Ultimate Rice System
18 King of the hill
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Ultimate Rice System
Author :Dism
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18 King of the hill

Xin Fan left the classroom and entered the courtyard. Hu Li was waiting for him together with his lackeys. This encounter had caused a great disturbance within the school. After all, Xin Fan was famous for beating 3 of Hu Li's lackeys and this was the conclusion to that tale.

"I heard you have beaten up my brothers."

Hu Li looked at Xin Fan straight in the eye. He had his usual scowl on his face. Xin Fan shrugged his shoulders and replied with a smile.

"I heard you were defeated in a 4v1. I honestly don't care as long as you don't drag others into this."

Xin Fan closed his eyes before sending a strong kick in Hu Li's direction. Hu Li jumped back with a flip and also prepared for battle. Xie Tao being the impulsive person he was jumped forwards attempting to land a punch at Xin Fan only to be stopped by Xue Ji.

"Boss is here to fight for our honor. Don't throw away his face by getting in his way."

Hu Li roared as he rushed forwards to land a blow on Xin Fan. He grabbed Xin Fan's shoulder attempting a throw. Xin Fan slapped his hand away and kicked Hu Li in the shin. He stepped on Hu Li's foot, pinning him down and punched Hu Li in the face. Hu Li turned his body back and kicked back with his remaining foot before the punch could connect. Xin Fan let go and retreated a step to avoid the kick.

"That was a nice warm up."

Hu Li cracked his neck menacingly as he slowly walked towards Xin Fan. He released a burst of energy beneath his feet and suddenly appeared behind Xin Fan.

"This is something I've learnt recently."

He then sent a kick from behind sending Xin Fan forwards. Xin fan retaliated by punching backwards only to punch air. Hu Li reappeared 10m in front of Xin Fan in an awkward position, panting slightly.

"Oh! flash step,"said Tianfei amongst the crowd.

Xin Fan could tell that he only just learn't it and haven't used it in battle before. Xin Fan did not respond and simply materialized an icy shield on his back. This way, Xin Fan did not need to worry about attacks from behind. He then materialized blades of ice along his forearms. He did not want to reveal his 'harvest slash' to such a large crowd and decided to use the safe approach and used 'Frost Blade Body'. It was not as strong as 'Harvest Slash II' but it was enough for the job to be done.

"So what if you're fast. Kick me I dare you to."

It may be the residual effects of the treatment but he felt like he could do anything. Xin Fan rushed at Hu Li. Like before Hu Li disappeared and reappeared behind him. This time he retreated backwards. He may be a goon but he was not stupid. He could clearly see that the shield was made up of razor sharp blades similar to the ones on the arms. Hu Li could only hope that the two techniques Xin Fan had used consumed a lot of qi. Hu Li flashed in front of Xin Fan and kicked his lower torso. Xin Fan slashed down slightly cutting Hu Li's thighs. Hu Li stumbled back and tried a different approach. He couldn't continuously move around as his technique was extremely consuming for his cultivation stage.


Hu Li resorted to the first technique taught in class, the 'Finger Slash'. A wave of energy was concentrated on his finger and he sent it towards Xin Fan. Flakes of ice fell as he blocked the wave of energy with the edge of the blade. Seeing that his plan was working, Hu Li sent more and more waves slowly wearing down the blades until it became dull. Had this been a 'Harvest Slash II' blade, the wave would have easily been sliced like butter. Hu Li leaped forwards attempting a dropkick on Xin Fan.

"Your blades are useless now. DIE!"

Xin Fan retreated a few steps to avoid the kick and sent a punch to the stomach. Hu Li blocked the punch with his knee and sent a punch back to Xin Fan's chest. Xin Fan took the brunt of it and retreated a few steps. Xin Fan could feel the increase in heart rate. He could feel the adrenaline coursing throughout his body. At times, he was tempted to use 'Harvest Slash' but he held back. Xin Fan shifted the shield of ice to his right arm. He sent a punch straight to Hu Li taking the shield with him. The force of the shield along with blades on it created an array of scars along Hu Li's chest. Despite this, Hu Li had avoided the brunt of the attack as he used his movement technique on time. Since Xin Fan's back was now exposed, Hu Li once again used his movement technique and sent a kick straight to his back. As if he were being read like a book , Xin Fan moved the shield back to its original position protecting his back from harm. Hu Li returned back in front of Xin Fan, pale as if he were drained of blood. Blood dripped down his right leg as he limped slowly. He seemed exhausted. Like a engine without fuel, he was burnt out. Hu Li charged energy to his fingers and sent a wave.

