Transmigration Gone Wrong
29 Not a Chapter - Coronavirus and Hiatus
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Transmigration Gone Wrong
Author :cissy_eden
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29 Not a Chapter - Coronavirus and Hiatus

As you may have already noticed, it has been a while since I've last updated. I think you can guess the reason why by the title.

No, it isn't me who is infected. Worse, my grandparents. By a multitude of reasons... lack of awareness, governmental irresponsibility (just watch the news and see the blatant joke that is Brazil's government), and they got infected on April 1st. Thankfully, the hospital they are in has the equipment necessary. As a result, I went to their house to take care of their things (print out some payment forms...)

Coupled with the shutdown of schools and universities, the homework pile of my faculty has piled up. Their platform is shitty and the last week has been hellish.

I just can't find it in me to write, I'm sorry. Please delete your pledge, as I don't know for how long this hiatus will last. I need to take care of a lot of personal issues, so I won't be around for a good while.

And please, don't donate more to help. Everything is being taken care of (thankfully my financial condition is good), it will only make me guilty of not being able to go back to writing. I'm serious.

Please take care - even more so of your family, and let us endure this quarantine together.


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