Ultimate Rice System
15 The Afterschool Challenges Part 1
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Ultimate Rice System
Author :Dism
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15 The Afterschool Challenges Part 1

"Are you Xin Fan?"

The boy was large, aged around 7 years old. His legs were thick as tree trunks and his arms were like logs. Xin Fan was stunned at the sheer size of the kid. It was as if the kid hit puberty half a decade earlier than he should.

"Yeah...I assume your name is Shentu Gang."

The boy nodded and gave a a heavy pat on the shoulders before walking off. Each step was heavier than the last. Xin Fan did not really care much about appearances after a while as he was quite certain that he would win.

"Ever since I came here, I have never lost a fight."

Shentu Gang humphed in pride as he walked 10 meters away. He crossed his arms in a manner to protect his head and chest. At the count of 3, the battle had started and he charged straight at Xin Fan. Xin Fan was calm and did not seem to mind charge attacks. This sort of attack is one he was quite familiar with.

"Wild Charge"

A trail of energy particles was emitted as the footsteps became closer. Xin Fan stood his ground without care of any ramifications. A shield of icy blades manifested on his back and he shifted it slightly in the direction of the charge.

"Hah... this is quick."

Blood coated the shield as Xin Fan retracted it. Shentu Gang's arms were in bad condition with gashes half an inch deep. Xin Fan hurriedly deactivated his shield and pressed down on the wounds he had caused. The fast treatment stopped some of the blood loss and Xin Fan guided him to the place he was most familiar with.

[ Quest Completion at 60% ]

"Are you okay?"

"Ahh! It stings! It stings!"

Tianfei took out a few bandages and wrapped them around to temporarily treat the wound. She had already anticipated the result of the fight and was quick to give first aid. The three made their way to the infirmary to see it almost full. Yang Bing was treating a girl's bleeding knee. Due to the increase in people fighting, there was also an increase in people getting injured. Yang Bing did not seem to mind the increase in workload and guided Shentu Gang to a sick bed.

"I did not expect you to defeat me in one blow."

Shentu Gang was bitter at his quick defeat however was quick to let it go. The fight only lasted less than a minute which gave Xin Fan plenty of time to rest for his next fight. Tianfei passed Xin Fan a gourd of water and he was quick to down it in a single gulp. Xin Fan laid on one of the free beds and relaxed for a while before newly injured people entered the room.

"Hey Miss Yang. Can I take a few more bandages? We might need them later."

"Oh! You have a fight later?"

Yang Bing was surprised at Tianfei's Inquiry. She knew that Xin Fan was probably going to fight seeing how he could fight 3v1 but she didn't expect Tianfei to do the same. After all, it was ill advised to fight right after recovery.

"Oh no. It's just Xin Fan has another two fights today."

Yang Bing felt as if she had a bone stuck in her throat. She didn't know whether Xin Fan was arrogant or truly powerful. A normal student would fight only once a fortnight. Nevermind once a fortnight, Xin Fan decides to fight 3 in a day. 4 if you count the sparring session. And this was only the first day back from recovery. Yang Bing felt a headache coming in at the thought of many more students requiring medical attention. After all, she was the only one willing to work as a nurse. If she had known what was to come, she would have had applied for dorm manager.

"Tianfei it's time to go."

Tianfei had fallen asleep while waiting for the next battle. Before she entered school, she would often take naps at this time of the day as it was likely she would spend the sleepless night studying techniques with her mother. Xin Fan shook her out of her slumber and she drowsily followed behind.

The next person to fight was a girl named Xiao Yu. As he made his way to the courtyard, he was greeted with a heroic figure in light armor. Ahh a rich girl. Xin Fan thought of something rude before greeting her.

"Nice to meet you. I am Xin Fan."

The girl din't respond at first and only pointed her wooden sword at him. Although redundant due to techniques, metal weapons are forbidden on school grounds. She threw a spare wooden sword at Xin Fan for him to catch.

"I am Xiao Yu of the Xiao Clan. I have heard of your father's prowess with the sword. Accept my challenge, Son of General Xin."

She gave an honorable bow and swung the sword. Xin Fan was uncomfortable with the blade. It wasn't as if he had never used weapons before. Although sickles are a farm tool, if used correctly can be used as a formidable weapon. Take for example a scythe. Although used as a similar tool for reaping crops, there are depictions of it as the choice weapon of the death god, the grim reaper. Xin Fan awkwardly blocked the slash and quickly retreated. Xiao Yu swung again from the side aiming at his waist.

"Umm..I don't really know how to use this."

Xin Fan dropped the wooden sword and a small blade appeared on his wrist. He then blocked the blow as if it was nothing.

"Harvest Slash II"

"Armament Shielding"

To Xin Fan's surprise, the wooden sword did not break and only stopped at the energy blade. If one were to look closely, the wooden sword was coated in a small barrier of energy. The reason for that was obvious. Xin Fan lightly kicked Xiao Yu on the chest knocking her back a few steps.

"You...That's a dirty move."

"Don't you come from a military family. 'All is fair in war.' Besides, my father never taught me how to use a sword."

Xin Fan's words seemed to enrage Xiao Yu as she started to progressively increase the complexity of her attacks. Head, Stomach, arms and legs. Xin Fan blocked them all. The feat was easy as the sword was heavy and the energy blade was virtually weightless.

"How is this possible! I train 5 hours every day! How are you still deflecting my attacks!"

Xin Fan scoffed at her remark as he continued to parry .The daily training that every other student does, Xin Fan had done more by at least 2 fold. Any feat of daily training hours is meaningless before Xin Fan who trains in his domain whenever he is free. Xin Fan's next fight was not for another hour so he had plenty of time to waste. With every parry, a bit of Xiao Yu's confidence started to break. After all. Xin Fan IS strong. Eventually, Xiao Yu's attacks were nothing but flails of the blade. They didn't have any force behind them. Her navy eyes started to swell as tears dripped. She had given up. The barrier on the blade had broken and 'Harvest Slash II' had stopped at her neck.

[ Quest Completion at 70% ]

Xin Fan felt strangely guilty. He didn't know whether it was because he made her cry or he practically crushed her confidence. Xin Fan attempted to pat her on the back to comfort her but his hand was quickly slapped away. She glared at him in hatred as she stared at the remains of the broken sword. Tianfei tried to mediate the situation by giving her a hug.

"Xin Fan. You bully."

Tianfei scolded Xin Fan while stroking the rich black hair of the crying girl. Xin Fan himself tried to say a few words to comfort the crying lass.

"If you train even harder, you may one day defeat me."

Xin Fan felt a stinging pain in his chest as he said those words. He knew for a fact that it wasn't true and he was simply implanting false hope. Who knows....maybe she will have a fortuitous encounter. Xin Fan tried to lie to himself but another part of him was saying. 'lying to the world is the same as lying to one self'. Of course this quote was followed up by a sting in his mind and a system message.

[ Soul fragmentation at 35% ]

"I...I will have my revenge one day."

Xiao Yu waddled off to the dorm on her own leaving the two to talk. Tianfei looked sternly at Xin Fan in wonder.

"You were lying weren't you."

Xin Fan gave off a simple nod before making his way to an empty classroom to rest. Along the way, he said a few simple words.

"When it comes to training, I am undefeated."
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