Ultimate Rice System
14 Premature Figh
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Ultimate Rice System
Author :Dism
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14 Premature Figh

"Xin Fan I challenge you.!"

The moment Xin Fan left the classroom, a bunch of people threw challenge letters at him. People started to get comfortable around the school and are more than willing to fight now. Xin Fan walked off with a large stack of challenge letters and met up with Tianfei at an empty area towards the back of the building.

"Ahaha look at that stack!"

Tianfei laughed at the sight of Xin Fan wobbling towards her, attempting to balance the stack. Xin Fan was quick to drop the stack below his feet and decided to go through all of them. Xin Fan was never one who will avoid fights at all costs. Even so now, he had a quest to fight others and if he wanted to complete it, he had no choice but to accept.

"Hah...What a bother. I got to fight a these guys because...Reasons."

Xin Fan carefully lay out the papers on the ground for Tianfei to see. Rather than a fight, it was as if they were picking out food for a shopping list.

"Oh! This person seems like a good choice!"

Tianfei pointed at one of the papers on the ground. It was a boy slightly older than him. He seemed to also be in the second stage and was free that very afternoon at the courtyard. Xin Fan accepted the suggestion and decided to pick a couple more people to fight. Most of the people on the list were those in the same grade at the first stage. As Xin Fan filtered through the papers looking for those in the second stage, he eventually found only 4 more people who fit his criteria, one short from finishing his mission.

"Hah...I am one person short."

"Do you need a set number? I thought you needed them for training."

Xin Fan ignored the remark and scheduled out his time table to fit the challenges. He then ripped a couple of pages from his book and wrote something on it.

"Tianfei. Can you do me a favor and deliver them to the names marked."

"What do I gain from this?" Tianfei was pouting as she grabbed the papers. She seemed a bit annoyed at Xin Fan's actions but eventually they easily settled the deal with Xin Fan promising to teach her a new technique. Of course, Xin Fan did not know any new techniques which added something extra to his agenda.

"New technique~new technique~new technique."

Tianfei cheerfully skipped off while singing in her melodious voice. Eventually the break was over and Xin Fan had to return to class. On the way to class, whispers could be heard of challenges around the school.

"Did you hear how Tu Tian completely destroyed Cai Shi."

"The match in the courtyard was so memorable. They both fell at the same time."

As opposed to the morning, there was a considerable decrease in the attention Xin Fan received as he entered the classroom. That is not to say he didn't as after all, he still had a small fan base but he did not see as much challenging looks than before.

"Okay Class its time for some combat training. Lets go out to the courtyard."

Wang Mei enthusiastically ushered the class outside for a practical lesson. She then randomly allocated people into pairs and had them face each other. She then grabbed Xin Fan who was the closest to her and used him as demonstration.

"Today's lesson is hand to hand combat. Kikiki...My favorite topic. Okay watch carefully." Wang Mei put her palm on Xin Fan's chest and pushed hard. At the same time, she used her legs to hook his from behind and as if it were magic, Xin Fan found himself in a lock.


Xin Fan felt his bones creaking and muscles stretching. Honestly speaking, his body should not be in this position. From Xin Fan's position, he could see Tianfei in the distance giggling by herself next to her partner. Xin Fan gritted his teeth to endure the pain before, Wang Mei decided to let him go.

"As you can see, I manipulated his movement by hitting at weaker points and therefore using soft to counter hard."

"Like hell! You just used brute force!" thought Xin Fan internally as he rubbed his joints. Xin Fan returned to his partner as soon as possible before awaiting instructions as he did not want to be hurt anymore.

"Well there's my demonstration. You will have 5 minutes to spar with your partner and not techniques. If possible, try to copy what I did. I will be watching and assessing you. Well...Have fun."

Xin Fan turned around to look at his practice partner. The boy had a oval face with and long jet black hair. Under high arching brows, he had large haze eyes contrasting his rosy, full lips. Overall, his figure was unnatural. He had a thin waist and long arms which were covered completely by his sleeves. Xin Fan decided to start off by introducing himself as a sign of basic courtesy.

"I am Xin Fan although you probably already know me."

"Nice to meet you. I am Tu Tian."

