Ultimate Rice System
7 Dragon Root Academy
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Ultimate Rice System
Author :Dism
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7 Dragon Root Academy

Captain Wang dropped off Xin Fan and Man Qiu off at the entrance of the academy. By now it was late at night.

"This is as far as I can take you. I need to take Luo Bao to his school."

The eagle took off leaving the two alone at the entrance.

"So its just us now..."

Xin Fan sighed as he walked up to the reception with Man Qiu. The lady at the reception was young, aged around 21 wearing wide rimmed glasses.

"Umm...The captain just dropped us off here and we're not sure of where we are mean't to be."

The lady took off her glasses, wiping it before looking at the two before her.


"My name is Xin Fan, she's Man Qiu."

The lady pulled out a stack of parchment and searched for the names.

"Xi Bu...Xi Feng...Xi Long...found it Xin Fan aged 5."

The lady ticked off the box next to the Xin Fan's name and did the same for Man Qiu.

"Lu Xi! Get your ass here and do your job!"

The lady's tone suddenly shifted and uttered out profanities the 5 children should never hear. Sounds of running could be heard from the distance and a young man aged around 18 rushed up to the reception desk to meet up with the lady.

"Big Sis Wang...huff...huff...I just finished leading the last group to their dorms and explained all the rules. What do you want now?"

He then turned around to look at the two children staring him dead in the eyes. He expression changed and he instantly felt dead on the inside.

"D...Don't tell me....y...you told me that was the last batch."

The lady shrugged and dismissed his plight and looked kindly on the children. She gave a piece of paper to the young man.

"You two follow this big brother to your dormitories. Your classes start tomorrow. You two are the last ones to arrive."

The two kids bowed to the lady and followed the the young man. They arrived at a simple dormitory near the edge of a forest.

"This is the last dorm to fill. The rules are simple. Girl's facilities to the right, boy's facilities to the left. Don't intrude...Breakfast at 6...Dinner at 6. I am a dorm supervisor for this dorm. Oh before I forget."

Lu Xi passed the two pieces of paper to the two children.

"This is the map of the school and classes. Pick whichever room still has a bed free. Remember to write down your name. See you later."

He then left the two to wonder around the dorm on their own accord.

"See you tomorrow morning. Good night."

The two split off to find some a room to sleep in. As Xin Fan walked along the dark hallway to the bedrooms, he couldn't help notice names on the signs outside the doors for bedrooms. Neatly in a column, one name above the other. Xin Fan brought the candle closer to the signs.

「 Tu San

Tu Tian 」

Ah! Must be the name of occupants of the room...So two per room. As he walked down the hallway, he realized that nearly all the rooms had been filled. Anxiety crept until he found a room with an empty slot. Whatever...I'll take this room. He peered through to see a skinny figure silently breathing on a bed. Opposite was another bed that was free. Xin Fan quickly took a brush from his bag and wrote his name on the sign. He quietly entered the room putting his bag on the ground and slipped into his bed entering his domain in the process.

「Hei Chilong

Xin Fan 」


Xin Fan looked proudly at his the rows of plants perfectly in a 10x5 pattern. Xin Fan took out the sickle and slashed down onto the sole tree in the domain. This was the tree that marked the center of the domain and no matter how many times he cut it, it would regenerate back to its original form. Ever since his defeat, he had be training himself by slashing the tree at high speeds around it training his agility, speed and strength.


After marking a crown shape cut around the tree, regeneration occurred and the tree seemed as if it were never harmed. He trained like this for many hours until it was finally time to wake up.


"Ahh What a nice nap."

Xin Fan turned around to have a closer look at his room mate. He was skinny, devoid of any body fat and wore a proud but stern look. It was the look that a ruler would make to his subjects.

"Mongrel, how dare you stare at this king."

The aura that emanated from him seemed to cut like razor blades and Xin Fan backed off.

"Sorry, that was rude of me."

Xin Fan dismissed this as if it were the ramblings of a delusional child and prepared himself for the day. From outside his room, a yell could be heard.


Xin Fan jumped up and changed his clothes quickly. He was usually punctual about small matters such as this and he was not ready to break habit. Xin Fan ran down to the dining area, followed silently by his roommate. The dining hall was wide and could easily fit 50 people. He lined up for his breakfast: a bowl of congee, a few fried breadsticks and a bun . Xin Fan sat opposite to Man Qiu who he found already eating breakfast. Next to her was a petite girl wearing a striking black robe.

"Yo...How well did you sleep."

"Hahaha...Horribly, This girl was pestering the whole night."

Man Qiu looked up with bags under her eyelids laughing silently and turned around at the girl next to her.

"Thats mean Big Sis Qiu... I just wanted to play."

The girl pouted and ate a breadstick while sulking.

"Who is she?"

"My roommate Bai Tianfei. What about you?"

"This king's name is Hei Chilong."

Xin Fan turned around in surprise. Xin Fan did not even feel the presence of the boy behind him. Hei Chilong sat down next to Xin Fan and finished the bowl of congee in a single gulp. Chilong looked at Xin Fan's figure.

"This king has given his time to introduce himself. Mongrel state your name."

Xin Fan started to get angry and spat back some words of his own.

"I am not a mongrel, my name is Xin Fan. We are both the same age at the same school. You being here simply means that you weren't special enough to enter into better schools."

Chilong looked at Xin Fan in pity and responded back.

"Just you wait...By the end of the day, you will fear me."

He then walked off finishing the last of his meal and throwing the tray into the deposit.

"Hey...Xiaofei, that wasn't nice"

"He was annoying so I dealt justice."

The two girls whispered about a topic unknown to Xin Fan as he too, deposited his tray.

"Okay boys and girls, class will start in 10 minutes! Please make your way to your classroom!"

Lu Xi shouted across the dining hall prompting the sound of hurried eating. Xin Fan slowly made his way to his classroom only to see Chilong at the back. The classroom was large, large enough for around 50 students. They locked eyes for a second before breaking away. Xin Fan was studious and decided to pick a seat closest to the front. The classroom was lively with chattering around every corner. However, this came to a close as someone familiar walked into the classroom. The lady pushed up her glasses and grabbed a piece of chalk and wrote the big words 'Wang Mei' on the chalk board.

"Everybody listen! I am Wang Mei and I will be your teacher for this year. Pleased to meet you."

The teacher finished off her introduction with a smug smirk and threw the piece of chalk to Xin Fan, the person directly in front of her.

"You! Go introduce yourself."

Xin Fan walked up to the chalkboard and wrote his name in large characters 'Xin Fan' on the board and introduced himself to the class.

"I am Xin Fan from Silver Lark Village. 5 years old. Spirit is Rice. Nice to meet you."

And thus the parade of introductions has begun.
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    《Ultimate Rice System》