluntly." Yano began. "Your classmate Reina, has a case of severe amnesia. That's why she was missing last class. We don't know if her memories will return."

Murmurs began among the class of 1-C.

"So it is true."

"So, she doesn't remember anybody at all?"

"So I really had a chance of being her boyfriend if it wasn't for Miyuki, the four eyes?"

"Shut up Hibiki!"

"Quiet. I'm not done speaking yet." Yano said.

The murmurs died down.

"I know that most of you guys have only known her for a little more than a week but, we're still a class and I expect you all to help her adjust to how things work here." He turned his attention back to Fumiko. "With that being said, let me introduce your classmates to you since you've forgotten them." He faced the class once more and said. "First row, stand up."

They listened and the entire row stood up.

"From right to left are, Kouta, Narumi, Katsumi, and Saburo." Yano told her. "If you have any questions when I'm not around, ask Saburo. He's your class rep. We held an election last week and you guys selected him.

"It's unfortunate what has happened to you Reina but you can count on me for anything! Anything at all!" Saburo told Fumiko in a loud, sturdy voice.

"Why is he always so loud in the morning?" Katsumi complained.

"I think he's always this loud." Kouta replied.

"Take your seats. Next row, stand."

The first row sat down and the next, directly behind it, stood up.

"In the first seat is Kana, then you have the Kitamura twins, Takuma and Takumi, then Hibiki." Yano told Fumiko.

"Nice to-" One of the twins started.

"Meet you for the-" The other continued.

"Second time Reina!" They both finished.

Fumiko couldn't tell them apart. They both had long blonde hair that stopped at their eyebrows, and brown eyes. Their voices sounded the same too, both high pitched.

Hibiki cleared his throat and pointed at his chest with his thumb. "Forget about Saburo, come to me with all your problems. After all, I'm the most capable person in this class. And your soon to be love interest." He told Fumiko proudly.

"Yeah right. More like least capable." A boy with dark brown hair said behind him.

Hibiki turned around. "Damn you Itsuki! Just because you ranked first in the exams doesn't mean you can walk over the rest of us!"

"I have no idea what you're talking about." He replied while trying to hide his amusement.

"You two, be quiet." Yano told them. "Third row, stand up."

The second row took their seats and the third row got out of theirs.

"You have Itsuki, your good friend Akira, then Masou."

Akira smiled and waved at Fumiko and Masou did the same.

"I hope we get along as well as we did the first time." Masou told Fumiko.

"You guys can take your seats. Last row, rise."

The third row sat and the one behind it, the last row, rose.

"In the last row, there's Daiki, Arata, Miyuki, and Shiina."

"It's a little weird saying this but nice to meet you again, Reina." Miyuki said to Fumiko.

"Yes, nice to meet you again, Rei. I'm so glad that my dear childhood friend is alright." Shiina said with a smirk on her face.

"Good, take your seats." Yano told the last row. "You too, Reina."

Fumiko walked up the stairs and back to her seat. Where Akira was waiting for her.

"So what'd you think of your classmates?" Akira asked her.

Fumiko didn't know how to answer question. After all, she had already forgotten half their names and faces but she didn't want to let Akira know that.

"I guess there're alright."

"See, I told you they were friendly. They were just curious at first."

"Alright, eyes up here." Yano told them from the podium. "We didn't really get to discuss what we will be doing for the first couple of weeks since last week was all orientation related." He continued. "As you all know, Boken Academy is a magic school that prepares students for three years from the time they enter, to the time they graduate to become full-fledged adventures. Obviously, since you guys are still kids, there will be limits to what we can actually do. But, don't think for a second that this year will be easy. It won't. I can guarantee that.

"Sheesh, Mr. Yano only knows how to say things one way doesn't he." Kouta whispered to Narumi.

"Yeah he's kind of scary." She replied back to him.

"Kouta, Narumi, did something I say warrant a conversation?" Yano asked his two students.

"N-No Mr. Yano!" They both replied simultaneously.

"Then be quiet and listen. And the next person who speaks when I'm speaking is staying after and cleaning the entire first floor."


"At Boken Academy." He continued. "The first years take a test after the first couple of weeks of school called "The First Quest Evaluation Test". We're going to spend most of our time preparing for it. We'll go more into detail about it tomorrow but remember, we're still a school. Academics take priority over the Adventurer Course. So for now," He reached into a little compartment inside the podium and pulled out a book. "It's time for English."

The entire class filled classroom with theirs groans.

"What was that?" Yano asked the class.

The once loud groans of the class turned into halfhearted and sarcastic cheers.

"That's what I thought I heard."


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