Ultimate Rice System
11 30% Completion
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Ultimate Rice System
Author :Dism
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11 30% Completion

The next day, Xin Fan entered class with the suffocating feeling of a rope around his neck. 10 people that are in the second stage. Xin Fan slowly zoned out and and only realized that breaktime had started when Tianfei was slapping his cheek.

"Are you asleep?"

*pat pat*


Xin Fan looked up to see Tianfei staring at him straight in the eye. Her cheeks were flushed seemingly from annoyance at his lack of emotion.

"It seems like you are awake. Its break time already. Get up."

Xin Fan slowly climbed out of his chair and looked as if he were deep in thought. He then turned towards Xianfei and then patted her head.

"W...What are you doing."

Tianfei pouted as Xin Fan messed up her hairstyle. She slapped the hand away from her head and stuck out her tongue while fixing up her head.

"I only called you out because I want to copy what you did that day."

Xin Fan gave a small smile before giving a simple reply.

"I'll tell you if you defeat me in battle."

Xin Fan walked off to the courtyard to look for people to fight. People generally won't challenge others if they aren't asking for trouble. As Xin Fan moved his hand to the door handle, he instinctively jumped to the side. A small jet of flames shot the door handle creating a small scorch mark. Xin Fan turned around to see Tianfei with her arms reaching out pointing at him. Smoke was coming out of her fingertips and she seemed quite irritated.

"Don't look down upon me....Meet me at the fields outside the dorm after class."

The smoke receded and she walked past Xin Fan leaving the classroom. Xin Fan was dazed to say the least. He did not expect the childish girl to have so much fire power. As Xin Fan realized that the break was almost over, he ran out to the courtyard to look for someone to fight.

The courtyard was quite large. There was at least 80 students each doing their own thing. Some were racing on the shoddily made tracks. Some were playing cards with each other and betting money to buy things outside of school. Neither of these things caught Xin Fan's interest as these days, he did not feel like racing as much nor did he even leave school to buy things. As Xin Fan scanned the courtyard, some students caught his eyes. It were the same students that fought Chilong the other day. They were the lackeys of Hu Li who seemed to recover after a few days. Hu Li himself did not seem to be present, presumably due to the heavy injuries that were inflicted. They were picking on a smaller student extorting money out of him. The student was as thin as Chilong and wore glasses with thick lens. He was stuttering and asking for help while the lackeys cornered his every move. The surrounding students tried to ignore the scene and simply went on with their own agenda. As the minutes counted down, the boy was slowly getting more and more roughed up.

"So...What do you say? Its your own fault for messing with us."

One of Hu Li's lackeys grabbed the boy by the collar and started to rip away at the clothes looking for things of value.

"There better be something good otherwise...lets just say that all three of us broke through to the second stage."

Xin Fan was no saint, but even he knew that it was starting to go too far. Xin Fan was reluctant as after all, unlike Chilong, he wasn't experienced with fighting a group of people. Even so, he also did not wish for more blood to be shed on the playground. Xin Fan slowly moved forwards to the group slowly attracting attention to those around him and the three underlings. As Xin Fan moved closer, the pressure seemed to increase.

"What do you want."

The three threatened Xin Fan with a mean glare. The oldest of the three had a crew cut and slowly walked up to Xin Fan pushing him on the chest.

"Back off if you don't want to get hurt."

"Hahaha...Xue Ji, look at his clothes, he doesn't seem to have anything good. Just ignore him"

The oldest turned around to the other two and walked over to slap the face of the one that retorted.

"Boss Hu Li made sure I was in charge when he is away. Xie Tao, that slap was for talking back. This kid seemed like he is looking for trouble and I in turn am responding to it. Cheng Lu I also expect the same standard from you. We shouldn't humiliate ourselves before boss comes back."

Xue Ji turned his head back to Xin Fan and gave him the finger.

"You heard what I said. If you are not looking for trouble, back off."

Xin Fan slowly moved towards the boy that was collapsed on the ground and helped him up. He then asked a few people nearby for help. He turned to the trio and assumed a fighting stance.

"I wouldn't normally do this but since it's important, I'll make an exception. I will fight you."

The three responded in turn and assumed their own fighting stance.

"I don't understand what you mean but it seems like you are asking for a beating."

