Ultimate Rice System
19 Dance of Midnigh
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Ultimate Rice System
Author :Dism
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19 Dance of Midnigh

Xin Fan was training in his domain until he saw a system message.

[ Alert, Physical contact to user's body ]

Xin Fan hurriedly attempted to exit the domain to wake up. As he opened his eyes, he saw Chilong's face uncomfortably close. He was about to scream before Chilong put his palm over his mouth and his index finger to his mouth indicating silence.


Xin Fan complied and Chilong removed his hand. Chilong jumped out the window gestured to get him to follow. Xin Fan quickly changed out of his sleeping clothes and into his normal outfit. He jumped out of the window to follow Chilong into the dark woods outside the dorm. The rules for the dorm were lenient and there was no set sleep schedule. They didn't break any rules by going into the forest.


Hmm? Why is Chilong and Xin Fan going into the forest alone? I thought they hated each other. Is there a secret? Could it be...of course not. But they do seem suspicious. Hehehe I am going to surprise them. I want to be in on this.

Man Qiu was still asleep when the slim figure of a young girl slid out of her sheets. The girl slowly crawled out of the windows to enter the woods in her night gown. As she walked through the woods, the sound of a conversation could be heard.


Xin Fan followed Chilong deeper and deeper into the woods. It was until they reached a clearing far from the dorm that Chilong decided to stop.

"Ahh...I guess we are far enough to talk."

Chilong had finally decided to talk. Even if they had a full blown argument, nobody from the dorm would be able to hear, with some exceptions.

"What could you have possibly woken me up at midnight for?"

"It's nothing really. I has witnessed your fight and you were strong. I just want to fight you. I know we had our differences and all, but come on, one fight."

Xin Fan was quite conflicted. On one hand, he was irritated as he was woken up at the dead of midnight just to fight. On the other hand, he saw it as an opportunity of loosen the metaphorical rope around his neck.

"Couldn't we have fought in the afternoon?"

"There are still people around in the forest then. We could have been seen if we did. Xin Fan... I even remembered your name. That is reason enough for us to fight."

Xin Fan eventually gave in as he saw no way he could shake him off. It didn't seem like he was going to fight any other time. Xin Fan had grown much stronger since the time he witness Chilong's brutality and was quite confident in his abilities. As long as Chilong did not pull off something weird, he should be fine.

"Fine. I will fight."

Chilong seemed quite ecstatic. He quickly got into an unorthodox fighting stance and seemed as if he was going to pounce on Xin Fan. Xin Fan himself got into a comfortable position and activated his 'Harvest Slash II'. A blade of energy appeared along his wrist and he flashed it menacingly at Chilong. Chilong did not seem to care and picked up something from the bushes. It was a wooden axe. Chilong used a technique, presumably 'Armament Shielding' and flashed it before Xin Fan.

"The moons are bright tonight."

Chilong spun the axe around his hand with high proficiency and charged forwards slamming the axe down onto Xin Fan like a wild animal. He was extremely fast and created a small crater on the ground as Xin Fan dodged. Had this been the shield Xin Fan often used, Xin Fan's back would have been gone. Xin Fan swung his razor sharp blade towards Chilong aiming at his chest. Although the chest may not be the best part to aim at, at least it wasn't fatal. A large red line opened up along Chilong's chest. Chilong put his hand in his robes and smeared some sort of cream over the wound. After a second of fizzling, the wound started to close up. He then lifted his axe once more and swung across Xin Fan's chest

"You are as strong as I envisioned."

Chilong was laughing maniacally as Xin Fan blocked the attack with his blades. The blades were strong enough to hold out but Xin Fan could feel the force of impact travel along his arm. If anyone had the highest score for brute strength, it wouldn't be Xin Fan. It would be Chilong. Chilong spun around and using the momentum swung his axe once more to cut Xin Fan. At a single glance, this would be a wild unrefined swing. However if one were to look closer, the true beauty would be revealed. This was obviously the result of months of harsh training that had lead up to it; the perfect swing. After the swing connected, he spun the opposite direction and swung the other way. Xin Fan could only grit his teeth and work through the pain traveling along his arm. Xin Fan had no choice but to retreat a few steps to have a moment of rest. Hah...Can I win this?