Tu Tian? Where have I heard that name before. Xin Fan slowly searched his memory for anything to do with that name.

"Ah! You are one of my challengers."

"Indeed. I received your reply from that girl. I guess we can settle it here instead of tomorrow."

Tu Tian stroked his long black hair which glimmered in the sun. He did not seem to be the fighting type but as they say 'looks can be deceiving'.

"Karma often resolves it self sooner than later."

At the utterance of that line, a sting in his mind followed by a system message rang throughout his head.

[ Soul Fragmentation is at 30% ]

"Let's just fight."

Tu Tian fought in a unique manner. It was shady to say the least. He hid his hands under his long sleeves which prevented Xin Fan from predicting the next move. Tu Tian was the first to move and started off with striking Xin Fan's chest with his palm. The impact was not so strong but still knocked air straight out of his lungs. Xin Fan retaliated by punching straight in the stomach. However, this is when the fight became bizzare. Tu Tin leaned backwards. A lot backwards. He contorted his body to fold upon itself to avoid the attack. Then he flipped over and landed a kick. Xin Fan was not going to take this and dodged the kick.

"What did...How did you do that."

Tu Tian stroked his face effeminately and simply gave off a wink. He then punched out with his sleeve covering his hand straight to Xin Fan's face. Xin Fan of course retreated half a step to avoid collision however the fist just kept going and still managed to connect. Tu Tian wagged his finger and taunted Xin Fan.

"Just so you know, I come from a family of acrobats. I can dislocate any bone in my body as I wish."

Tu Tian began to fight utilizing his body as a weapon. His arms became spears and his legs became whips. Overall, Tu Tian was relentless and never gave Xin Fan any chance of retaliating. In Tu Tian's mind, the outcome of the fight was already decided however, Xin Fan thought otherwise. Xin Fan stopped pulling his punches and he started to attack at high speeds. Each punch was faster than the last and the tides have started to turn. If this was a proper fight, Xin Fan could have easily destroyed Tu Tian in less than a minute but after all, it is a spar and technique use was banned.

The match has gone on for 3 minutes and Tu Tian is no longer on the offensive. He, to the best of his ability was dodging every blow. He knew that a single connected punch spelt defeat and rarely returned blows. The match was already over when Xin Fan began pressuring him. However it was only know that Tu Tian realized his grave mistake. If he did not attack he could never win. Tu Tian kicked as a final gambit.


Xin Fan single handedly grabbed Tu Tian's foot. It was over.

"Looks like I caught you."

Xin Fan gave off an angelic smile before mustering all his energy to punch Tu Tian in the stomach.

[ Quest Completion at 50% ]

"Haiz...That was a pain..."

Xin Fan carefully laid the unconscious body on the ground and asked for assistance.

"Times up!"

The training session was over and everyone who was still standing assembled before Wang Mei. Lu Xi came over to carry the unconscious students to the infirmary. He had his iconic disgruntled face and grabbed a few bodies and slung them over his shoulder. Wang Mei gave each person a paper with scores written on it

"Read it on your own time, You have a 5 minute break before we go back to class."


Combat Report 1






Remarks: Very Strong force. Needs to utilize better strategy if any. Waste too much Energy.


Tianfei walked up to him and took a peek at his report. She too won her battle however seemed quite unnerved. She had a lot less trouble fighting her battle. Her opponent was much weaker than her and so could have won within the first minute. But she did not want to completely humiliate and stalled for a while giving face to her opponent.

"Ahh...That opponent was so troublesome. He was so weak...It is so hard holding back."

"So how was your report?"

Tianfei handed her report which was not too different from his own. Wang Mei was a harsh critic and even Tianfei was not spared from it.


Combat Report 1






Remarks:Good utilization of soft/hard attacks. Needs more working on timing of attacks.


"Ahh! I shouldn't have held back!"

After a short break, class had resumed. The class seemed restless and the exhaustion from sparring still remained. Of course, The people who were knocked out returned back to class and the day resumed as normal. After class ended, Xin Fan returned to the courtyard awaiting his first challenger. Tianfei decided that it was a good idea to spectate and cheer on her best friend. Before long, a boy built like a bear approached Xin Fan.

"Are you Xin Fan?"
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    《Ultimate Rice System》