Of the three only Xue Ji had lost his arrogance since the Chilong incident. Xue Ji stared at Xin Fan's every movement and tried to counter at every opportunity. However, Xin Fan was not like Chilong and was a reactive fighter. At first, there were no movements and neither party made any move. This broke when Xie Tao step forwards to land the first punch. Xin Fan dodged with precision and pushed him down. Cheng Lu followed up the attack and launched an attack from a blind spot. Xin Fan jumped back and dodged the attack as if he predicted it. Xue Ji stayed at the back still observing Xin Fan's movements. Xin Fan closed in on Cheng Lu and punched him in the stomach. He then turned around kicking him in the back to the ground.

[ Quest completion at 10% ]

"What is with this guy's speed."

Xie Tao managed to get up in this time frame and launched a punch to Xin Fan's face. *Swoosh* The punch landed in empty air and Xie Tao was greeted to a punch to his face. Xie Tao felt a strong pull on his shirt as he was moved aside narrowly avoiding the blow. Xue Ji could no longer play a passive role as Xie Tao was fighting alone. The strong point of fighting in a group is to overwhelm with numbers.

"Huh...Thanks Xue Ji"

"Unlike you two, I actually learnt from our last experience."

The conversation was cut short as Xin Fan once again closed in and sent a kick towards both of them. The force of Xin Fan's kick are no joke and forced both of them to fight defensively. They kept retreating as Xin Fan kept closing in launching a barrage of unpredictable attacks. Whispers could be heard from the crowd watching.

"He's actually pressuring them."

"Xue Ji! What do we do. This guy is also a monster!"

Xie Tao was slowly drained of his stamina after taking blows after blow.

"Just wait for the right moment."

Xin Fan circled around the two leading them to the positions he wanted. Xin Fan sent a strong punch to Xie Tao's face.

"Now dodge!"

Xie Tao ducked before sending a punch to Xin Fan. This was the the last blow. It took all of Xie Tao's energy to punch. It was all or nothing. Xue Ji also took advantage of this to throw in some punches himself.

"Just die!"

However the excitement was cut short. Xin Fan intercepted the blow by sending a strong blow to the wrist. Xin Fan easily dodged Xue Ji's punch and sent a kick to his chest. He then preceded to land a quick finishing blow to Xie Tao. He send a quick jab to the chin knocking him out. He then turned around to Xue Ji and changed his position.

[ Quest Completion at 20% ]

"It's just us two. Don't get me wrong...I feel no hate towards you after all it is an unnecessary feeling."

A sting was felt and caused a lapse of concentration however Xue Ji did not notice and kept his defensive position.

[ Soul Fragmentation is at 15% ]

"You monster!"

Xue Ji had no confidence in winning this fight. In pure force, Chilong had completely humiliated him. In speed and agility, Xin Fan had time after time again dodged his blows not to mention the strong kicks that he experienced moments ago. The end was near. Once the mind is broken, the body comes after. Xin Fan closed in the distance and sent a punch. Xue Ji frantically blocked the blow and retreated back. The blows were unpredictable. Sometimes at the jaw, sometimes in the stomach. After many blows, Xue Ji finally broke his stance allowing Xin Fan to give a clean kick to the stomach.

[ Quest Completion at 30% ]

"I give up."

Xue Ji collapsed onto the ground and fell unconscious. Footsteps could be heard and the face of a young man appeared.

"Oh crap...Big Sis Wang will be pissed."

Lu Xi quickly hauled the 3 unconscious students onto his shoulder and gave Xin Fan a stern look.

"Expect to see me after class."

Lu Xi walked off to take them into the infirmary. If one listened closely, one can hear his muttering.

"Honestly...the same kids. One gets suspended and the roommate wants to follow. Why do I always get the blame."

Xin Fan looked towards the students expecting looks of fear. Instead, he was given looks of awe and respect.

"Wow...You have gained my respect. How did you become so powerful!"

"Hey whats your name!"

Xin Fan frowned and ignored them as he headed back to class. He turned around and stared at the crowd virtually worshiping him.

"I don't need your respect. Where were you when that kid was bullied? What were you doing when he was clearly being beaten up?"

Xin Fan walked off in a bad mood. The fight was longer than he had thought and he had depleted quite a bit of energy. Not to mention the fact that he had gained unwanted attention. Xin Fan sighed as the lesson was resumed. Ever so often, Wang Mei would look annoyed at Xin Fan and ask him a difficult question. Every action had a consequence. This is the way of Karma.
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    《Ultimate Rice System》