Ultimate Rice System
13 Harvest Slash II
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Ultimate Rice System
Author :Dism
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13 Harvest Slash II

For the next few days, both Xin Fan and Bai Tianfei were stuck in bed in the infirmary. During this period of time, Xin Fan started to complete his task of repeating the rules a hundred times. Every day, Man Qiu would come in and share the notes she took in class so the two would not fall behind.

"Oh interesting. By aligning the symbol this way, the same amount of qi could release to become a more powerful attack."

Tianfei was reading the manual for 'Harvest Slash' that Xin Fan wrote in his spare time. After all, since the task he was assigned was simple and he had easily completed it within a day, he was able to write down the method of using the technique. Xin Fan himself was also practicing a technique. It was the ice technique that Tianfei used in the fight. This technique is called "Frost Blade Body." The technique is a multi use one which means it can be used for both offense and defense. At the pinnacle, it is said that the whole body will be engulfed in sharp spikes of ice making the user untouchable. Because he was injured, Xin Fan decided to use this technique in his domain. As soon as he attempted to, he was greeted with the sound of many system messages.

[ User has attempted to uses 'Frost Blade Body'[ Technique ]]

[ Technique is of acceptable standards ]

[ New technique created 'Frost Blade Shell' ]

[ Technique is able to be merged into Harvest Slash ]

[ Conditions for 'Harvest Slash' to evolve has been met ]

[ 'Harvest Slash' has become 'Harvest Slash II' ]

The skill menu appeared and a new option had been added under the original 'Harvest Slash'.

"Help...Skills Info...Evolving Techniques."

Xin Fan prompted up information from the system on the mechanics behind the harvest slash. Ever since he had learn't the skill, he never bothered to research upon it as it was the only skill he had. A menu popped up with a lengthy explanation.


[ Evolving Techniques ]

Evolving techniques are techniques that as its name suggests, Evolve. The Conditions to evolve the technique is to have a sufficient amount of proficiency and a sufficient amount of compatible

skills.The technique itself is simple and acts as a base material. As user gains more techniques, they can be used to augment the Evolving technique. The augmentation is reversible and new techniques can be switched in and out. However it does require user to be in domain to change. As the technique evolves, it can be augmented more and more. Every Evolution for evolving techniques can act as a separate technique and can be used simultaneously.


After reading the lengthy explanation, Xin Fan tapped on the option under the skill 'Harvest slash'.

A list with only one selection available appeared. Xin Fan tapped the words 'Frost Blade Body' and instinctively felt a change. It was the same feeling when he learnt a new skill.

"Harvest Slash II."

Instead of energy appearing out of his finger, blades of energy started to grow all around his body. Blades of energy grew on his back like the spines of a hedgehog and a line of blades grew along the outside of his arm like spikes along a crocodiles back.

"Harvest Slash"

Xin Fan no longer needed to use his finger. With just a spin of his body, he sent blades of energy all around him destroying everything. Xin Fan made sure that he was at least 100m away from the crops when doing so as he did not want to ruin anything. Xin Fan dashed forwards to the tree and ran his arm across it. The blades cut the tree as if it were butter and fell down.

"I only wish this tree was harder."

[ To access world edit use command 'Edit' ]

The remark was unintentional and Xin Fan was given a nice surprise when a menu popped up infront of him. It was a map of the entire area with the tree marking the center. Xin Fan tapped on the screen and a selection menu popped up.


[ Marker Tree ]

Hardness: 1

Regeneration: MAX

Size: 7


There was a toggle for each option and Xin Fan started to play around with the values. The words speak for themselves. Hardness changed how hard it is to destroy. Regeneration is the re spawn speed and Size changed the size of the tree. Along the side of the map, there was a list of structures. Xin Fan dragged the building and placed it somewhere random on the map. In the distance, Xin Fan could see a building slowly being generated. As pointless as it is, Xin Fan had a great time decorating the world with different structures: Sheds, farmhouses, fences, you name it. Before long, Xin Fan realized that there was one last option he didn't touch. It was just one word, 'Perfection'. As soon as he touched it, the words on the selection changed to 'Reality'. The spikes instantly retracted to just 1 on his right arm and wounds appeared out of nowhere. Pain surged throughout his body causing him to collapse onto the ground. Xin Fan quickly changed the selection back and the pain instantly receded as if it was never there to begin with.

