Ultimate Rice System
10 The One With Two Faces
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Ultimate Rice System
Author :Dism
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10 The One With Two Faces

Xin Fan jumped out the window to see Chilong all alone. There was not a trace of any other existence around him. Just Chilong and his axe. Chilong did take notice of Xin Fan right behind him and simply continued the conversation with himself.

"When you return, let me take over... At least I know when to fight."

"But everyone will think we are a pushover."

"Might is right. They will simply avoid us."

"Umm, Who are you talking to?"

Xin Fan spoke surprising Chilong in the process. Chilong looked flustered and turned around. Finding out it was just Xin Fan, he recomposed himself.

"What do you want...Xi San?"

"My name is Xin Fan."

"Whatever...I'm simply chopping down trees."

He then rushed up to Xin Fan and grabbed him by the collar as if he were threatening him.

"Don't you dare tell anyone what you saw...Or else you will end up like the piece of trash from the other day. Hehehe..."

Xin Fan did not even flinch and grabbed Chilong's wrist and pulled it off him. He simply gave Chilong a smile and shook his head.

"I don't plan to. I simply wish to have a peaceful time here. To find peace, don't...Gng"

Xin Fan felt a stabbing pain in his head. It was a lot more painful than before and knocked him down to his knees. The pain rivaled getting stung by a powerful wasp.

"Yo...are you okay?"

Chilong looked worriedly as he helped Xin Fan up. He lent his shoulder as he guided Xin Fan into their room.

"Tch...didn't you always say I shouldn't meddle into others business?"

Chilong laid Xin Fan onto the bed and looked around in his bag. He took out a bottle containing a green paste and smeared it over Xin Fan's forehead. The pain seemed to recede and Chilong gave a sigh of relief. At this point, Xin Fan fell unconscious and was sleeping silently.

"I guess you are right for once."

Xin Fan slept silently while having dreams of another life. It was the story of a boy who one day grew up to become a priest. As the dream continued, system messages started to arise.

[ Soul fragmentation is at 10%. Advises to train in a Soul technique.]

The message kept over and over until the dream was over. When Xin Fan woke up, he could no longer remember the contents of the dream and everything became a vague memory. Everything except the system message.


Xin Fan's stomach grumbled as he had looked outside to see pitch darkness. The candles were out and he had not even eaten any dinner. Xin Fan climbed out of his bed and slowly made his way to the dining area. Although the building was old, the floorboards did not make a noise as he trudged along. The dining area seemed empty and there seems to be no leftover food. Xin Fan sighed and slowly made his way outside a short distance away from the dorm. I guess I have no choice. Xin Fan took out a small stove and a pot from his inventory. The wind outside was cool, perfect to complement the Ice Heart Rice. Xin Fan started the stove and poured water into the pot. He then added the same amount of rice and closed the lid. Now he only had 3 portions of rice left from his initial 10. He closed his eyes and entered his domain only to be bombarded with a bunch of system messages.

[ User has gained achievement 'The fracture begins' +10% Gold gain ]

[ User's is in dire need of strengthening. Quest has been generated ]


Quest 1: Defeat 10 people of the same cultivation realm.


Reward: Soul Expansion Art [Technique]



Hmm... A quest? This is the first time any quest was given to Xin Fan. He carefully observed the quest notification and asked the system.

"Help...Quest Info"

Over the course of the last few months, Xin Fan had discovered that there was a help option in the domain. At first he experimented with different words but eventually he managed to map out most of the system commands with the exception for a few.


Quests are randomly (Maybe) generated to improve user experience. Quests are actions user must do to Rewards are given according to difficulty of quests. Some quests may have penalties for failure however system will include in quest info if so.


Xin Fan closed the message after reading it a few times. So...The system will give rewards now. Xin Fan closed his eyes as he relaxed in the domain. It was rare these days that he would rest given his insistence to keep true to his routine of training. It was these few moments of rest that Xin Fan truly treasured. After an unspecified amount of time passing, Xin Fan received a system message.

[ Ice Heart Rice has finished cooking ]

Xin Fan exited his domain and stopped his stove and opened the lid. The steam from the rice shimmered in the dim moonlight. Xin Fan took out a bowl and started to scoop up some rice into it. A crude voice suddenly broke the tranquility and snapped Xin Fan out of his trance.

"I gave you the good stuff and now you are eating without me?"

Xin Fan turned around to see Chilong slowly walking towards him. He squatted on the ground and opened out his palm for Xin Fan to see.

"Gimme some. If it weren't for my homemade herbal balm, you would still be writhing in bed."

"What herbal balm?"

Chilong took out a bottle containing green paste.

"Tiger Tree Root, Dragon Ivy Leaf, Ember Mushrooms, Silver Needle Fungus, Man Eater sap and many more. This bottle here cost almost my life due to the rare ingredients. You made me use a tenth of it. You owe me."

Xin Fan looked at the bottle in curiosity and sighed. A bit of sharing can't hurt anybody. He reluctantly handed the already filled bowl of rice to Chilong. He then proceeded to grab another bowl and fill it up. Chilong took a bite of the rice and looked towards the moon seemingly unfazed by the experience. He did not have the exaggerated expression that Xin Fan had when he first ate the rice. He simply gave off a serene smile contrasting his seemingly wild nature.

"Hmm...Didn't expect to be eating a spirit food tonight."

"It's called Ice Heart Rice. How I got it is a secret."

"Don't we all."

It was the nearing midnight and there was a mark of a change in months. The moon aligned in the shape of a tiger. It was now the start of the Month of Tigers. The night was cold and the vapor from breathing was slightly visible under the moonlight.

"I always wondered why the moons align like so every month."

"Back in the forest, my mother used to say that there was a moon goddess controlling the movements. The alignments reflects her mood in that month. Dragon symbolizes rebirth. Tiger symbolizes bravery. The livestock alignments represent tranquility. Snake represents death."

Chilong took a deep breath and started to walk back to the dorm.

"This conversation never happened. 'He' is asleep. I wish you a good night."

As Chilong walked back to the dorm, Xin Fan finished the last of his rice and cleaned up the area. He headed back to his room and Chilong was still asleep as if he never left. Xin Fan went back to sleep to start a new day at school.
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    《Ultimate Rice System》