"You're getting a bit slow. Where's the fight I am after!"

Xin Fan's blade suddenly glowed and he swung his arm. A blade of energy was shot out and cut Chilong diagonally from shoulder to waist. Chilong's smile only grew larger at the sudden change in battle style. He charged forwards and cut down. Xin Fan blocked it by shooting a 'Harvest Slash' before it could connect and sliced along Chilong's chest.

"Now this is what I am talking about!"

The pace of battle has now became a lot faster. Xin Fan had begun to land an increasing number of blows on Chilong and he had stopped getting hurt. Chilong spun over and over however, Xin Fan refused to block directly. Ever so often, Chilong would smear cream over the wounds and heal up after getting serious injuries.

"What is with that cream?"

"This is my homemade Dragon Balm. It stops even the worst wounds from opening up."

Chilong took out a bottle while kicking forwards towards Xin Fan's shin. Xin Fan leaped back and retuned the kick with a punch to the stomach.

"Isn't this a bit of a cheat."

Xin Fan seemed a bit disgruntled at Chilong's use of medicine. He just wanted to complete the quest but Chilong would always heal up before the end and it would be square one again. Xin Fan threw another punch towards Chilong's face. Chilong ducked and responded.

"Anything goes in battle. Didn't you accept me using this axe? Whats the big deal? In the wastelands, nobody will complain if you played dirty...because they will be dead."

Chilong gave off a chuckle at his morbid joke. He did not seem to oppose using items as it reflects battles outside school. He was well aware that life was not fair and he had to take every opportunity he's got.


Are the two fighting? Why are they fighting? It doesn't seem interesting. I should have stayed in bed and slept. It doesn't seem like Chilong uses any interesting techniques. Hah...This trip has been a disappointment.

"Huh whats that?"


"If that's the case how about this?"

Xin Fan secreted smoke from his hand and covered the clearing with white smoke for a brief moment of time. This technique was simply called 'Smokescreen'. Xin Fan had learnt this technique off Tianfei during their two weeks together in the infirmary. He had been taught many techniques like 'Shock' and 'Gale' however he only managed to understand 'Smokescreen' and 'Frost Blade body'. The field was obscured and neither of them could see. Xin Fan stayed still listening out for footsteps.


Xin Fan sent a harvest slash cutting through the smoke in the general direction. He heard the sound of fabric ripping and dripping of liquid. Xin Fan jumped in a random direction spraying rocks in every direction. This way, he would not be detected the same way. Xin Fan heard the sound of ruffling fabric and waited for the smoke to clear


As the smoke slightly cleared, Xin Fan could see a cut along Chilong's back. Chilong was attempting to smear some of the cream along the injury however was having trouble reaching some parts. Xin Fan took this as opportunity to rush forwards and cut down. Chilong attempted to block however due to his awkward position, he was too slow. Xin Fan slashed even more forcing Chilong to retreat.

"Okay...You pretty much lost. You have your fun. Let me take over before this becomes messy."

"But I want to see this to the end. This wasn't part of our promise."

"You know yourself. Even I have my limits."


[ Quest Completion at 100% ]

[ Added Soul Expansion Art [ Technique ] to skills ]

Huh? Isn't Chilong still standing.

Xin Fan was confused at why he had finished the quest. Chilong, although injured was in no way close to being defeated. It would have taken at least another 10 minutes of fighting until he was truly taken down. Chilong stood back up while finishing applying the cream on his back. He seemed calm and lost all sense of the wild nature he had before. A faint, light blue aura could be seen visually emanating his body. The aura traveled down his axe and collected at the blade.

"It's good to talk to you again, Xin Fan," said Chilong with a small smile.
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    《Ultimate Rice System》