Ultimate Rice System
8 Birth of the Psychopath King
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Ultimate Rice System
Author :Dism
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8 Birth of the Psychopath King

"Bai Tianfei 5 years, hummingbird, Black Swallow town. Nice to meet you."

"My name is Tu San. I am from jade valley. My spirit is the earth. Pleased to meet you."

The parade of introductions slowly shifted towards the people to the back until it was finally time for Chilong to introduce himeself.

"Heh...This King's name is Hei Chilong. My spirit...Blood pine. I'm from Yaomo Forest. I'm going to rule this place so don't bother trying to befriend me."

The class broke out into fury as Chilong made a public enemy out of himself. Xin Fan ignored him and turned to the teacher who didn't mind the arrogance. As the class settled, the teacher took out a stack of books from a box and handed them to everyone.

"Class! This is your work book. Take notes and you should be fine. If not...well I hope your exams come to bite you back. Class has started so I expect you to shut up."

Wang Mei's fierce words struct a chord within the class and kept everyone in place. Everyone but Chilong. Chilong ignored the warning and sat back and enjoyed the lesson without taking any notes.

"First topic: techniques. I assume all of you has seen techniques before but how do they work?"

The teacher started off the lecture with a rhetorical question.

"Well techniques are formed when your qi creates patterns that reinforce and create an effect."

Wang Mei stuck out her index and middle finger and pointed out the window.

"Say I concentrate my qi at my fingertips. What do you suppose will happen?"

"It shoots out," guessed a boy in the third row.

"Wrong...Absolutely wrong. My fingers are simply reinforced by the protective qi."

Wang Mei demonstrated her point by creating a hole in the wall with just her finger tips.

"This is just qi enhancement. I will tell you what a technique is. A technique comes from your core and soul. Do you kids remember your awakening? Do you remember the sensation of unlocking a new space inside your soul? That space is your dantian. It is the origin of all your qi. That is where your spirit item is located."

Xin Fan quickly took down notes in his book and continued to listen to the lecture.

"Your spirit item is a tool. It is a medium of which you create techniques. You learn techniques. Craft them in your dantian. Use them through your body. I am going to teach you the most basic technique 'finger slash'."

Wang Mei drew up some symbols on the board for the students to copy. The symbols were unique in their own way and profound.

"Let me demonstrate. First, draw it up in your dantian."

A blue hue started to radiate around the Teacher Wang's stomach. It traveled up to her heart before shifting to her arm.

"Then you move it to your heart, the origin of the body. Then to the fingers. Your body will instinctively release it."

She then slashed out with her fingers creating a long and thick cut along the walls.

"I don't expect you kids to get it on the first try but you might as well learn it early."

Xin Fan took down more notes as the teacher explained the technique into further detail. Learning techniques manually is different through the system. Each symbol had different meanings. Arrangements created meaning. Size created meaning. It is through the accumulation of all those factors, it could truly be called a technique. The lecture went on for an hour or so before a break was given.

"Break time. Go to courtyard to practice techniques if you want."

Wang Mei left the classroom with no regard for her personal image and responsibilities and left the children alone to do their own thing.

Xin Fan went down into the open fields alone near the back of the school. He made sure nobody was around him before he started to channel his qi. He slowly drew up the symbols according to the teacher painstakingly inside his dantian until a message popped up.

[ User has attempted to use 'Finger Slash' [ Technique ] ]

[ Technique is rejected by the Ultimate Rice System ]

[ Techniques has been reformatted for appropriate use. ]

[ New technique created 'Harvest Slash' [ Evolving Technique] ]

[ Old technique has be removed ]

When Xin Fan attempted to use the technique again, his body instinctively rejected it and the accumulated qi flowed back into his dantian. Xin Fan attempted this over and over again until he gave up and used Harvest slash. The technique was different in that only the index finger was required. The Qi required was also relatively lower. Xin Fan drew the power to his heart then to his finger.

"Harvest Slash"

Through a quick burst of light, Xin Fan slashed at an array of tall grass. The slash was quicker than the one that Wang Mei had demonstrated and had a longer range. However this was not without a cost with the slash being much thinner, as thin as a piece of paper and was considerably weaker.


A shout could be heard from the courtyard. Xin Fan decided to run over to take a look. There stood Chilong looking at another boy under his feet.

"This king couldn't hear you what did you say."

Chilong lifted the head of the boy off the ground.

"Your arrogance will be downfall one day. Even if I get defeated, my big brothers will come. Heh... you have no idea what you have stirred."

Chilong slammed the head of the boy on the ground. He grinded the head on the dirt before lifting it and slamming down again.

"Hey brat, you have no idea what you have started."

An older boy around the age of 7 walked down with a posse of 3 underlings following behind him.

"Hahaha... Trash brings more trash."

Chilong dropped the head of the boy and looked at the the older boy.

"Brother Hu... You have come!"

The boy on the ground looked up in worship of the leader of the group.

"Hah...who's Trash? How dare you! Lets go boys!"

Brother Hu and his posse instantly surrounded Chilong and prepared to bring him down with one strike.

"Trash? Who else am I talking about?...Whatever, you guys decided to attack this king first. Time to show you how a real dragon fights."

Chilong started to laugh maniacally before taking a preemptive jab at one of the underlings instantly making him collapse. Hu Li tried to give a solid kick to Chilong only to find himself missing. Chilong elbowed another underling and kneed him in the face breaking a his nose.

"Hahahaha! This is fun!"

The other two underlings decided to simultaneously attack him from behind. One kneed him in his legs and the other elbowed his neck. Chilong was knocked forwards to the ground.

"That hurt...THAT HURT!!!"

The two tried to land another hit on him before finding Chilong's foot on their stomach and flying backwards. Chilong slowly ambled to the two who were knocked to the ground and stomped down on their vitals. The two coughed out a mouthful of blood and fell unconscious. However Chilong was not done as he grabbed the head of one of the followers and kneed it repeatedly. The air wafted the scent of metal and blood.

"Hahaha...How does that feel...does it hurt... DOES IT HURT!!!"

However Chilong's fun was short lived as he saw a fist nearing his face. Chilong reacted quickly by jumping back.

"You...You bastard."

Hu Li cursed before launching an attack. However, Chilong simply smirked and dodged before planting his elbow in Hu Li's stomach. Hu Li was sent flying and landed on his knees.

"How dare you. I don't care anymore die!"

Hu Li charged up qi and directed it to his finger.

"Finger Slash!"

Chilong stood still and simply sneered. He too charged up qi to his finger.

"Finger Slash."

The burst of energy's fingers were much stronger and broke the wave of energy from Hu Li and made a cut along his chest prompting blood to be coughed.

"I...Impossible... Second stage..."

"Too bad you attacked this king first... Finger Slash."

A burst of energy erupted from Chilong's fingers and made another cut along Hu Li's chest.


Hu Li spat another mouthful of blood and fainted.

"What is with the commotion."

Wang Mei walked out to the courtyard only to be fed the sign of carnage.


"Teacher Wang. They all provoked me and attacked me. One even called this king a bastard. Everyone around is a witness. Just so you know, this king never attacks unless attacked first."

Hei Chilong looked around innocently at around at the crowd around him. All but Xin Fan turned around avoiding his line of sight. Xin Fan simply shrugged his shoulders and walked off back to his training.

"Strong, Arrogant and brutal... I guess he's not all talk."

Hei Chilong froze at Xin Fan's reaction. Not even the gods knew what he was thinking at that moment.
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    《Ultimate Rice System》