Ultimate Rice System
4 World of Rice
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Ultimate Rice System
Author :Dism
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4 World of Rice

Where...Where am I

[ Welcome to the World of Rice ]

Xin Fan found himself lying in a large empty plot of land with a projection in front of his face.


[ Tutorial ]

You will be given bags of seeds to start your rice farm. When you harvest rice, you will receive coins. Trade in coins for more seeds, items or skills which you may take out of world. When you harvest, exp will be accumulated and contribute to your cultivation state.

Starting Equipment

Hoe x1 [ Equipment ]

Shovel x1 [ Equipment ]

Sickle x1 [ Equipment ]

Magic Bucket x1 [ Equipment ]

Basic Planting Technique [ Skill ]

Basic Tool Use [ Skill ]

Grade 1 Ice Heart Rice x50 [ Seedling ]

To access say 'Inventory'.

Have fun farming and build up the greatest rice farm.

[ Note: This whole world is user's own spirit and user is free to leave and enter whenever. Also note that the user's physical body is in a state of unconsciousness and user will be alerted if anything happens to it]


The menu promptly disappeared leaving Xin Fan alone in the vast fields.

"Is...Is this my Item spirit?"

Xin Fan had never even done any chores at home nevermind starting a farm. He looked around his surroundings just too see endless plains. He ran around searching for an exit but to no avail. After a short period of time, he could no longer run forwards. It wasn't as if there was a physical barrier. There was no cliff, nor were there any wall, just more empty fields. However, he could no longer seem to muster any strength to move forwards. His body simply rejected it.

[ System Message: You have hit the domain boundary. Please level up to unlock space. ]

Tears welled up in Xin Fan's eyes as he found himself transported back to where he started.

"I just want to go home"

[ User Exiting Domain ]

Before he could even make out what was happening, Xin Fan's vision turned black.


Huh...Was that a dream? What a strange dream.

Xin Fan found himself still lying inside the carriage. To his right, was Luo Bao with his head leaning against his shoulder. To his left, was Man Qui eating a meat bun while observing the scenery outside.


[To re-enter world, will it with the soul]

The message took Xin Fan by surprise and let out a small yelp. Through the process, he accidentally knocked Luo Bao over and woke him up.

"A...Are we there yet?"

"Nope but hopefully soon."

Looks like that wasn't a dream. Accept it for what it is. Hmm... Why am I accepting this so easily?

Xin Fan gave off a depressed sigh and peered outside for some fresh air. Soon the village was in sight and the carriage was brought to a quick stop.

"The chief is back!"

Shouts from inside the village could be heard as a crowd started to gather around the entrance. The village was typically a rowdy place during this time of the year. However this year, even more shouts and cheers could be heard because there were two children who awakened on their first try.

"Congratulations chief, you have a great son."

"I always knew you were talented Luo Bao."

As the excitement settled down, Xin Mu called over the three awakened children over to the village hall.

"You three kids, once again congratulations on awakening. Since you awakened, it is required by law that I register your identification."

Xin Mu took out a few small scrolls from a drawer in his study. He spread the open on the table and grabbed a few pens and handed them to the children.

"Just write down your name, birthday and item spirit. The kingdom keeps a registry on every citizen for identification purposes."

Xin Fan grabbed the pen and promptly filled out his details and handed the scroll back to his father.


Name: Xin Fan

Birthday: 43/9/526

Spirit: Rice Grass


The other two also filled out the scroll in a similar fashion and returned the scroll back to the chief. Xin Mu tied them up to a bundle and walked over to a window.


A large bird sitting on a nearby tree fluttered down and sat on the window. Xin Mu tied the scrolls to the leg and whispered in the ear.

"Murong City, Box 421."

As if it understood, the bird leapt out of the window and started to fly. It started off slow with rapid flaps however it soon stopped flapping and soared far into the distance.

"The state will soon give a reply. We will be expecting something interesting in the next few days. So in the meantime have a rest and celebrate."

The kids left the building to go out to play. As usual, Xin Fan was sticking close to Luo Bao.

"How do you grow rice?"

Luo Bao's family from his mother's side is a line of rice farmers. If anyone knew anything about rice, its him.

"Is it because your spirit? I'm happy to help. First, you start by plouging the land near the river and let if flow in the fields. Let it flood and start planting the seedlings. When its fully grown just cut the top off. Its quite simple but it takes a lot of hard work."

Luo Bao happily gave his own insight on how his family grows the plants. They are the only providers of the crop for the village and hence are highly respected.

"Are you going to challenge me in rice cultivation now? You do realize you will never win. Or maybe, you might."

"You never know."

Luo Bao smacked Xin Fan's shoulders lightly while laughing. Ever since his awakening, he had been strangely happy. Even if he had a powerful spirit, it was slightly abnormal. It seemed as if he were a different person. In Xin Fan's opinion, the change was quite positive. After all, it's still better than Luo Bao being moody as usual. After a few bouts of banter, Xin Fan decided to go home to investigate the new world.

Xin Fan crossed his legs on the mattress and slowly attempted to enter into the domain.

"Enter Domain?"

His vision turned black and he soon found himself standing where he left.

I see... so this is how it works. How do I get the equipment again?

[ To access equipment, say inventory. ]


A menu with a 10x10 grid popped up in front of Xin Fan.

How do I take things out?

Xin Fan experimented for a while. He tried to summon it by voice. He tried to will it into his hand. Eventually he found out that all he had to do was tap it. As soon as he tapped the hoe icon, Xin Fan felt a heavy weight appear in his hand. Be reminded that Xin Fan is only a 5 year old boy and carrying a 5 kilogram tool is no easy feat. As much as he tried, the most he could do was make a shallow trench in the ground in an hour.

[ Alert physical contact is done to User's body ]

"W...What? L...Leave domain!"

As if logging out of a game, Xin Fan found himself being shaken by his father.

"S...Son are you alright?"Asked Xin Mu with a worried expression

"I'm fine. What's the matter?"

"Its late and dinner's ready."

Xin Fan got up from his meditating posture and found out his arms and legs have become considerably swollen. He struggled to get up and slowly wobbled his way to the dinner table. His father, although worried, did not question his actions as he believed that he is simply tired from the trip. After dinner, Xin Fan returned to farming in bed and had a huge revelation.

"I can farm while I sleep."

And so, the days passed with Xin Fan farming for hours per day. Sometimes in bed, Sometimes under a tree near the farms. Before long, although a minor detail, the excess fat he had decreased significantly and his muscles had slightly became defined. At the same time, a reply from the capital had arrived in the village.

"Son, call in Luo Bao and Man Qiu to the village hall."
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    《Ultimate Rice System》