Ultimate Rice System
12 The one with many skills
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Ultimate Rice System
Author :Dism
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12 The one with many skills

The class ended and as requested, he met up with Lu Xi for his punishment. It wasn't as bad as it seemed as he did not cause major injuries unlike Chilong. Even as he left the school buildings, he could still feel the eyes watching him, fingers pointing at him and people talking about him. Talk of the fight seemed to have spread to the other classes and while some were skeptical, most seemed to believe the word of mouth. Xin Fan returned to the dormitory and walked up to the dorm office. There sat Lu Xi, Wang Mei and a few other staff members. It was time to pass down the judgement.

"So, who do we have here."

An aged man around the age of Xin Mu was the first to speak. Wang Fei took out a report from a stack of papers on the table and handed it to the man.

"Principal Yao, here is the information on him."

The man took hold of the paper and read it out aloud.

"Xin Fan aged 5. Born in Silver Lark Village. Awakened to rice grass spirit. A studious boy who sits at the front of class. Takes lessons seriously and is always on time. Undetermined ability. Roommate of Hei Chilong. In the farming club."

The man looked up in surprised and looked back on the report.

"Hmm...Silver Lark Village? You are not a relative of General Xin are you?"

Xin Fan stared at the principal in surprise.

"Umm... My father's name is Xin Mu."

"Hahaha fate plays strange tricks. Did your father never tell you about his life?"

Xin Fan shook his head and looked at Principal Yao in curiousity.

"Back in the day, Boss would command the battlefields and win us every battle. He retired a few years back. How is he doing these days?"

Principal Yao seemed to be in a giddy mood. Xin Fan on the other hand seemed lost. His father had never spoke about his past as a warrior. He had always assumed that his father was a simple mercenary who lived his life acting as some sort of guard in the city.

"My father is fine."

"Heh. Looks like he is living a simple life as he said he would."

While this exchange was occurring, the others were having a conversation themselves.

"Holy Sh*t.He is the son of that general."

"No way. I heard that the general was a freak as a kid. Don't tell me he is the same."

After a short while a verdict was passed.

"It is an undeniable fact that you injured 3 children. However given that you did not cripple them, they too were rule breakers and your father is a personal friend of mine, I just need your to write down the school rules 100 times."

"School rules?"

The school rules was a list of statements that were given to students as they enrolled into school. Since Xin Fan was considered late when enrolling, he did not have a chance to read it.

"Don't you know them?"

Principal Yao handed a scroll over to Xin Fan to read.


Dragon Root Academy Rules

Fights are strictly prohibited unless it is a challenge with both parties agreeing to time and location.

Vandalism is strictly prohibited

Techniques are not to be used in a classroom unless under supervision

Fights in classrooms are forbidden.

Breaching upon the rules results in punishment


Xin Fan read the rules and looked towards Wang Mei.

"Why did I not receive a copy?"

Wang Mei turned around avoiding his gaze. Her face was red and was stuttering quite a bit.

"Y..yeah I forgot."

Xin Fan turned around to face Principal Yao once more.

"When do I hand it in?"

"Its best that you hand it in before Chilong's suspension ends."

The talk with the Principal and the staff members was over and Xin Fan was free to go. The teachers were surprisingly nice to him and offered their advice as they left the office. Lu Xi stayed behind working on some paperwork seemingly dissatisfied with the ending. Xin Fan slowly made his way to the fields outside. There he saw the figure of a girl simply waiting for him.

"What took you so long?"

Tianfei hopped off the large rock and walked up towards him.

"Ahh...I had to meet up with the staff. I sorta beat up a few people."

Tianfei tilted her head and thumped her fist on her palm in realization.

"Ah, that happened. So how are we going along with this? Standard fight 10 meters away?"

"Whatever is fine,"replied Xin Fan as he slowly distanced himself from Tianfei. He was light on his toes as he was well aware of her abilities.


Tianfei was quick to move and distanced herself from Xin Fan. Her fingers started to glow and smoke started to secrete from her hand. Before long, Xin Fan's vision was fully obscured. Without him realizing, Tianfei had circled around him resulting him to be trapped in a cage of smoke. Xin Fan had long lost sight of her and resorted to simply charging in a random direction.


A jolt of electricity shot him right on the chest. He was stunned for a second and he felt a strong force knocking the back of his head. Tianfei retreated back into the smoke seamlessly as if she was a phantom. Every step seemed like a trap. Running forwards meant risking being shot by a technique. Standing still made him a sitting target for him to be attacked. A flash of flames shot from behind and Xin Fan quickly dodged to the side.

"It's useless."

More flames shot out hitting Xin Fan from behind. Xin Fan rushed at the direction that the flames came from and sent a harvest slash in the general direction.


The sound of cut fabric could be heard as he dashed forwards. As Xin Fan approached the location of the sound, a blade seemingly appearing out of nowhere appeared right in front of him. Xin Fan leaned backwards narrowly dodging it and punched forwards.


As his fist connected to flesh, the smoke started to dissipate leaving Tianfei exposed for him to see. Tianfei had a small gash along the side of her waist from the slash earlier. She attempted to generate more smoke however this time, Xin Fan would not allow her. He dashed forwards and closed in sending a punch to her stomach. She easily dodged and sent a kick to his chin stunning him for a moment giving her a moment of rest.


