Twisted Love
95 New Feeling 2
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Twisted Love
Author :Sadda
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95 New Feeling 2

This realization lead to her feeling shy. Her current crouching position would have been fine any other time, but not currently. She was not alone in the room. She was in the presence of her employer with whom she had crossed the line herself.

She was in the dinning room with Vincent and all the waiting staff.

Her face grew hot. A ting of redness began developing.

She could now suddenly feel all eyes on herself. Not knowing what to do, fidgeting in her spot Sofia slightly raised her head to look around at her surroundings. To see if there was anything which could help her out. The first thing her eyes fell on was Vincent, sitting at the head of the table with his hands folded in front of him and eyes looking straight to her.

Averting her eyes, Sofia slowly stood up in her spot. Not wanting to draw any more attention to herself, she slowly bent down in the process of picking up the child still at her feet. Just before she was able to physically carry Johnathan, a hand clamped down her arm from moving.

"I wouldn't do that in your current state" came a quite whisper that if not said right next to her, Sofia herself would not have been able to hear.

Looking up through her long lashes as she tilted her head, Sofia looked straight into Vincent's black eyes. An action she instantly regretted. There she was looking into the eyes of the man she had taken advantage of. Who, being as kind as he was, was still taking care of her.

As quickly as he had held her arm, he had let go as well. It was almost like Sofia had hallucinated his touch. The only reminder of it being real was the warmth still lingering on her skin.

Vincent had already picked up Johnathan in his arms and making his way back to the dining table, by the time Sofia had snapped out of her daze.

"Aunty....." called out Johnathan, reaching out his arm towards Sofia as he was being carried away.

Sofia, who was still at the entrance of the room, began moving towards the diningtable when the tiny voice called out for her in desperation, "Come.... Food."

And so breakfast was spent. Sofia taking care of Johnathan while shyly taking quick glances in Vincent's direction. None talking to each other outright.


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