Ultimate Rice System
9 Farming Club
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Ultimate Rice System
Author :Dism
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9 Farming Club

Xin Fan trained for another 10 minutes before the class was called in from the break. Chilong was nowhere to be seen.

"Okay...Long story short, Hei Chilong is suspended. He will be back in two weeks. If anyone of you pulls this sh*t then you better be prepared for the ramifications."

Wang Mei climbed up onto the podium and resumed her lecture. She went in depth into the different power gaps between cultivation levels. To summarize, each realm is divided into 3 groups:Early, middle and late. Each part consists of 3 stages of cultivation. Within the same groups, the power level is generally the same with the exception of the amount of qi. A Condensation realm first stage can defeat one in the third stage as long as it is not a battle of attrition. It goes without saying that the power gap between realms are immense and no amount of skill can push through the sheer power. As the class ended, Wang Mei brought up a topic that was of interest to Xin Fan.

"The school is posting invitations for social groups on the notice board. Feel free to join if you feel like it. Take a look on your way out."

Many of the students had already created a circle and ignored the advice and decided to simply leave. The classroom was empty with the exception of a few. Bai Tianfei walked up besides Xin Fan and looked at the notice board.

"Are you joining any groups?" Tianfei tilted her head in inquiry as she tugged on Xin Fan's sleeve.

Xin Fan turned to look at her seriously,"Man must take advantage of all that's given." Xin Fan slowly grabbed a notice for the farming club and started to write his name down. Xin Fan felt a second of stabbing pain on head. What was that?

"The farming club?"

Xin Fan simply nodded as he finished writing down his name on the notice. Tian Fei herself wrote her name down on the mystic arts club and followed Xin Fan back to the dorm. By the time they arrived, the sun had begun to set and the candles were being lit. Xin Fan returned to his room to find Chilong sleeping.

Truly foolish...Man must act according to the heart, not the vices. Hmm...Where had I heard this before? Xin Fan meditated on his bed and zoned out into his domain. A hint of red started to grow on the tip of the grass of rice and practiced his harvest slash on the tree.

"Harvest Slash."

Xin Fan shot a quick but thin beam of energy from his fingers almost instantaneously. Huh? This feeling. The beam of energy cut straight through the tree only stopping after 50 meters.


The tree fell only for the trunk tor grow back to a full tree. This is the first time that the tree had fallen completely. Why...How is it so powerful? A system message

[ The User's domain is located in the dantian. There is not wastage in qi and techniques can be used to full potential ]

Xin Fan exited his domain and went to the forest at the back of the dorm. He activated 'Harvest Slash'. A flash of light extended from his finger cutting everything in a 20m vicinity. This slash is stronger than all of those he created in the afternoon. However it was sub-par to the one he used in his domain.

"Wow. Xin Fan you are strong!"

Tianfei appeared in a flash of smoke in front of Xin Fan. She was smiling cheekily while holding a piece of cloth in her hand. Xin Fan's eyes contracted noticing what it was.

"Tell me how did you do it. Otherwise, you will never get these back."

Despite the embarrassment he felt from the breeze blowing up his robe, he entered a calm state by chanting words in his head. Clothes are only worldly possessions. Clothes are only worldly possessions. Clothes are only worldly possessions. As chanted he the words into his head, visions of a man in white robes meditating on a mountain started to appear. As these visions started to invade his mind, he was brought back to reality by Tianfei's shaking.

"Oi you listening?"

Xin Fan calmly looked at the girl and shook his head.

"Its not a big deal. I simply had the finger slash technique redesigned for my use."

"Your're a Liar...I can tell.Here take these back...I'll find it out my own way."

Tianfei pouted and threw the undergarments back. Xin Fan took them back and walked towards the bathroom to get changed.

"By the way...Why do you rock you keep by your chest?"

Xin Fan paused for a second before continuing to walk as if nothing had happened.

"Fine, Ignore me."

Tianfei stomped off to her own room to meet up with Man Qiu.


It was dinner time and Chilong was still sleeping. Xin Fan looked at his roommate and decided it was best not to poke a hornet's nest. As he walked down the stairs to the dining area, he caught sight of Man Qiu and Tianfei together.

"Xin Fan...did you bully Tianfei? She seems all pouty after she said she was going to check up on you."

"I said nothing happened. You're just reading too much into it."

Man Qiu looked at Tianfei funnily and decided to go with the girl's story. They ate dinner together and chatted for a few hours until it was time to go to bed. The main topic of interest was about Chilong's suspension.


The next morning, Xin Fan was woke up to see Chilong out of bed.

"Look's like this king underestimated you. What you looking at me for? I know you don't fear me. Hey wait! Why are you walking away?"

As Xin Fan walked to the door, he stopped for a moment to utter a few words,"I hope you don't stray off to the wrong path. After all, Man was never born evil." The sting of pain returned to his head for a moment before Xin Fan walked up to the dining area. He ate his breakfast and attended class. Without Chilong, the class seemed milder almost normal. As the class ended, Wang Mei called out a few names.

"Those whom I just called, remember you have club activities. Just go to the designated area."

Xin Fan and Tianfei made their way to their clubs. The room for the farming club and mystic club are in the same direction so they walked together not exchanging a single word.

The club room for the farming club was small. The air smelt of homemade fertilizer made from dead beasts. Xin Fan was extremely familiar with the smell as it was common thing in Silver Lark Village. A boy the age of 10 was sleeping in the room without care in the world.

"Umm...I'm here to join the club"

The lethargic boy slowly opened his eyes and looked at the new recruit.

"Xin Fan I assume? Don't mind me. I am Nong Tumin. I'm just burnt out after farming. Got any more questions just feel free to ask. You can grow your plants in the fields at the back. Fell free to use the tools in the shed. The rule is I don't touch your crops, You don't touch my crops" He then preceded to return to his nap.


Xin Fan walked out to the back to see fields ready for planting. He found some seeds in the shed to plant. Utilizing 'Basic Farming Technique' , he quickly managed to plant the remaining seeds onto his plot of land. Xin Fan took out some ashes of some beast and spread it across the fields. Although it is simple superstition, it was commonly practiced to increase the fertility of the fields. After an hour of hard work, Xin Fan returned to the dorm. Along the way, he found that Tianfei had already returned. He returned to his room to take a break before dinner. A repetitive sound of chopping trees could be heard outside the windows of the dorm.

*Tok Tok Tok*

"Way to screw up on your first day."

"Hey, they were asking for it."

"You just wanted a fight."

"It's not like you are any different."

Xin Fan looked out the window to see Chilong chopping at a tree alone. Who is he talking to? Isn't he alone?
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    《Ultimate Rice System》