She mustered all the qi left in her dantian generating blades of ice all around her limbs. Now it is simply a battle of physique. Xin Fan sent a punch towards her and she blocked with her arm.


Xin Fan's hands started to bleed profusely and he quickly retracted it to see his blood covering the ice blades. This is troublesome. Xin Fan looked at his hands and then at Tianfei. She did not seem in any better shape. Although the ice took the brunt of the force, she still felt the residual force coursing through her body. Tianfei charged forwards ignoring the pain and tried to inflict as much damage as possible. Although much smaller, she was just as fast and agile as Xin Fan and easily closed in on the distance as he himself did. She landed a cross shaped cut along Xin Fan's robes across the chest. Red started to seep into the white of the robes and Xin Fan retaliated with a harvest slash.

"Not happening!"

Tianfei blocked the slash by intercepting the slash with her blades. However, this gave time for Xin Fan to distance himself from her. Both sides were exhausted. Both have been forced to use their trump cards.


"You are so strong. However, it looks like I will win."

Tianfei rushed forwards with her arms crossed to intercept anything that came at her. Xin Fan also rushed forwards. He sent harvest slashes in quick succession. Tianfei blocked all of his attempts and managed to close in on Xin Fan.

"You're done."

She slashed across at his waist causing more and more bleeding. However little did she know this was a crucial mistake.

"Harvest Slash!"

Xin Fan mustered the last of his qi to release it at point blank. Tianfei had no way of blocking the attack and coughed up a mouthful of blood. He did not have enough qi to create a serious injury however it was enough. After all, neither sides hoped for each others death. Tianfei pushed Xin Fan away from her and tried to treat the wound across her stomach. However the bleeding would not stop and she collapsed onto the ground. This is the last scene Xin Fan saw before he too fell unconscious.

[ Quest Completion at 40% ]

Xin Fan woke up to see himself on a bed in the infirmary. He attempted to get up but his entire body rejected his will to move.

"Ahh! It hurts!"

Xin Fan's face crumpled up at the pain he felt from moving. He laid back onto the bed which alleviated most of the pain.

"Hah...you too?"

Xin Fan turned his head to see Tianfei resting in the bed opposite in seemingly the same condition. She was now dressed in a plain white outfit as her robes were torn to pieces in the fight. Xin Fan also found himself in the same outfit and turned back to face the ceiling.

"Did I win?"

"I don't know. I fell unconscious."

The two engaged in awkward silence until footsteps could be heard from outside the infirmary. Man Qiu dashed in through the door and hugged both Tianfei and Xin Fan in tears.

"Are you two okay? What happened? Did you get attacked?"

The two looked at each other in unison and silently agreed to keep the fight a secret.

"Hahaha... We are okay. Don't worry about us"

Xin Fan tried to calm Man Qiu from her frantic state. Tianfei attempted to play it cool and showed off that she was okay to no avail as she couldn't move.

"Okay Okay break it up in here."

A woman in her 30s walked in to the infirmary and told Man Qiu to leave so she could talk to the two privately. She guided Man Qiu outside and shut the door locking the three inside. The moment she turned the locks, all the sounds from outside disappeared. Xin Fan had seen this woman before. She was there when he was interrogated in the office. She looked at the two dead in the eye and spoke frankly.

"This room has a sound blocking formation. What you say stays in here. So...what happened outside the dorm. There is no point in lying...I can tell."

Xin Fan looked at Tianfei seemingly asking her for a solution.

"Tell her the truth, she isn't lying. There is no point," said Tianfei in resignation.

The woman looked at Tianfei in surprise.

"Oho. I didn't think there is someone with the sense like me."

The woman curiously stared at Tianfei's big eyes.

"Oh well...This is not what I am here for. I just need to know what happened."

The woman looked back at Xin Fan sternly and waited a response.

"We had a fight. It was a set challenge. We both decided on a location and time."

The woman then let out a sigh of relief. It was as if a huge weight was removed and the atmosphere seemed to lighten up.

"Since its a challenge and there were no demonic beasts involved, All is fine."

The woman got up to leave but not before giving her name.

"My name is Yang Bing. I am the school nurse."

As she unlocked the door, sound from the outside seemed to return. Man Qiu seemed to have left leaving Xin Fan and Tianfei alone in the room. Xin Fan once again turned to Tianfei with a serious look.

"I have a question...How did you use so many skills?"

Due to Xin Fan's serious look, Tianfei burst into a fit of giggles. She seriously thought that he was going to ask about more personal questions like the sense.

"Ahaha. That's what you want to ask? It's simple really. My mother is a strong cultivator. Before I even awakened, she showed me how to use techniques. It's no wonder I am strong. After all, I do not want to let her down. But what I am curious about is your 'harvest slash'. Even in all her books, I have never seen a techniques like that."

Xin Fan lay there resigned and told her a partial truth.

"As I said before. It is a revision of 'finger slash'. Only it is changed to fit farming. At this point, it is no big secret...at least between us. I hope you don't tell anyone about it. It's my trump card."

Tianfei lay on the bed seemingly deep in thought. After a short moment of time she decided to make a decision that she would never regret.

"Let's share skills. I will teach you my skills and you teach me yours. Your revised skills are interesting."

"I am fine with that but why so sudden."

"Let's say I feel like we will be together for a long time."

Tianfei turned over to her side and fell into a deep sleep. Seeing her like that, Xin Fan decided to enter his domain and train for himself.
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    《Ultimate Rice System》