The World of Adventurers
11 Arc 2 - First Quest Chapter 11 - School Life
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The World of Adventurers
Author :Robdeprop
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11 Arc 2 - First Quest Chapter 11 - School Life

"Also, when writing sentences, you-" Yano tried to instruct the class before being interrupted by the bell that rang across the school's magic intercoms which signaled the end of first period.

"Thank God." Hibiki sighed in relief as he slumped back into his chair. "I didn't know how much more of that torture of a lesson I could take."

"Same here." Daiki agreed. "English is needlessly hard. Why do we even have to learn it? It's not like we speak it here."

"And we can't even go to where people do speak English." Hibiki added.

"Honestly, it's so pointless."

"Are you two done thrashing my subject?" Yano asked them in a low, menacing tone.

Hibiki turned his attention from the fourth row where Daiki was sitting, and back to the podium, where his teacher, who he thought walked out already, was staring his cold, grey eyes into his. He raised his two hands to his chest and began nervously shaking them in the air. "No Mr. Yano! We weren't talking about English! We were talking about....uh....." He tried to think of another subject. "History! We were talking about History."

"Yeah, History!" Daiki added.

"Oh, I see." Yano replied.

Hibiki sighed. "That was close." He thought to himself. He thought he was safe until he heard his teacher's next words.

"Did you forget I teach History too?" Yano asked the two in an even more menacing tone.

Both Hibiki's and Daiki's eyes widened. Hibiki turned back to Daiki and gave him a look that screamed "Help!" but Daiki just shook his head as to say "We messed up. It's over."

Hibiki nervously turned back to Yano. "You see, Mr. Yano, we-"

"Don't try to talk your way out of this one." Yano interrupted him. "You're staying after and cleaning this entire floor." He looked up to the fourth row, where Daiki was crouching down, trying not to get caught. "You too, Daiki." He exited the classroom but not before turning back and addressing the class. "And if the rest of you guys thought that one little subject was hard, wait until tomorrow." A small smirk appeared on his face. "You're going to be begging to learn English rather than what we're going to be doing." He left and as soon as he closed the door, the entire class of 1-C gave a huge sigh and slid back into their chairs. They began talking amongst themselves.

"Why is Mr. Yano so mean to us. It's not like we did anything to him."

"Yeah, who let that man teach at our school? They should be fired."


"Yeah, and who let Hibiki into this school too, even though his head's lacking a brain. They should be fired as well." Itsuki tried to slide in.

"Shut up!"

Fumiko turned to Akira. "Aki, how much longer do I have to be here? I can't believe you guys do this almost every day of the week."

"Well, not every day is like this." Akira replied. You'll get used to how the day goes. Besides, it's only first period. We still have seven more to go."

Fumiko couldn't believe what her friend just told her. "Seven? More of these? You're kidding."

"Don't be like that Rei. Our next subject isn't that hard. The teacher will be in here soon. I think we have Math next. And luckily for you, you're sitting next to the person who ranked 1st in the exams. Isn't that right, Itsuki?" Akira asked as she leaned forward and turned her attention to the boy sitting on the right of Fumiko.

Itsuki stopped harassing Hibiki and looked at Akira and Fumiko.

"Well, Math isn't my best subject but I'm good enough to get by. Ask me if you have any trouble." He replied.

The classroom door made a small clicking sound and shortly after, slid open and entered a woman, in the same black suit Yano was wearing with long light brown hair who appeared to be in her early twenties.

"Good morning class!" She said cheerfully as she walked towards the podium and set her books down onto it."

"Good morning Ms. Tomita!" All ten boys in the class replied back heartfully.

"Now there's a real teacher!" One of the boys exclaimed.

"Mr. Yano needs to take notes!"

"I hate Math, but if she's the one teaching it, I don't mind at all!"

"Whoever hired her needs a raise!"

"What a beauty!"

"Beauty? She's a total babe!"

"She's been my favorite teacher ever since last week!"

"You think she's single?"

"No one in their right mind would want to date you Hibiki."

"Shut up!"

"Alright now settle down now class." Ms. Tomita told the class in an attempt to calm them down, mainly the boys. She walked over to the large blackboard on the wall and picked up a piece of chalk. "Let's begin."

After Math, the class had Science, taught by Kumagai, for third period, then History, taught by their homeroom teacher, Yano. After 4th period ended, the bell rang, signaling the end of the regular studies, and the beginning of the Adventure Course studies. In between the transition of the two courses, was lunch.

"Don't forget that map that we just went over. Look forward to tomorrow." Yano told his class before leaving the classroom.

"I don't know how I got through another one of Mr. Yano's lessons but I did." Hibiki told himself. He sprang to his feet. "Well, now that 4th period over, it's time for lunch! I'm starving!"

The class filed out their classroom and into the hallway, making their way to and eventually arriving at the entrance of the grand lunch hall. The dining hall was a huge space, holding multiple tables, and had a wide variety of different cuisines the students at Boken could choose from.

"Even though I've seen it before, I always get surprised by how big this place is." Narumi told Kouta.

"Yeah same here." He replied. "This place is huge."

"Line up now!" Saburo tried to direct his fellow classmates. "Don't rush into hall! There's enough food for everybody!"

Arata sighed. "I get that you're our class rep but you don't need to hold our hand for everything, Saburo."

"Yeah man relax, no one's even pushing anybody." Masou agreed as he and Arata leisurely walked past their class representative, paying him no mind.

"Yeah Saburo." Takumi followed. "Take a-"

"Chill pill-" His twin brother added on.

"Dude." They both finished.

Saburo sighed and shook his head. "That same carelessness and nonchalant attitude will be the death of you once we become adventures." Saburo muttered to himself as he hurried to catch up to his class.

"So Rei," Akira started after she and Fumiko had gotten their food and began to walk to a table. "How are you enjoying your second first day?" She joked.

Fumiko hadn't really thought about it. She felt as if she was just going through the motions. After all, she was imitating whatever Akira did up until that point.

"Good, I guess? I'm not really sure. The classes are hard though. Tiring too."

"Well they should get a little easier in the afternoon. We're finished with the regular studies for the day."

They made their way to table that was occupied by only one person. A girl. She had long hair like Fumiko's, only with a lighter shade red, held back by a white headband.

"Kana, do you mind if we sit here?" Akira asked her.

"Kana?" Fumiko thought to herself. She felt as if she heard that name before. Eventually, she realized that she was in the same class as her. "She was so quiet, I forgot about her."

Kana looked up from her tray of food, startled, to see two of her classmates in standing in front of her. So startled, that she dropped her fork that she was holding, onto to the table, which ricocheted off of it and onto the floor.

"O-Oh Akira and Reina. S-Sure." She answered in a quiet tone. She got up, picked the fork off of the floor, and hurried back to the lunch line in an attempt to exchange it for a clean one.

"She's always been sort of quiet and clumsy." Akira told Fumiko after they had taken their seats.

"I forgot she was in our class."

"You shouldn't. That's not nice." She scolded. "She's a really nice person though. One time I-"

"Ms. Last Place, you shouldn't talk when you're eating. Did your parents teach you any manners? Or could it be that they didn't have any themselves, so they had none to teach you?"

Fumiko had heard that voice enough to recognize who it was without even looking. They both looked towards the left of them and not to their surprise again, it was Shiina, with a crude look on her face.


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