*Huff Huff*

Xin Fan panted heavily as he recovered his state of mind. As It seems, the 'Reality' option changes the condition of the user to the state in reality. This includes the proficiency in skills and state of body. To contrast, the 'Perfection' options makes the user have the perfect body state and use skills with maximum master. I guess I'll have to keep this in mind for next time.

Xin Fan left the domain and found himself back in the bed. The condition of his body has been considerably better. After all, he had been in recovery for a week. He only needed a another week to reach peak performance. The same could be said for Tianfei. Tianfei is now able to walk again without crying in pain. The pain is still there but it is not as bad as before.

"Harvest Slash II"

Xin Fan observed his body condition not minding the stares of his companion. A thin blade emerged from his wrist and he swung it around to test it out. It, of course, was weaker than that of the domain but still stronger than his ordinary harvest slash. The consumption of qi was around the same but at the cost of range. Of course, he could still use an ordinary 'Harvest Slash' in this state so it was not a complete waste of qi.

"Is that a new skill?"

"No it's just an evolved 'harvest slash'. I took concepts from 'Frost Blade Body' and merged it."

"Oh? Your proficiency has reached that level?"

Tianfei did not seemed surprised at all and even seemed like she was expecting it. The reason she even wanted the technique in the first place was due to the potential it held. The fundamentals of a technique is that the simpler it is, the more potential it has to change. As Xin Fan was practicing, he also tried to use 'Frost Blade Shell'. A small curved shield, the size of an adult sea turtle appeared on his back. The shield was covered in razor sharp blades and hovered a centimeter away from his back covering the shoulders to tail bone.

"Whoa did you revise 'Frost Blade Body' as well? You better teach me this one."

"Of course. Why not?"

Tianfei rushed over to grab on Xin Fan's robe in joy. She looked at him straight in the eyes while giving him the look of an excited puppy. She did not even consider how Xin Fan made the new technique. She already knew that Xin Fan was capable seeing that he come from a modest background and could still devise 'Harvest Slash' in one afternoon. She, like the ancestors before her, was only interested in learning techniques. The Bai family is notorious for their insatiable thirst for knowledge and Tianfei is no different. Tianfei was practically ripping his robe to force the technique out of him. Of course, due to their agreement, he complied. As Xin Fan was writing down the technique on paper, she was watching with a cheeky grin on her face. She seemed like a different person. She did not seem like the child-like girl he first met nor did she seem like the proud fighter he fought till the last one standing. She was just a friend that saw him as an equal. To be honest, Xin Fan was quite glad that they became friends. At this school, beside from Man Qiu, he did not have anybody he could truly call 'friend'. And even considering Man Qiu, he sees her as an older sister more than anything. It is truly wondrous what an all out fight can do to people.


A few days later

Xin Fan and Tianfei have completely recovered and are able to return to class. Xin Fan was able to hand in the assignment he had due before being injured and no longer had anything to do besides fighting. At his return, the class had mixed opinions about him. Some students worshiped Xin Fan for his previous actions. Xin Fan had developed a fan base amongst the students especially the weak ones. The stronger students wanted to have a go at fighting him due to his reputation hoping to heighten their own. Of course, Chilong was back in class and did not seem to have many opinions. Chilong was simply curious as he was absent for a large period of time and had no idea of the events that had occurred. He just knew Xin Fan was caught in a fight and was injured heavily. Simply put, the return of Xin Fan had created waves around the school.

The return of the two came at just the right time for the transition of classes. The classes focused less on theory and more towards physical activity. The classes would teach fighting skills, hunting skills; all of the skills that would be required in the army to fight against the demon beast invasion. They say that doing is the best way to learn. Ever since the Xin Fan's fight with Tianfei, the amount of challenges going around the school had increased. Coupled along with the changes in classes, the return to school had became a lot more interesting.

"Xin Fan! I challenge you!"
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    《Ultimate Rice System》