[ Quest completion at 90% ]

Xin Fan blocked the wave easily with the shield and deactivated it after the system message. He turned around to see a collapsed Hu Li unconscious on the ground.

"Ahh Boss!"

The lackeys gathered around the body and attempted to wake him up but to no avail. Although he was not dead, he simply would not wake up.

"What have you done!"

The lackeys hurriedly carried the body to the infirmary in case anything else happens. Tianfei walked up next to him and patted him on the shoulder.

"Don't worry. It's just Qi exhaustion. I experience it quite a bit."

The two made their way around the school to their respective clubs. There were many cheers and and praises for Xin Fan. The two hurried to avoid the enthusiastic crowd from surrounding them. Both Xin Fan and Tianfei were away for quite a long period and were worried that they may have been kicked out of their club.

"Ahh...my crops are probably dead."

Xin Fan returned to the old classroom. Xin Fan opened the door to see Nong Tumin and a two other people. The three turned their heads to look at the intruder.

"Xin Fan... Where were you for two week? I had to water those poor crops in your stead!"

Nong Tumin did not look pleased. It was understandable. Xin Fan only came once and was away for two weeks. It was a wonder why they didn't kick him out.

"I was stuck in the infirmary. I thought most of the school knew of my fight. Well...sorry for all the trouble."

"Wait you're THAT Xin Fan? My name is Lan Shi, fourth grade by the way. Nice to meet you."

An energetic girl in a pink apron shook his hands while introducing herself.

"What do you mean THAT Xin Fan. Did I miss something?"

Nong Tumin seemed to be confused at the reaction of the two.

"How can you not know. There are a couple of monsters in the first grade. This kid is one of them."

"How am I supposed to know Lan Hung. You know I am too busy to care about the current affairs. So what did this kid do?"

The boy wearing green apron rubbed his temples. He had a similar shade of grey hair to that of the girl. Xin Fan immediately assumed from the name and appearance that they were siblings.

"Xin Fan fought 3 other students with 2nd stage cultivation simultaneously and defeated them without a scratch. I heard that there was another kid called Chilong who did the same thing but nobody seems to want to talk about it."

Nong Tumin eventually understood the situation and accepted Xin Fan's apology. The three decided to introduce themselves to the new member. Nong Tumin was exhausted on their first encounter and it is only now that Xin Fan actually got to know him.

"I am Nong Tumin as you know. I am the club leader."

"As I said before, I am Lan shi of the fourth grade. This over here is my little brother Lan Hung. He is in the third grade. As you can see, the club is only us four now."

"Well there is no use staying here. Lets go to the farm."

The three led Xin Fan to the farms and showed off their plot of land. Nong Tumin was the first to show off his land.

"This Is my land. I am growing mostly ordinary cabbages. I am growing a few spirit plants. Spirit plants are plants that have special effects in case you didn't know."

The four made their way to another plot of land. This plot was larger than the one used by Nong Tumin. This is because the siblings were sharing their workload and co-owning it.

"This is our farm. We grow eggplants and winter melons. Soon, we will also start growing spirit plants."

They moved towards Xin Fan's plot of land. They were quite amazed at the size of his. Xin Fan felt satisfaction as he saw sprouts of green covering his land.

"Did, you plant these all in one afternoon?"

"Yeah. I just planted what was left in the bag."

"If I remember correctly, these are cabbages. They sell for quite a bit. Just tell me when they are all grown and I would send them to our client. You will receive 30% of the profits and the rest would go to the school and buying more seeds. Of course, the profits from the seeds you buy yourself all go to you."

The four returned back to the classroom after touring each others plots of land. It was getting late and Xin Fan returned to the dorm to eat dinner and go to sleep.


That very Midnight, the sound whisper echoed throughout the bedroom.

"Hey did you see that fight?"

"No...Don't you dare."

"I feel like challenging him."

"Don't even think about it."

"But he seems so strong. And he sorta pisses me off. Please I will let you take over whenever you want."

"Fine...only once...and do it somewhere inconspicuous."
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    《Ultimate Rice System》